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The Best 4 Player Air Hockey Table Models Reviewed!


Are you excited by the prospect of engaging four players in your favorite game rather than just two? Given that not all models live up to their hype, here are the best 4-player air hockey table models with a smooth playing field, simple scoring system, and durable construction for a long lifespan.

But first, here are the important things to consider when purchasing a 4-player air hockey table.

Important Things To Consider When Buying A 4 Player Air Hockey Table

Shape Of The Table

Four-player air hockey tables are often rectangular or circular in design. According to several critics, the circular concept is more adaptable because it provides more space for teammates to execute complex movements and safeguard their goals. This is questionable, as there are rectangular models, such as the Atomic Contour Air Powered Hockey Tablet, that are spacious enough for four players to maneuver freely. It is 90 x 50 x 31 inches in size.

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Models come in a variety of sizes. Escalade Sports manufactures both our smallest and largest four-player air hockey tables, demonstrating the brand's versatility. Atomic Full Strength is a tiny and lightweight hockey table measuring 47.5 x 47.5 x 31 inches, whereas Atomic Contour Air Powered Hockey Table measures 90 x 50 x 31 inches.

Scoring System

This process can be carried out manually or automatically, and there are several versatile products that support both. A manual abacus sliding scoring mechanism is used on both ends of the PUCK Triton 5-Foot Air Hockey Table. Electronic variants, on the other hand, include LED displays near the goals that display the scores and built-in lights and sounds that activate when a player scores. While electronic scoring is quick and handy, you may need to rearrange the air hockey table to work with your smartphone.

Materials Used

The material chosen to construct your four-player air hockey table has an effect on the accuracy and speed of your shots, as well as the table's sturdiness, stability, and durability. The most commonly used material is Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is used in the Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey Game and the PUCK Triton 5-Foot Air Hockey Table. It is durable and can withstand multiple hard games. This material is combined with a finish to provide an additional layer of protection against moisture, abrasion, and wear. For example, the former features a glossy surface, while the latter features a wood grain laminate finish that gives it a rich appearance.


The design may take the form of features and functions. There are models available that connect to the ScoreLinx App, such as the Atomic Contour Air Powered Hockey Table. It enables you to enter player names, customize the pre-programmed images and sound effects, and keep track of the scores on an electronic display. Additionally, a Bluetooth interface and a tablet holder are included.

Four-player air hockey tables utilize blowers to distribute pressurized air upward across the playing area, allowing pucks to glide and shots to be precise. While the majority of products use a single blower, the Atomic Full Strength 4-Player Air-Powered Hockey Table features two high-output motors for enhanced performance.

Best 4 Player Air Hockey Table

MD Sports 4 Player Round Air Hockey Table

MD Sports' 4 Player Round Air Hockey Table features an impressive, sleek black design with a glossy finish. A elegant and enjoyable addition to any house, it can provide hours of entertainment for up to four people simultaneously. Additionally, you may make it suitable for parties of two or three by blocking the additional goal areas.

For a seamless, uninterrupted game, the roundtable features a convenient puck return system that eliminates the need for players to wait after scoring.

The robust, air-powered table features a gleaming, poly-sealed surface that ensures the puck slides smoothly. Air hockey has never been more enjoyable than it is with the MD Sports table's blue light-up scoring systems.

Atomic Full Strength 4-Player Air Powered Hockey Table

A square-shaped 4-player air hockey table 
A square-shaped 4-player air hockey table 

This rectangular Atomic air hockey table incorporates LED lighting, making it suitable for use in the dark. It possesses several characteristics.

The set includes four LED pushers, two conventional pucks, and two LED pucks, in addition to the dual air-powered motors. Choose from six distinct air hockey modes with this two-to-four-player table.

With an integrated LED score display and a manual abacus for keeping score, the Atomic Full Strength Table can provide hours of entertainment indoors.

Bowery Hill 4 Player Black Air Hockey Game

4 kids playing air hockey on the Bowery Hill 4 Player Black Air Hockey Game table
4 kids playing air hockey on the Bowery Hill 4 Player Black Air Hockey Game table

Bowery Hill presents this popular arcade game in a roundtable, four-player configuration reminiscent of the previous MD Sports table. This Bowery Hill air hockey game comes with a slew of features that make it a worthwhile purchase.

Designed for survival mode air hockey matches, the four-player table has lighting features that keep track of each player's score. A player's light turns on when they allow a single goal, with a total of three strikes causing them to lose the game. Continue to insert goal blocks as players lose, so that the game can be enjoyed in pairs or groups of three.

Adjustable leg levelers ensure a smooth and balanced motion. With its enticing features, the Bowery Hill table certainly appears to have a lot to offer!

American Heritage Billiards Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey Game

4 kids playing air hockey on the American Heritage Billiards Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey Game table
4 kids playing air hockey on the American Heritage Billiards Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey Game table

Due to the round shape of this brown MDF table by American Heritage Billiards, it can accommodate two to four players at a time.

As with the previously discussed tables, it includes goal blockers, light-up scoring elements, four pucks, four goalies, and adjustable leg levelers.

The table is constructed of MDF and laminates and features a 47 x 47 inch spherical playing space that will keep merry parties occupied for hours. With a polished wood appearance, this may be an excellent addition to any home.


Nothing beats a boisterous group of four sitting around a table playing air hockey. Once you've acquired your own four-player air hockey table with our comprehensive guide, you may enjoy infinite matches with your friends for an excellent indoor gaming experience.

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