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Why The Dogecoin Casinos Are So Special In Canada

The sudden emergence and success of Doge casinos have brought upon huge worries for old-fashioned casinos. However, the surge in the use of cryptocurrency in Canada has brought about the fast pace rise of crypto casinos.

Crypto gambling platforms like Doge casinos have won the heart of many Canadians. Even though Dogecoin is still a new cryptocurrency in its developing stage, its use in casino gambling cannot be understated. This article will discuss Dogecoin casinos and why it is so unique among many Canadian gamblers.

The Origination of Dogecoin

Dogecoin's invention belongs to two software engineers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The coin creation happened in 2013 to make fun of Bitcoin.

Dogecoin has been around and known among crypto enthusiasts. However, it recently reached the limelight, with its value increasing slowly. Furthermore, Dogecoin's recent success has been down to one man, Elon Musk, The SpaceX C.E.O.

Elon Musk's tweets about the coin in April 2021 saw its value rise significantly, becoming one of the top 5 cryptos. However, the currency has experienced a little bit of stagnation in 2022, but experts expect steady progress towards the year's end.

Dogecoin Use in Casino Gambling

The introduction of Dogecoin into the casino gambling world is not a surprise. Cryptocurrencies have been slowly etching their way into the Canadian gambling system. However, the leading coin in most gambling platforms is Bitcoin.

Being the leading coin, Bitcoin is not a surprise as it is the first-ever cryptocurrency. Also, it is the most owned currency amongst many Canadians. The low value of Dogecoin has made its use in casinos very popular. This coin has made it easily accessible for any Canadian wishing to gamble with cryptocurrency on Doge casinos.

Casino gambling in Canada is legal but is heavily regulated. However, this is not the case for cryptocurrencies. Although the use of digital currency for transactions in Canada is allowed, it is not that regulated. Despite its lack of regulation, some companies willing to risk it accept any of the top cryptos as a means of payment.

It is against the law for a minor to access these sites or place wagers. The minimum age requirement to access Doge casinos in Canada is 18 years. Furthermore, these casinos must have licenses despite crypto gambling sites being legal in Canada.

Doge casinos with licenses are ranked higher than others. This rank is because these licenses make it legally possible for a site to operate within a country. Also, licensed Doge casinos are trustworthy and provide an enjoyable gambling experience. Furthermore, most Doge casinos usually have any of the top 3 gaming licenses in the Industry.

These licenses include the Curacao eGaming license, the Malta gambling authority License, and the United Kingdom gambling authority License. However, the Curacao gaming license is usually the most used among many Doge casinos. Its low-cost price and quality service have always been enticing to these casino sites.

Why the Doge Casino is Special amongst Canadians

Doge Casinos offer more benefits to their customers than traditional online casinos. However, its top-notch services are available in the Canadian gambling community. Let's give out a few pointers on why we feel it's so unique amongst Canadians.


Doge casinos are loved because of their high degree of anonymity when gambling on their platforms. However, casino gambling has always gotten an inadequate representation in the world. Right from the days of physical casinos, many gamblers were worried about being seen entering such establishments.

Doge casinos and cryptocurrency transactions do not involve banks or third-party software. Therefore, players can gamble on these platforms without putting any of their details.

High Rewards and Bonuses

Many gamblers are always attracted to casinos that provide gifts and consistent bonuses. For this reason, many Canadians have always loved Doge casinos.

Doge casinos regularly provide mouth-watering bonuses for their new and old customers. Also, their consistent customers get the V.I.P. treatment with the V.I.P. bonus. In addition, gamblers can enjoy rewards like 100% welcome, 50% reload, and weekend bonuses. Players are rewarded with free spins to use on selected games like many other casinos.

Fast Transaction Speed

Nobody likes casinos that take forever to process simple transactions. Unfortunately, this has been one of the issues facing conventional gambling sites. For example, transactions done through bank transfers usually take 3-4 working days to process.

In Doge casinos, transactions are done at a fast pace, posing transaction times that are comparable to Bitcoins. Deposits and withdrawals on Doge casinos, notwithstanding the amount, usually take under 15 minutes to process.

High level of Safety

Fiat currency gambling sites have been facing the issue of hackers over the years. This factor puts the Safety of the player's funds at risk as these hackers can easily steal their credit card details. However, the cryptocurrency market doesn't face issues like hacking. For example, the Dogecoin blockchain is secure and has no history of hacking.

Dogecoin shares many features with the world's first-ever digital currency, Bitcoin. For example, it shares the same high level of security as that Bitcoin. Furthermore, Doge casinos are encrypted, guaranteeing your Safety while gambling.

Excellent Customer Service

The customer service on Doge casinos is top-notch, and many Canadian gamblers know this. Most bettors, at one point, have been faced with one issue or the other when gambling on the various betting platforms.

The probability of a player continuing in such a site depends on the speed at which their challenges get solutions. However, this is not an issue for Doge casinos as most have a 24-hour live chat feature with customer care representatives on the call to quickly help when faced with any problem.


Canadians have noticed how special Doge casinos are, with many switching from traditional sites to Doge. Traditional casinos are in the past, and crypto casinos are the future of online gambling. Also, gambling on Doge casinos in Canada offers many benefits, so using them exposes Canadian gamblers to a wholesome gambling experience.

About The Authors

Stefano Mclaughlin

Stefano Mclaughlin - For the first five years of his career, Stefano worked as a financial advisor on state and local tax matters, developing internal marketing technology for his multinational tax business. With over 12 years of experience designing high-performance web applications and interactive interactions, Stefano is now a marketing technology specialist and founder.

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