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Tournament Choice Air Hockey Tables Can Help You Become A Top-Notch Air Hockey Player


If your lifelong goal is to be the best air hockey player in the world someday then, the tournament choice air hockey tables are right for you. The air hockey is a two-player game that requires a low-friction air hockey table, two player-held strikers, and a puck to be played.

If you want to compete in air hockey tournaments, you'll need to practice on tournament-quality tables. It's best to practice with the best equipment possible if you're going to get good at something. Here, the author will share some of the best tournament choice air hockey.

Gold Standard Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table

Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table by Gold Standard Games

The Gold Standard Games Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table has all of the excellent features of the Pro model, but at a cheaper price! You'll get to experience the abacus method of counting, with the exception of the electric scoring component. Mark Robbins, a two-time World Champion, created the design. It has a commercial-grade cabinet and leg structure for long-term use, as well as a commercial blower for championship-level airflow. The USAA has fully certified it for tournament play.

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  • For the best bounce and bankability, we used a professional-style low-profile aluminum rail.
  • Designed to withstand years of rigorous use, the cabinet and legs are made of commercial-grade materials.
  • Commercial blower with championship-level airflow.
  • A top made of a special laminate that is resistant to wear and tear and will last for many years
  • Competitive play with a centerline and face-off circle.
  • For tournament-level speed and stability on the table, 3 1/2" diameter USAA-approved glass-filled Lexan pucks are used.
  • For trouble-free functioning, a heavy-duty, player-friendly goal is built.
  • Electronics are replaced by manual scoring at both ends.
  • A brand-new, cutting-edge style.

Gold Standard Tournament Pro Plus Air Hockey Table

An 8 feet air hockey table with a blue-colored table surface, white pushers, and a scoring system above the playing field
An 8 feet air hockey table with a blue-colored table surface, white pushers, and a scoring system above the playing field

The Gold Standard Tournament Pro Plus Air Hockey Table will make playing air hockey in your game room more thrilling and enjoyable. This table includes professional-style low-profile high density aluminum rails for improved bounce and playability with a coin mechanism replaced. The cabinet and legs are made of commercial quality materials to ensure long-term use and stability. In addition, it includes a small overhead light and electronic scoring.

The scoreboard is above the playing field, so you can easily see how many points have been scored. There is a commercial blower that gives you the best gaming experience that you can get. The weight of this table is about 460 pounds, so have a hard time moving it.

Gold Standard Games Gold Flare Home Air Hockey Table

Another Gold Standard air hockey model is available with flames for those who prefer their tables to be illuminated. The quality is likely to be on par with other Gold Standard products, which means a hefty price tag. However, while purchasing a high-quality game table, keep in mind that they can endure decades, not just a few years. So this table has also met the requirements of the USAA's Tournament Play.

This air hockey table is made of the most robust laminate, ensuring that it will last for many years. The table's heavy-duty frame and leg levelers will keep it in place no matter how aggressively you play, and the playfield will remain level. Tournament-grade construction ensures the blower's long-term dependability and dependability of use.

Gold Standard Games Gold Flare Elite Hockey Table

The Gold Standard Games Gold Flare Elite Hockey Table has a flare like designed, blue playing field, and scoring system positioned above the playing table
The Gold Standard Games Gold Flare Elite Hockey Table has a flare like designed, blue playing field, and scoring system positioned above the playing table

This Gold Standard air hockey table is an excellent option if you're looking for a fierce and impressive game table. Aluminum rails and commercial-grade blowers make the puck bounce like a rubber ball and keep it moving at all times. Although the table itself is USAA-approved, it is not only the high-quality materials used in the pucks that intrigue the organization.

United States Air Hockey Association And Air Hockey Players Association

When it comes to air hockey events, the most essential federations to know about are the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and the Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA). They drafted the laws and regulations for every eventuality that could arise in the realm of air hockey, including the specifications for the air hockey table. Don't be concerned, they aren't overly complicated.

The Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA) was created in March 2015 to provide players with a governing body to monitor and regulate the sport on a national level. In July 2015, the AHPA crowned its first world champion, who also happened to be the sport's youngest ever champion. A small community of players dominates professional air hockey today, with the majority of players situated in the United States as well as Spain, Russia, and the Czech Republic.

Professional Air Hockey Table Dimensions For Tournament

The first and most crucial rule to follow is to ensure that the professional air hockey table is the proper size. According to their specifications, a tournament choice air hockey table should be 8 feet in length; neither more nor less. There are a few tables on the market that are 7.5′, 7.0′, and 6.5′ in length, however those tables are not suitable for tournament play.

Tournament Choice Air Hockey Table Scoreboard Not Working

Broken scoreboard

Depending on the model, the electronic scoreboard can be connected to the power source of the physical table, or it can be powered entirely by batteries in some cases. To ensure that nothing has come free, you should inspect the wiring throughout your system, depending on your configuration. It may be necessary to replace the batteries.

You must modify the sensors if you are experiencing scoring problems. For air hockey tables to function properly, the infrared sensors must be properly aligned. If they are not aligned correctly, the table will not function properly. Adjust the sensors so that they are parallel to one other in order to resolve this issue. Turn on your air hockey table and take a few practice shots with it.

Is There An Air Hockey Tournament

The University of Houston's Hilton Hotel hosts the World Air Hockey Championship last December 10-12, 2021, for the first time ever. The United States Air Hockey Association has sanctioned this World Championship tournament. The event is being marketed by Re-Creation Sports, with the aid of other Air Hockey organizations, and is free to attend.

Who Is The Best Air Hockey Player In The World

According to Air Hockey World – the official organization for competitive air hockey players – as of December 21, 2016, Colin Cummings (USA) had a rating of 2,213.04, making him the world's highest-ranked air hockey player. At the age of 16 years and 102 days, Colin became the youngest Air Hockey World champion in history, winning the competition on July 26, 2015, at the AHPA Air Hockey World Championship in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America.


The author hopes that this article is helpful for you in selecting an air hockey table for your tournament. The featured air hockey table is the best and a well-known brand in the field of air hockey manufacturers. Regarding the game tournament in air hockey, warming up before a game is essential, especially when it comes to speed. Before you take on another player, you'll want to get your muscles nice and warm. Before you go to the event, practice a whole game at home if at all possible. Arrive early and warm up as much as possible.

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