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Take A Look At Who Is The Best Valorant Player In 2022


Riot Games featured the top Valorant players from across the globe during the 2021 VCT Season. These gamers have pushed the boundaries of first-person shooter gameplay. Take a look at the who is the best valorant player for the year 2022.

Riot Games' tournaments have developed Valorant Global's hierarchy throughout the years, as these elite teams have contended for power. All three Masters (Reykjavik, Berlin, and Valorous Champions) included breakthrough stars who have proven to be the top players on the planet today.


Nats-Ayaz-akhmetshin stands with a big trophy
Nats-Ayaz-akhmetshin stands with a big trophy

The nAts is similar to Delz1k. He's referred to as a "support" player. In less than 5 seconds, your whole crew is killed by a helper. Assist the player who obtains virtually all of the kills yet does not perish. He's just amazing. Even though he primarily performs Cypher and Viper, he continually leads the charts.

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Gambit was able to win VCT Masters Berlin and finish second in Champions 2021 thanks to him. nAts, on the other hand, does not play as aggressively as Delz1k. He waits, he hides, he lurks, and then he strikes when you least expect it. That's why he's so frightening. Just putting him on the map means you'll have to dedicate a participant to keeping an eye on him to see whether he's approaching from the rear or not. A difficulty that has earned him the title of the second-best participant for the time being.


Derke stands with his hands tied behind his back in a black shirt
Derke stands with his hands tied behind his back in a black shirt

Nikita "Derke" Sirmitev of Fnatic is without a doubt one of the best Jett mains in the world. Since joining the European squad, he has been terrific. Drake's acute understanding of the game enables him to react to both aggressive and defensive parts of the game.

For his region, Derke participated in the Valorant Champions Tour masters Reykjavik and Valorant Champions 2021. Several experts have written him off ahead of the Valorous Champions 2021 due to his poor performance. He then stunned everyone with his dominating performance in the competition, with an ACS of 236.9, the greatest in the event.


A player wearing spectacles is wearing a black and white shirt
A player wearing spectacles is wearing a black and white shirt

For almost everyone, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo is one of the first names that springs to mind when it comes to Best Valorous Players. Tenz is a Sentinels of North America player that hails from Canada.

Tenz is recognized for his daring sniper and assault rifle antics. In the first part of the year, he was the driving force behind the Sentinels' supremacy. With Sentinels, Tenz won the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik this year, and he was named the tournament's MVP.


KRU Esports and Angelo "Keznit" Mori were the two standout stars at Valorant Champions 2021. Despite being the strongest team in the Latin American division and qualifying for all three international Valorant competitions, KRU Esports were considered huge underdogs at Valorant Champions.

KRU Esports defied all odds to reach the top four, beating Sentinels and Fnatic along the way. They pushed Valorant Champions finalist Gambit Esports to their capabilities in an incredible quintuple overtime battle on Bind. Keznit proved in all of their fights that he could combat against the best Valorant players in the world because of his incredible duelist skills. With a 246.3 rating in ACS, Keznit helped KRU Esports go third to fourth at Valorant Champions.

Keznit and KRU Esports grew during the VCT 2021 season, proving that other Valorant areas are more than capable of overcoming North America's and EMEA's finest teams.


In the light of the red and blue tube, cNed - Mehmet Yağız İpekstands with the keyboard in his hand
In the light of the red and blue tube, cNed - Mehmet Yağız İpekstands with the keyboard in his hand

cNed may be an excellent player right now. He isn't famous merely because he won the Champions League in 2021. When he is alive, though, you are required to play with him. You won't be able to project him into the future. The idea that they would have to create tactics to avoid him spurred the motivation groups established in opposition to him in 2021.

He is the root of everyone's suffering. If cNed gets an operator, you're done. The game is finished unless you can discover a means to deal with him. The solution is usually to stay away from him or to use an excessive amount of utility to clean up any areas where he could be.

Any participant that inspires whole groups to seek tactics to avoid him, in my opinion, is worthy of the highest participant rating. However, the fact that he took first place in the Most Valorous competition, earning his team $350.000, is as noteworthy.

Top 15 Best Valorant Player


  • Wardell
  • FNS
  • BuZz
  • dapr
  • Mako
  • Mixwell
  • Zeek
  • Redgar
  • Asuna
  • SicK
  • Babybay
  • Zyppan
  • Hiko
  • ShahZaM
  • Steel


The finest Valorant players of 2022 are represented by our top five and top fifteen players. In the near future, check back for more news and reviews on Valorant betting and the finest Valorant esports odds.

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