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MoviesCouch Hollywood Movies Download – Down, Down The Drain

It looks like one site will let down film lovers who used to frequent it for movies that they can download for free. If you’re looking for MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download, prepare to be disappointed.

Elisa Mueller
Jul 22, 20223 Shares281 Views
Sites intended for free viewing and downloading of movies tend to come and go, such as when you search for “MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download.”
MoviesCouch could be a familiar site (might even be a favorite one) among people who comb the World Wide Web for free movies.
However, it looks like such people already crossed out MoviesCouch from their list.
If you have not checked the site for quite some time now, or if you’re someone looking for films to download for free, go to MoviesCouch.
See for yourself.
But you may want to check out this article first.
The writer searched for “MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download,” and part of this article is an account of what happened.


MoviesCouch Hollywood Movies Download

Sometime in 2019, you could still download movies from MoviesCouch.
There’s proof that MoviesCouch – in that domain – was still up and running in 2019. Someone created a video on how to download movies from the said site.
That video is the one that comes with this article.
A man (based on the profile picture), a certain Debkumar Ray, uploaded that video on his eponymous YouTube channel.
You may Google him or search him on YouTube by typing “WIZARDSTECHAkashRay.”
Anyway, the homepage of looked like this: homepage showing five 2018 movies like ‘First Man,’ ‘White Boy Rick’ and ‘Collete’ homepage showing five 2018 movies like ‘First Man,’ ‘White Boy Rick’ and ‘Collete’
To show viewers how to do a MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download, Debkumar Ray picked one movie from the list.
He chose to download Corin Hardy’s box-office horror flickThe Nun (2018).
The download page from appeared like this:
Download page for 2018 horror movie ‘The Nun’ at
Download page for 2018 horror movie ‘The Nun’ at
Ray said that he successfully downloaded the film from MoviesCouch. A page appeared like this:
Free download of ‘The Nun’ 2018 in English and Hindi at MoviesCouch
Free download of ‘The Nun’ 2018 in English and Hindi at MoviesCouch
Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, is no longer around.
If you Google “moviescouch,” the results will only give you two sites directly related to it.
One of them has this web address:
When the writer tried to access the said site, anti-virus softwareKaspersky initially blocked the attempt:
Kaspersky finds one MoviesCouch site to be untrustworthy
Kaspersky finds one MoviesCouch site to be untrustworthy
Nonetheless, after a second attempt, the writer was granted access.
A screenshot of the homepage of that site is the featured image (the one under the main title) of this article you’re reading.
According to
MoviesCouch is one of the best entertainment website[s] where you can watch or download [the] latest released Hollywood, Bollywood movies without paying [sic] any cost.
The homepage of shows three sections:
1. link to another (the new one, perhaps?) MoviesCouch website (
However, clicking it will only redirect you to this:
Homepage of showing seven related pages on movies
Homepage of showing seven related pages on movies
2. link to its Pinterest U.K. account (
If you click on it, you will just be redirected to the homepage of Pinterest U.K.
3. link to its Twitter account (@movies_couch)
Twitter account of MoviesCouch
Twitter account of MoviesCouch
If you click, you will either be directed to or Both sites give links to “cheap living room furnishings sofa” and “modern furniture sofa sets.”
There’s only one post (dated October 18, 2019). It’s just a link, which, if you click, will redirect you to this:
A notice saying that has been suspended
A notice saying that has been suspended
That means and are both useless in terms of downloading movies.
Neither of the two sites will lead you anywhere closer to an attempt at “MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download.”
In its apparent attempt to resurrect itself every time it would get blocked, MovieCouch would change its domain name from time to time.
Searching for “MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download” might lead you to at least one of the sites listed below.
After the writer checked on them, the following sites, however, are no longer operating:
  • (could be the last few ones that worked)
Kaspersky describes as an “untrustworthy website.”

MoviesCouch Hollywood Movies Download In Hindi

The other result for a “moviescouch” Google search is a link to
Google’s very own Blogger hosts it.
Could this be the answer to a “MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download” search?
Homepage of MoviesCouch on Blogger, featuring 2017 Indian film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’
Homepage of MoviesCouch on Blogger, featuring 2017 Indian film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’
In the “About Me” section, a certain Vineet Kumar Sharma owns the blog.
He describes himself as an 18-year-old student, blogger, and YouTuber and comes from the city of Noida in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Well, there could be several Indians who go by that name.
A quick Google search will inform you about people named Vineet Kumar Sharma, with the first few results referring to:
  • the retired Indian field hockey player, who once represented his country at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad, aka the 1984 Summer Olympics, in Los Angeles
  • an emergency medicine doctor (or ER doctor) in New York
  • a researcher connected with the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal, a university in Pradesh, India
  • a managing director of PC Group, a Delhi-based training and consultancy firm
Vineet Kumar Sharma joined Blogger in April 2019, the time he created MoviesCouch73. has seven main sections:
  • Bollywood Movies*
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi-dubbed Movies
  • South Indian Hindi-dubbed Movies*
  • Punjabi Movies*
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
Note: The asterisk indicates the section that can be opened.
It’s pointless to check the other sections as they lead to nowhere.
As of this writing, MoviesCouch73.blogspot has a total of 16 movies (all uploaded in 2019) that purportedly could be downloaded:
  • 12 Indian films (all released in 2019) listed under the section “Bollywood Movies”
  • three South Indian movies (two released in 2019, one in 2013)
  • one 2019 Telugu movie
Vineet Kumar Sharma last uploaded a movie (a Bollywood film) on August 21, 2019.
Some of the Bollywood movies uploaded at MoviesCouch
Some of the Bollywood movies uploaded at MoviesCouch
MoviesCouch73.blogspot had the following social mediaaccounts:
  • Facebook (approximately 3,500 “likes”)
  • Pinterest (524 followers)
  • Instagram (849 followers)
  • Twitter (approx. 1,700 followers)
  • YouTube (approx. 2,800 subscribers)
Links (found on the site) on these accounts are broken.

Downloading – The Writer’s Experience

A MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download was impossible to do on this site.
So, the writer decided to at least try to download any movie available there to see if the site works.
Once you click on a title, you will be directed to the download page, which shows a synopsis.
Other information (e.g., genre, director’s name, the cast, etc.) are sometimes given.
To download the movie you picked, there can be up to six servers that you can try. Sometimes, aside from the servers, one separate download link is provided.
The writer tried to download the sci-fi Bollywood movie Mission Mangal (2019), one of the last three films uploaded by Vineet Kumar Sharma.
Three download links for ‘Mission Mangal (2019)’ at MoviesCouch
Three download links for ‘Mission Mangal (2019)’ at MoviesCouch
It has one downloaded link and a couple more from two servers. The writer tried all three links to no avail.
The writer did the same to all the download links provided for other movies.
Most of the download links redirect to an ad (most likely a phishing ad).
Once, when the writer clicked a link from one of the six servers, the writer was redirected to an undated article about health insurance in India. It’s published by Spiritualitism (, a website on Indian spiritualism.
Another download link redirected to Filmywap, a torrent website, but the site doesn’t look like the real website of Filmywap.
Filmywap is regarded to be practicing piracy; so, it got banned in India, according to an undated article by India Today.

Free MoviesCouch Movie Download

Through a Google search for “moviescouch,” the writer learned about
Who would have thought the site is a source for MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download?
Well, it’s not exactly like that, but the said site has “moviescouch” from its tag archives.
Why is that so? It could be hard to know the answer to that.
Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies at HDMovie2 under ‘moviescouch’ tag
Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies at HDMovie2 under ‘moviescouch’ tag

People Ask

What Is Illegal Downloading Called?

It’s called “piracy.”
Computer website GeeksforGeeks defines “illegal downloading” as:
A process of getting/downloading data (like documents, images, videos, audio, etc.) that you are not allowed to use on the internet.

How Can We Stop Illegal Downloading?

Paris-based Viaccess-Orca, an international company focused on content protection and TV platforms, recommends the following steps:
1. Those in the film industry (e.g., Netflix, as mentioned by the company) may try to offer more affordable prices (e.g., in terms of subscription rates) to the viewing public.
2. Increase piracy awareness through education and PR campaigns.
3. Implement stricter and stronger anti-piracy measures.
4. Use technology to know how the so-called Internet pirates operate.
5. Introduce “harder countermeasures” along with the implementation of all applicable laws.

What Happens If Caught Downloading Illegally?

One can be jailed for up to one year and/or be fined up to $100,000, according to Legal Beagle.

Can You Go To Jail For Watching Pirated Movies?

In India, as reported by The Times of India in August 2016, under the country's Copyright Act, someone caught watching pirated movies may serve a jail term of up to three years.
In the U.S., according to a 2019 report by USA Today, Matthew H. Huppertz, a Wisconsin-based criminal defense attorney, said that there’s a $750-penalty (can get higher) for illegal streaming.


The search for “MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download” can be made safe and legal.
After what you have just learned, you may start thinking twice whether to search for sites similar to MoviesCouch.
Consider all the possible legal implications.
Therefore, the next time you look for “MoviesCouch Hollywood movies download,” better visit the legal sites.


We don’t promote or support piracy in any capacity. Piracy is considered a wrongdoing and is viewed as a genuine offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page plans to inform the overall population about the robbery and urge them to be protected from such demonstrations. We also ask that you not be energized or participate in theft in any structure. We encourage you to avoid the illicit content of pirated content and shield yourself from spam. Stay safe!
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