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Come and Visit Peter Lund Museum

Come and Visit Peter Lund Museum

Ismaeel Delgado

Functionality and Form of QR Codes

Functionality and Form of QR Codes

Find out how form meets function in QR codes.

Hajra Shannon

The History of the British Railway

Katharine Tate

The History of the British Railway

Latest: News. Crypto. Finance. Health. Travel. Culture. Celebrities.

Functionality and Form of QR Codes

Find out how form meets function in QR codes.

Hajra Shannon

Come and Visit Peter Lund Museum

The allure of Lagoa Santa, one of the most important regions for Brazil has become even greater since the opening of the Peter Lund Museum.

Ismaeel Delgado

Emerging Markets' Capital Flows Set at Close to Record Levels

Here are the capital flows records of emerging markets.

Tobey Strickland

The History of the British Railway

Get to know the history of the British railway.

Katharine Tate

Google is working on Experimental Linux Kernel 3.10 for Android

Google is working on experimental Linux Kernel 3.10 for Android and could make its way into KLP.

Katya Ryder

The Complete Guide to Cathedral Cities in the UK

Here is your complete guide in visiting cathedral cities in UK.

Pooja Bean

Rounders: History of the Game

Learn about the history of the game Rounders.

Henry Hamer

State Software Breaks Through Web App Development Barrier

State Software, designs, develops and markets a software framework that dramatically accelerates time to market for Web application developers.

Sanah Connor

What You Should Know About Standards, APIs, Interfaces and Bindings

This article addresses the problem of using API standards from multiple programming languages.

Stefano Mclaughlin

Things You Should Know about Worsening DDoS Attacks

2013 was a “dynamic” year for distributed denial of service attacks, and 2014 likely will see the phenomenon intensifying, says Prolexic Technologies.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt

The Columbian Mosaic in Colonial America

Get to know more about the Columbian mosaic during the Colonial American period.

Luqman Jackson

Refugees are Asking for Help

Dramatic and horrifying though their plight may be, the boat people represent only a fraction of the world's unwanted exiles.

Karan Emery

Europe Needs a High-Speed Rail

The investments that both France and Spain are making in the high speed rail infrastructure, it seemed only fitting that the two countries build a cross border high speed rail line connecting their people and their countries

Kenzo Norman

6 Must-See Streetcapes Around The World

The downtown core of big cities across the world, are the cultural pulse and economic engines of urban regions where millions of people live. The skylines shows us the footprint of the city, but the streets are where the action is at; and if you want action and excitement these are the places to find them.

Frazer Pugh

Castile and Aragon of The Imperial Spain

The land of castles in the communities of Spain and The coextensive medieval Kingdom of spain.

Mitchel Nash

Getting to Know the Russian Language History

As the most widely spoken language on the European continent, Russian is a Slavic language that is currently spoken by about 164 million people worldwide.

Tyrese Griffin

Humans to Blame for Extinction of Megafauna in Australia

Australian scientists have found that humans were to blame for the extinction of Australia's giant marsupials, reptiles and birds - the so-called 'megafauna'.

Vishal Hodgson

Learn the History of Web Browsers

Get to know the evolution of Web Browsers.

Gordon Dickerson

What Smart Business Can Do to Avoid GDPR Penalties When Recording Calls

Know how you can avoid GDPR penalties when recording calls for your business.

Kenzo Norman

Be Familiarized with the French Riviera Tourist Board

The French Riviera Tourist Board is an institutional organization and genuine project manager marketing tourism in the destination.

Daniel James

Know More about Embassies and Consulates in France

Get to know more about France's embassies and consulates.

Thomas Dixon

France and its Efforts to Protect the Environment

Protection of the environment has now become an important and urgent issue.

Elyse Woods

How Deprived Britain is Now

Your chances of living in poverty in the UK have fallen in the last few years. But, oddly, that doesn’t mean we have more money.

Gordon Dickerson

Kate Roberts - The Author of Welsh Literature

Kate Roberts is one of the most prominent female authors of Welsh literature.

Kenzo Norman

Getting to Know Hindu London

Find out more about one of the most popular religions in the world and its communities in London.

Iram Martins

What can we expect from Rachael Blackmore at the upcoming Cheltenham Festival?

Rachael Blackmore at the upcoming Cheltenham Festival

Elisa Mueller

First London Bridge in River Thames at Vauxhall

Remains of the oldest prehistoric bridge known in Britain have been found in the Thames in central London.

Habiba Ashton

Is There Money in The China Cinema Market?

China cinema market is gradually coping up with foreign cinema market.

Elisa Mueller

Parliament: The Building

Once the home of the royal family, and still officially a royal palace, the buildings that now make up the modern Houses of Parliament have developed through design, accident and attack.

Zakariya Plant

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