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Everything about Weslie Fowler: age, bio, net worth


Weslie Fowler Biography

Weslie Fowler is the name of an Instagram celebrity who, at the age of 12, has amassed a large following. She is best known as Allison Holker's daughter, who rose to fame after appearing on the popular American television dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance. Allison Holker's daughter, Weslie Fowler, was born in the United States. Her mother Allison Holker is a well-known American dancer; her biological father's identity remains unknown, but her stepfather Stephen Twitch Boss is also a dancer. Her mother married American dancer Stephen Twitch Boss in 2013, and she grew up with her siblings. She has an 8-year-younger half brother. She was a student at a local high school and, like her mother, aspired to be a great dancer.

Weslie Fowler Profile Summary

Birthday: May 26, 2008

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/weslie-fowler/ by Candice Burns on 2021-07-14T21:46:07.404Z

Gender: Female

Birthplace: United States

Occupation: Instagram Star

Parents: Allison Holker and Stephen "Twitch" Boss (step-father)

Siblings: Maddox Boss (b. 2006) and Zaia Boss (b. 2019)

Age: 12

Instagram: @weslierboss

Location: Los Angeles, California

Weslie Fowler Career

Her parents shared her first images on social media in the beginning of 2015. She then gained notoriety on social media, with a large fan base on her Instagram account, where she posted her modeling images and videos, as well as family photos.

She weaves handloom bracelets with her best friend Preslie and sells them through their website after getting popular on social media. She has a big heart and has helped a lot of people in her brief career. She also donates 10% of the profits from their bracelets to an organization that fights child sex trafficking.

She is also well-known on TikTok, having made her debut appearance on the platform in her mother's TikTok videos. She didn't have her own YouTube channel, but she did appear in several of her mother's videos.

Weslie Fowler Dating And Relationship

People are constantly interested in learning about a celebrity's relationship. People are curious about the lucky boy Weslie Fowler is dating in this scenario. It's hard to imagine Fowler doesn't have a boyfriend when she's so attractive and well-known.

She does not begin her romantic relationship, according to her social media, and she prefers to spend time with her family and friends. Allison Holker, her mother, and Twitch, her stepfather, are very close to her. Maddox, her stepbrother, is also very close to her.

Weslie Fowler Family

Weslie Fowler Mom, Allison

She was born in Minnesota, but spent the majority of her childhood in Orem, Utah. At the age of nine, the Timpanogos High School graduate began professional dance instruction at The Dance Club in Orem. At the time, she was also honing her skills in contemporary, tap, ballet, and jazz.

Allison rose to international prominence with her involvement in the 2002 Winter Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies. Her appearance on the second season of the reality dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance helped her earn even more fame. Furthermore, the dancer is well known for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, another prominent dance competition TV show. She made her debut in the project's 19th season, coming in 9th place. In February 2015, she and her dance partner Riker Lynch finished second in the series' 20th season.

In a 2010 interview with People magazine, the So You Think You Can Dance judge revealed that her kid had already begun formal dance training. The child's single mother also claimed that her young daughter is a tremendous fan of Fergie, a singer and songwriter. Allison remarked, “She just moves — she loves Fergie! She goes for it 100 percent. I have to keep up!”

Weslie Fowler Her Stepdad Twitch

Twitch, also known as Stephen Boss, is a well-known dancer and Weslie's stepfather. Twitch, Weslie's stepfather, was born on September 29, 1982, in Montgomery, Alabama. He married Weslie's mother Allison Holker, who is also a So You Think You Can Dance contestant, at the end of 2013. The couple has two children; Maddox, their firstborn, was born in 2016 after the pair had been married for three years. They also have a daughter named Zaia, who was born in 2019 three years after Maddox was born.

He is well known for being the runner-up on season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance, and he also performs his hip hop dance on all-star season 7, 8, and night. He made his acting debut in the American film Magic Mike XXL in 2015, and he has since been in several Step Up films. He was a finalist on the Wade Robson and star hunt project before becoming famous. According to reports in the tabloids, Fowler's biological father was engaged to Allison at the time of their daughter's birth. However, when their daughter was roughly two years old, the couple called off their engagement. There are no other details regarding her enigmatic father.

Weslie Fowler Half-siblings

Weslie has two younger half-siblings: Maddox (born March 27, 2016) and Zaia (born March 27, 2016). (born on 3rd November 2019). She has a close relationship with her half-siblings and frequently posts cute images of them on Instagram.

Weslie Fowler Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal lives, fans are naturally inquisitive about even the tiniest details. People are curious about Weslie Fowler's age in this instance. Fowler was born in the United States of America on May 26, 2008. As of 2021, she is 13 years old. Allison Holker, an American dancer, is her mother. Allison was just twenty years old when she gave birth to her daughter. Despite her early pregnancy, the dancer received a lot of backlash from her followers and friends when she started dancing just a few weeks after Weslie's birth.

Weslie Fowler Height

True fans are often fascinated about the little details, such as how tall Weslie Fowler is. She stands at a height of 4 feet and 7 inches, which is equal to 140 centimeters.

Weslie Fowler Net Worth

She makes a lot of money as an Instagram star from sponsorships and paid video content. She earns a lot of money by promoting popular companies in her Instagram broadcasts. We all know that many celebrities nowadays make a lot of money through their goods businesses.

As a result, we assume she makes a sizable profit from her merchandising business, where she sells handloom bracelets. Her estimated Net Worth is roughly $1.5 million, which includes the property and assets she owns.

Weslie’s Social Media Involvement

Weslie is very active on Instagram (@weslierboss) , with a fan base of 85.1k people. On Instagram, she usually posts pictures of her half-siblings and relatives. It is run by her mother, Holker, and stepfather, Twitch.

Weslie Fowler instagram post
Weslie Fowler instagram post
Weslie Fowler instagram post
Weslie Fowler instagram post
Weslie Fowler instagram post
Weslie Fowler instagram post

Fowler Once Defended Her Clothing Style

Allison, who is a dancer, and her daughter released a TikTok video in June 2020. However, one critic slammed the video, claiming that Weslie dresses "like a boy." As Weslie responded to the critic, “Patriarchy is dead. Just because I don’t wear dresses and bright pink doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy. This is my style, and I necessarily wear comfy clothes and darker colors, and just because I dress like that, doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy.” Meanwhile, Allison applauded her daughter for speaking up against the troll, writing, "Proud of my kid for sticking up for herself and utilizing her voice." Furthermore, in a Zoom interview with E! News in May 2021, her mother Allison discussed her daughter's fashion taste, which many of her classmates think is boyish rather than girlish. “You're a boy,” they frequently chant. You're dressed like a boy.” “She wore suspenders and a bowtie, and she looked fantastic.” Her peers, on the other hand, "kept saying, 'You're a male.'" You're dressed like a boy. 'What are you up to?' “All of this,” “So she was getting hit extremely hard,” the actress said. Despite this, Weslie is holding her own and plans to create her own clothing brand in the near future. “I want to make it big in the fashion department,” she told the newspaper. Makeup, dress, fashion, and hair have always been my passions.”

Her Mom Being Proud Of Her

Allison was so moved by her daughter's message that she shared it with her 2.1 million Instagram followers. "But I was also proud as a mother because she came to bring the video to me right after she finished it, even before she posted it, and asked, 'What are your thoughts?' This is what's weighing heavily on my mind. 'This is how I intended to handle it,' "The mother of three went into great detail. "And I adored the fact that she confided in me and wanted to see and hear for herself." To put it another way, she didn't make the video for the haters; she wasn't like them "'Don't say things like that! 'Ugh!' says the speaker "Allison remarked. "She was deeply concerned about the appropriate messaging and wished for them to hear her concerns and her desire for people to stop bullying one another. So I appreciate that it came from a position of education and love rather than a place of, "I'm so over this."

It felt like the culmination of a lot of conversations about how to cope with people who think it's their job to tell a young girl how to live. "It's difficult as a mom because I've seen her bullied so much," Allison said. "As a result, we had a lot of discussions about how to deal with it and how to approach it. It's also really satisfying to witness how she's developed into such a robust little human." And one that has only just begun. Weslie, who is still a few weeks away from turning thirteen, is regularly addressing the Big Issues with her friends, a situation that never ceases to shock Mom.

Facts On Weslie Fowler

  • Weslie's mother and stepfather Twitch were the first to upload a picture of her on social media in 2015.
  • She is highly enthusiastic about modeling, and she has frequently shared photos from her modeling shoots on her Instagram account.
  • Weslie's Instagram account is managed by her mother and stepfather, and she has a large number of followers.
  • Twitch, whose real name is Stephen Boss, is a dancer who has competed in the reality show So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Allison Holker, Flower's mother, has a YouTube account where she uploads her dance videos, and Flower frequently features in her mother's films.
  • Weslie Fowler likes modelling.
  • Her favorite day is Wednesday.
  • Weslie's favorite color is yellow.
  • Her favorite flower is lavender.
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