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What You Should Know About Sharon Mobley Stow's Personal Life And Broken Relationship With Jim Acosta


Sharon Mobley Stow is a medical professional from the United States. Until she married Jim Acosta, she was just another nurse who worked at the hospital. During his time at CNN, Jim is one of the best-known American journalists in the world.

Sharon was a supportive mother who went with her husband to his red carpet events before they split up. Then they went their separate ways. She is now busy raising up her three children.

Sharon Mobley Stow - Wiki

When Sharon Stow was born on December 26, 1970, in Severna Park, Maryland, USA, she was a health professional. She married one of the most popular journalists in the world, Abilio James Acosta. More commonly known as Jim Acosta, he first came into the public eye as CNN's national political correspondent. He is now the most well-known journalist working for CNN, and he is well-known for his disagreements with the current president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Sharon Mobley Stow Met Jim In College

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When Sharon Mobley Stow and Jim Acosta first met in college, they were both in the same place at the time. When Jim was in school, he was learning about mass communication. They began dating while they were in school.

By the time they graduated from high school in 1993, they had already been together for a few years. The college sweethearts had a private wedding ceremony a year after they graduated from high school. They said their vows.

People married at Wye of Carmichel United Methodist Church in Queenstown, MD. Close friends, colleagues, and family members came to the ceremony, which was held in front of a lot of people

Sharon Mobley Stow's Family And Personal Life

Before the wedding, Sharon and Jim had been dating for a long time. They married in a private ceremony that was out of the public's view. It cost them $660,000 to buy the three-bedroom house. They lived there for a few years before deciding to start a family.

Hartley was their first child. After a few years, their son, Peter, was born. Then they had a third daughter, whose name isn't known to the public, but who was also born.

Sharon Mobley Stow And Jim Acosta's Divorce

In a private ceremony, the college sweethearts stated their vows to each other. Carmichel United Methodist Church in Queenstown, Maryland was is where they got married and it was filled with close friends, coworkers, and family.

She eventually filed for divorce from her husband of 24 years in 2017. Even though divorce proceedings began on July 6, 2017, at the Charles County District Court, it is said that the couple broke up before then. Sharon was a supportive wife who went with her husband to his press events before they split up. Then they went their separate ways. She is now taking good care of her three beautiful kids.

Sharon Mobley Stow's Former Husband - Abilio James Acosta

Jim Acosta wearing black coat and tie, and in a plain gradient grey background
Jim Acosta wearing black coat and tie, and in a plain gradient grey background

Jim Acosta was born on April 17, 1971 in Washington, D.C., USA. He graduated from Annandale High School in 1989 and went on to work as a reporter at WSVA after graduation; while still in high school, he worked at student radio station WXJM, after which he moved on to work at WSVA. In the years to come, he was known for his good voice, knowledge, and talent, so he got a lot of job offers from radio stations and TV shows.

Sharon Mobley Stow smiling and wearing black floral blouse
Sharon Mobley Stow smiling and wearing black floral blouse

As more than just a single mother, Sharon Mobley Stow has three kids. She is a very successful businesswoman. It was hard for her after the divorce, but in the end, she was able to move on. As of now, she is living her life away from the public eye.

People say that she has a fortune of about $2 million. She made money as a nurse, so she has this money. It says that a registered nurse makes about $56.57 an hour and $117,670 a year.

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