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The Top Pool Table Air Hockey Combo Table Reviews For 2022


While not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a sprawling mansion with a swanky game room, there is a way to maximize the space you do have while still playing many of your favorite games. What is the answer? A table that can be used for multiple games, such as air hockey, pool, and ping pong!

Instead of taking up three or four times as much valuable floor space, these convertible multi-game tables fit into a 15-by-11-foot space. The ability to easily switch between games adds to the versatility of these game tables. This way, you can be smart and efficient while still having fun.

Are you ready to purchase one for your game room? This is a list of the top pool table air hockey combo tables for 2022, so you can compare them. Additionally, there is a list of helpful hints to assist you in selecting the ideal combo table model for your needs. Let us begin!

Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-In-1 Table

An air hockey table, a pool table, and a table tennis table
An air hockey table, a pool table, and a table tennis table

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The Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Table is the best option if you want a gaming table that combines air hockey, pool, and table tennis.

The table is simple to assemble and also allows for easy switching between games. The table can be flipped between air hockey and pool surfaces thanks to a patented, user-friendly latch locking system. When necessary, a ping pong conversion top can be added.

The air hockey table features a convenient dual-ended puck return with powerful airflow, while the billiards table features a Tetolon cloth and rubber bumpers for a smooth playing surface. Finally, the three-piece table tennis addition is simple to assemble and store.

Funmall 4FT Multi-function 4-In-1 Table

Air hockey, billiards, table tennis, and foosball in one game table
Air hockey, billiards, table tennis, and foosball in one game table

If you're looking for a durable combo gaming table with excellent reviews, the Funmall 4-in-1 is an excellent choice, offering air hockey, billiards, table tennis, and foosball.

The table is constructed of MDF and features a PVC surface that is ideal for long, active gaming sessions. The foldable 'L' leg design allows for easy storage while switching between games is a breeze.

Standing as high as a standard dining table, its numerous attractive and convenient features make it an excellent purchase.

Lancaster 48″ 3-In-1 Pool Billiard Slide Hockey Foosball Combo Arcade Game Table

3-in-1 gaming table with wooden design
3-in-1 gaming table with wooden design

The Lancaster 3-in-1 gaming table, which is one of the best pool table air hockey combos, also includes foosball! This one is a buyer's favorite due to its wooden design and attractive features.

The table is equipped with a manual scoring system and an integrated storage compartment. Sidelocks are included to add additional stability to the gaming table. Additionally, the compact design makes it convenient for storage, and the low height makes it suitable for children.

After completing the product's assembly, you can choose between three distinct games. This is a table that both adults and children can enjoy due to its low height.

Final Tips

Air hockey tables are always superior when they include a genuine air hockey game, so if a table does not include this feature, test it out to ensure it is a good fit for you. Storage convenience and ease of assembly are more important than you believe.

Most tables offer three or four games in addition to pool and air hockey, so choose those that offer additional games you enjoy. Additionally, read the dimensions carefully to ensure that the table will fit in the space designated for it.

Customer reviews are an excellent way to determine whether you're making a secure purchase. Examine customer reviews to get a sense of the potential issues with any given table.

It's time to place an order and begin scoring!

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