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Reduce Worker Sickness with UV Lamps

Dexter Cooke

Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk with Calcium and Vitamin D

A new study suggests that the nutrients calcium and vitamin D work together, not separately, to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Susan Murillo

Checking More into Chronic Daily Headaches

Susan Murillo

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Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk with Calcium and Vitamin D

A new study suggests that the nutrients calcium and vitamin D work together, not separately, to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Susan Murillo

Reduce Worker Sickness with UV Lamps

Sickness among office workers in industrialized countries could be reduced by using ultraviolet lamps to kill germs in ventilation systems, new research indicates.

Dexter Cooke

The Reason White Men Survive Prostate Cancer Longer

Black men do not survive as long as white men after treatment for localized prostate cancer, according to a new study.

Madihah Walls

Checking More into Chronic Daily Headaches

They are excruciating headaches that last for days and return at a moment's notice. Often, they surface in the teenage years and last through much of adulthood.

Susan Murillo

Long-term Use of Chopsticks may Increase Risk of Arthritis

In a land where 1.3 billion people consider chopsticks, or "kuaizi," a virtual extension of the right hand, affinity for the ancient implements runs deep. That's why a new study released in the United States doesn't sit well. Its conclusion: Long-term use of chopsticks may increase the risk of arthritis.

Frazer Pugh

Black Beans as Highest Source of Healthy Antioxidants

Although researchers haven't come up with a foolproof way to avoid the indelicate side effect of beans, they have found yet another reason why you should eat more of them.

Sanah Connor

Compound in Red Wine as Possible Cure for Herpes

Study shows that a compound found in red wine may be a possible treatment for herpes.

Sanah Connor

Sports betting Reddit – Covers all your questions with exciting answers

All information you need to know about sports betting on Reddit

Frazer Pugh

How To Get A Good CBD Gummy

Getting the good, edible, and smaller CBD gum

Landon Morton

The Power of Modernism in the Fashion Industry

Modernism is shaping a niche of new wave modernist focused designers and labels within the West and particularly Europe.

Susan Murillo

Meet Julian Corrie Broadus: Snoop Dogg’s Fifth Son

Julian Corrie Broadus broke the internet when news about his birth reached numerous media outlets. As Snoop Dogg is still married to his long-term wife, Shante, it was definitely a surprise when Laurie Holdmond opened up about her pregnancy to Julian with Snoop as the father.

Henry Hamer

Comparing Washington’s Professional and Public Landscaping Services

Can landscaping be next big thing?

Katya Ryder

Who will be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2024?

Who is the next rightful Republication Presidential Nominee in 2024?

Luke Evans

Best Use of natural cleanse and detox

Detox cleanseof a body gets rid of the unnecessary fat and toxins accumulated in the body .It also helps one to clean the skin up and tone it.

Katharine Tate

The 7 Basic Ingredients of Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse is the act of flushing out your large intestine. Here are the 7 Basic Ingredients of Colon Cleanse

Thomas Dixon

How detox cleanse therapy can help to enhance your health

Detox cleanse therapy is an alternative medicine treatment that can help to enhance your health.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick

How a search engine marketing firm can take your online business to the next level

Here are the ways how a Search Engine Marketing Firm Can Take Your Online Business To The Next Level in short time

William Willis

How trash compactors will help you reduce the increase of waste materials

A trash Compactors How Will Help You to Reduce the Increase of Waste Materials

Mitchel Nash

What are the most effective hair loss medical treatments?

Here are the best medical treatments for hair loss and baldness.

Liam Evans

Natural treatment for hair loss and baldness

A natural treatment for hair loss and baldness instead spend a bunch of money on medical treatment

Luke Evans

Increasing Your Energy Level Effectively and Naturally

The "how to increase energy level" problem is extremely common among people who exercise a lot, people who study or work hard - practically anyone who's busy.

Amandeep Coleman

Invigorating Traditional Chinese Exercises for the Face

Chinese facial exercises are simple to do on yourself and others, and highly beneficial when done regularly. Here are Chinese exercises that will invigorate not only your face, but also your head and neck.

Tobey Strickland

Obese Men Being Prone to Periodontal Disease

A study by Japanese scientists found that the risk of periodontal disease in obese men is about half higher than that of ordinary people.

Adaline Fritz

Effect of Industrial Polluted Areas to the Incidence of Childhood Cancer

Fetuses who inhale large amounts of industrial pollutants with their mothers have a significantly higher risk of cancer after birth than other children.

Ismaeel Delgado

Japan Renaming Dementia into Cognitive Disorder

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan formally proposed a report to rename "dementia" to "cognitive disorder". The report believes that terms such as "dementia" will cause significant harm to related patients, particularly elderly patients, and will give people the wrong impression that "these patients don't know anything" which causes a sense of horror and shame.

Iram Martins

PiYo as a New Trend of Workout Program

In the broader world of fitness programs, success is primarily dependent on providing an attractive, enticing concept. As the name suggests, PiYo has a combined approach to workouts and wellness, with the curriculum being touted as an aerobic, high-energy mix of Pilates and yoga.

Luke Evans

Tips for Mothers Prone to Rheumatoid Arthritis after Childbirth

Women who gave birth are usually prone to rheumatoid arthritis. What can they do to manage the arthritis?

Adan Duran

Energize Your Body through Acupressure for Feet

The feet are one body area you can easily massage yourself, and to great benefit. Acupressure for feet, also known as foot massage, can be done on its own or as part of your regular exercise routine to relax and energize your body.

Anita Barnes

How Safe is it to Drink Boiled Water?

Boiling has been a method of disinfection as it is used for food, washing, and many more. Thus, boiling water has been a way to disinfect polluted water for people to drink. But is it really safe?

Pooja Bean

The Relationship of SARS - COVID 19 with Electromagnetic Waves

Coronaviruses are recognized by the World Health Organization as the culprit of "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" (SARS) or commonly known as "Atypical Pneumonia" (Atypical Pneumonia). What could be the relationship of these two with electromagnetic waves?

Adan Duran

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