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Ronn Torossian tips on top design trends on social media in 2022


Ronn Torossian, a New York based entrepreneur issued the following tips noting that design trends on social media contribute towards brand recognition. A trend is a type of change and change is inevitable, particularly on social media. The world has moved through the pandemic. The Black Lives Matter movement gained recognition. There have also been devastating climate disruptions and political changes.

This has changed the way businesses and marketers communicate with their audience. Design trends on social media platforms play a vital role in helping content communicate with as many people as possible. People are very visual beings. To help a brand stand miles ahead of the competition, it would be wise to follow the design trends enumerated below.

Branded Memes

Memes are a fun way to connect with audiences. They are rapidly taking over the field of marketing. They are a great way to keep up with all the current trends, which is very important if a brand intends to keep its content relevant and interesting for its customers. Quite a few brands use memes in the form of photos, text-posts, and videos, to connect with their customers on social media platforms. People share memes and laugh at them, which gives businesses an opportunity to engage with their audiences. For instance, KFC hopped on the ‘Bird Box’ meme bandwagon around the time of the film’s release, by depicting Sandra Bullock with a bucket of chicken on her head as she fights for survival.

Inclusive Visuals

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ronn-torossian-tips-on-top-design-trends-on-social-media/ by Candice Burns on 2022-03-01T03:55:06.212Z

Now more than ever before, showcasing diversity is a necessity. It would be useful for companies to use diverse icons and illustrations in their content, in order to reflect their audience. Some notable events of 2020 centered around racial reckoning. Since then, brands have realized the importance of creating a more representative marketing strategy. They are also implementing inclusive visuals in their marketing campaigns. For instance, Slack has been populating its visuals with more diverse groups of people.

Experimental Lettering

Like imagery, lettering can and should evoke certain emotions if done right. Lettering can strategically grab the attention of the audience. Nowadays, lettering pushes the bounds of easy legibility, with fonts that are expressive in and of themselves. Experimental lettering includes mismatched lettering styles, amorphous blobs, and mind-bending shapes.


Torossian adds More and more brands are creating visual marketing content around the concept of minimalism. Minimalism is not restricted to landing pages, it appears on social media pages as well. As a design form, minimalism is stripped of all superfluous elements, such as excessive use of shapes, textures, and colors. Minimalism aims to make a piece of content or a product stand out as the focal point of attention. Minimalism is supposed to let the viewer concentrate on just one thing- the brand itself. For instance, Google has a minimalist design for its home page.

Bold Backgrounds

Design trends are returning to bolder and brighter colors. Bold background colors help visuals stand out in the busy online space. When bold colors are juxtaposed with lighter text, they make images more prominent on social media feeds. Bold colors make the audience want to click to find out more. For instance, Spotify has been using bold backgrounds on its social media platforms.

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