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Will The Metaverse Become More Widely Inhabited In 2023?


In the year 2022, it's been a little hard not to have heard about the Metaverse and the environment it promises. And although several establishments seem to have achieved success within this virtual world, the general idea is that it is rather uninhabited.

This is mostly because the idea was practically pulled out of thin air and started to work with the ignorance of many users around the world. Additionally, accessing the Metaverse is not so easy for all types of users as it requires certain knowledge when it comes to using the Internet.

Although it has not had the promising start that was believed and is largely uninhabited, several companies have joined the trend and it is believed to be a promising technology by 2023. In this article we will learn about the predictions of this virtual world by 2023 and answer the question: Will the metaverse be widely inhabited in 2023?

Casino Establishments Lead The Way In The Metaverse

Centralised online casino operators are hugely reliable and popular in contemporary society. Via a rigorous mix of licencing regulation, players can understand what operators they should play with and that those operators are running as smoothly, fairly, and optimally as possible.

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The online casino industry is always quick to embrace new technologies. Alternative payment methods have been one recent example. VR and the Metaverse could well be the next, as could be crypto.

An example of this is the decentralized casinos that have been created within the metaverse, which represent something amazing. Entire worlds were created based on gambling where users can place bets and collect crypto prizes almost instantaneously.

And although the issue of security in these virtual establishments has yet to be resolved, the decentralized casinos of the metaverse are one of the most populated places in this world. This suggests that by 2023, their popularity can only increase and will attract more players and investors alike.

The Future Of Advertising And Marketing Is In The Metaverse

Around the middle of 2022, Coca-Cola decided to carry out one of the first and strongest campaigns within this virtual world. Although at that time they sought to advertise through its Zero Sugar Byte drink in conjunction with the famous game Fortnite, the campaign could be considered a success among the new generation.

Similarly, other brands such as "Jose Cuervo" used this world to introduce several users to its main distillery worldwide. The truth is that among the so-called "Millennials" and "Generation Z" the event seems to have obtained a great deal of approval.

It is therefore not surprising that by 2023 we will have more events of this type since the Metaverse has as users the market with the largest number of consumers. This will make every company start to develop their marketing tactics within this world, and seek to reach different markets that have not been touched yet.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

The Rise Of Virtual Reality Devices For The Metaverse

With the growth of the metaverse during 2023, likely, the quality and experience coupled with the virtual reality it represents will also grow. This would necessitate an evolution of the devices that are being used today in this world.

Many users greatly enjoy the immersive experience that virtual reality represents, so, commonly, during this year virtual reality and augmented reality equipment begin to announce improvements. From VR headsets to full haptic suits like those used by NASA, everything is possible when looking to achieve a more realistic experience.

Will The Number Of People Within The Metaverse Then Increase In 2023?

Although there is no certainty that the metaverse will achieve resounding success among all ages, what is certain is that the new generations consider it something that will be fundamental in their lives in the future.

As the technologies of this virtual environment advance and its existence becomes more noticeable this year, little by little more people will enter it to enjoy what it has to offer.

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