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Anisa Jomha: A famous Twitch Streamer & YouTuber Who Sell Her Pics To An Adult Website


If you are using Twitch or a fan of watching gameplays on YouTube, you may probably hear the name of Anisa Jomha. Recently, she has announced that she announced selling her pics to adult websites. And the exciting thing is that her boyfriend Ian Carter, known as Idubbbz, supported her on this decision.

Many people are still dubious about the background and story of Anisa and Ian. So, if you want to know more about Anisa and her relationship with Idubbbz, continue to read this article to learn more details.

Who Is Anisa Jomha?

Anisa is a famous social media celebrity and YouTuber. She is recently on the controversial topic of joining an F95Zone adult website. She has appeared in many past videos of Ian.

Anisa Jomha
Anisa Jomha

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/w/anisa-jomha-a-famous-twitch-streamer-and-youtuber-who-sell-her-pics-to-an-adult-website/ by Susan Murillo on 2021-07-07T14:42:13.136Z

She is also a famous Twitch Streamer. She often streams herself playing video games. She has 100k plus subscribers on YouTube and 229k followers on Twitch. So, she has gained tremendous popularity among social media. And her followers are rapidly booming since she announced this statement.

Anisa Jomha Background

Anisa Jomha was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Anisa Jomha is very secretive when examining the details of her family and her childhood. Anisa Jomha grew up in Alberta, where she attended school. On her YouTube channel, she has uploaded various videos, including jokes, challenges, gameplay, videos, and blogs.

Anisa Jomha's Family

Anisa Jomha was born on the June 25, 1993, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has a younger sister named Iman and an elder brother named Muhammad. Anisa and her siblings received a rich heritage from their parents. Anisa's mother, Maureen, is an Irish Catholic woman, and her father is a Lebanese Muslim. Anisa is not ashamed to show how much she loves growing up in a mixed culture family.

Maureen converted to Islam after marrying the father of her children. Anisa and her brothers grew up Muslims. In a video, Anisa mentioned that she is no longer following the Islam religion. When she was 16, she explained, she told her father that she did not want to follow a specific belief and that her father did not take it well. The family eventually worked together through it, and she is now very close to her father.

Anisa's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and went missing once in June 2019, at which time she tweeted to find him. Someone who saw her tweet found him and brought him home seven hours after he went missing.

Anisa Jomha's Early Life

A graduate of Harry Ainlay High School, Jomha earned her B.Ed. degree from the University of Alberta in the field of Studio Arts in 2014. As a student, she was an athlete and skilled player of ice hockey and lacrosse.

Lacrosse feels like a family sport because she was played by her father and uncles when she was a kid. In addition to Anisa, her brother Muhammad also played. While in college, Jomha worked as a waitress at a local bar and Lacrosse instructor in Edmonton. He also has a sales job at a local store.

Anisa Jomha Age & Zodiac

She was born on June 25, 1993. So, she is currently 27 years old. She is an American citizen. Anisa's birth sign is Cancer.

Anisa Jomha Height & Body Measurement

Anisa Jomha is a gorgeous angel, and she looks more beautiful than what is seen in her glamorous hot photos. In stunningly attractive form, Anisa Jomha throws the net and grabs your attention.

Anisa Jomha
Anisa Jomha

She is 5'6" tall, which is approximately 167 cm. She weighs 54 kg. Her eye color is brown and has beautiful blonde hair. Her body measurement is 34-27-38, and she wears 32c sized bra.

Anisa's Streaming Channel Maureen Moderates

Like IDubbbz, Anisa Jomha has a reputation as a streamer online. She is mainly known in the gaming community for her Twitch channels and regular vlogging on YouTube. In 2015, they began broadcasting through the League of Legends gameplay. Originally known as "Raihnbowkidz" in Twitch, she now goes by her original name.

Jomha is self-described as "Boobie Streamer." It is a term used for girls who provocatively dressed while streaming in the Twitch community. The clothes she reveals caught the attention of people. And she got positive as well as abusive comments. When she handles it nicely, some followers often cross a line.

Well, these comments surged exponentially, and then Maureen has to step up for her daughter. She is currently working as a chat moderator for Anisa's streaming and vlogging operations. Maureen was also fascinated by how her daughter handles trolling. She is impressed by her presence of mind and her strength to handle trolls.

Anisa left gimmick and her old streaming identity in 2016 and became a YouTube vlogger personality. She sticks to gameplay on Twitch and the "Slice of Life" videos on YouTube.

Anisa Jomha's Boyfriend Ian Carter

Ian Carter is popularly known as idubbbz Online. Ian is an American comedian and YouTube personality who created the successful YouTube channels iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzzgames. He has created comedy video series, content cop, bad unboxing, and Kickstarter crop, which received a lot of support from fans worldwide.

From entertaining audiences with his social media posts to posting funny videos on his channels, eDubs has entertained fans for a long time.

Anisa and Ian's love story is not typical. They came in contact through Twitter. They knew each other for a long time formally. One day, Anisa tweeted about feeling bored in San Diego while attending Twitch Con. At that time, Ian was a driving distance apart. So, he tweeted back and met her.

Anisa Jomha
Anisa Jomha

They went for lunch, ate tacos, and then suddenly they both realized that they feel comfortable and amazing with each other. Their relationship grew, and eventually, Anisa packed up and moved to California and moved closer to Ian. However, after her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she began spending more time with her family in Alberta.

There are rumors that they broke up. But they rest their rumors with their beautiful social media posts.

On March 9, Jomha announced his new Twitter account on the social media service Online Fans, allowing creators to provide paid members exclusive content. The platform is viral for its adult content.

Many followers wondered how this action would affect her relationship with Ian. But a budding influencer told a commentator that her YouTuber boyfriend supported her with this decision.

Anisa Jomha's Twitch, YouTube, And Instagram Account

Anisa has posted 1369 photos and videos on Instagram, and she has 78.3k followers. She also has a special account for her hot and spicy pictures on Instagram, where she posted more than 30 seductive photos of herself and has 10.7k followers on that account.

Anisa Jomha
Anisa Jomha

She uploaded her first YouTube video on March 18, 2015. Now she has more than 111k subscribers. She joined the Twitch platform four to five years ago, and now more than 230k people follow her. She generally does live-streaming of herself playing games like League o Legends and Player Unknown Battleground.

Anisa Jomha Net Worth

There is no exact information available about the net worth of Anisa Jomha. However, some reporters anticipated that her net worth about USD 2 million. She earns substantial money from social media because she has included many promotions in her posts and gameplay streaming.

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Anisa is a known social media celeb who came into the news due to her controversial decision. The great thing is that her boyfriend supported her and that what meters that most. True love holds a fantastic power to understand each other.

I hope this article helps you to know information about Anisa Jomha. Comment below the name of other celebs you want to know about.

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