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Why Republicans Voted Against Baby Formula?


To solve infant formula shortages in the United States, the House approved the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, with just 192 Republicans voting no. Why republicans voted against baby formula that would have helped ease the problems caused by the shortage of formula, which was caused by a recall at the factory?

The FDA needs $28 million in quick financing to deal with the formula shortfall and to prevent it from occurring again. As more requests to sell baby formula in the US are approved, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs more resources to quickly and thoroughly check factories.

If the Food and Drug Administration lets people import formulas from European and Mexican facilities that have been approved, there will be more formulas to choose from. Supporting the FDA's efforts to stop the sale of counterfeit goods by providing the agency with the means to do so.

Along with the Access to Baby Formula Act, which was just passed by the House, and the DPA, which was just approved by the Biden administration, this law will help fix problems in the supply chain, safely increase formula production, and keep this from happening again.

Why Did Republicans Vote Against The Baby Formula Bill?

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/why-republicans-voted-against-baby-formula/ by Susan Murillo on 2022-10-17T13:56:38.539Z

Republicans have been vocal about their displeasure with the president's handling of the infant formula crisis. They have been pressing President Biden for action over the last several weeks. However, the President's revised proposal was met with disapproval by at least 192 of them.

People and politicians alike have flocked to social media to vent their frustration with Republican party members for voting against the law since it passed. Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, tweeted, to over 90,000 likes, "Imagine being so 'pro-life' that you are ready to vote against infant formula."

House minority whip Steve Scalise was one of hundreds of "no" votes, and he sent a letter outlining why he voted against the plan. He thinks the democratic party's solution of "throwing more money at the issues" won't work.

Rather than work with Republicans to find bipartisan solutions, Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi dropped the bill yesterday to "cover up the administration's ineptitude by throwing additional money at the FDA with no plan to actually fix the problem, all while failing to hold the FDA accountable," as the memo put it, as reported by The Hill.

The REAL Reason Republicans Voted Against Baby Formula Bills

People Also Ask

Is There A Baby Formula Shortage In The United States?

There has been a statewide scarcity of infant formula in the United States for months. According to information compiled by Information Resources Inc., a market research organization, slightly more than 20% of formula items were unavailable in the six weeks before to July 24.

Why Is There A Formula Shortage In The US?

Some outlets, such as The Atlantic and Popular Mechanics as of mid-May, identified supply chain concerns relating to COVID-19 as the primary reason for the formula scarcity. The shortfall started in the early days of the epidemic and has only become worse as a result of the lack of available workers.

What Caused The Baby Formula Shortage?

It was a collision between persistent economic pressures and an unexpected supply shock. The epidemic has generated long-term problems since it has messed up supply chains for a wide variety of items, including infant formula components, and has led to workforce shortages that are causing problems for many different businesses.

Final Words

However, the newly passed Access to Baby Formula Act saw far less opposition. The initiative, which would provide low-income families with access to infant formula despite the scarcity, was defeated by just nine Republicans. The law received 414 votes in favor in the House, ensuring its passage.

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