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The Intriguing Life Of Jungle Pam Hardy And Her Car Racing Career


Pam Hardy (aka Pamela Hardy) was born in 1957 in Westchester, PA, USA. She is widely known as the sponsor of the well-known drag racing star, Jungle Jim Lieberman, a fun jumper in the United States with the nickname "Jungle Jim". She was ranked 17th on NHRA's Top 50 Driver List.

Jungle Pam Hardy Drag Racing

Pam Hardy is famous as the backer/sidekick of the legendary drag racing star "Jungle" Jim Liberman. Pam was well-endowed and always braless. The young girl usually wore a tank top or skimpy halter and jean shorts with a zero-inch inseam.

In the 1970s, Jim and Pam Westwood became known for their go-go boots, short-shorts, and titillating tops. In 1973, they appeared in Vrooom!, a Ken Rudolph-directed 16-minute documentary about a day at a drag racetrack. The couple was also featured on the cover of Hot Rod magazine.

Jungle pam hardy bold pose in front of car while wearing a thin top, shorts, and boots
Jungle pam hardy bold pose in front of car while wearing a thin top, shorts, and boots

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Jungle Pam Hardy Interview

Dan Lieberman, who wanted to attract fans' attention to the truck, first hired Hardy to bring an interesting car to the line. Hardy uses her bold shoes, tight adjustments, and denim shorts to wear "0" bugs.

In an interview, she said, "I left the college that accepted me and fired my mother." He enrolled at West Chester University and graduated from there with a degree in mechanical engineering.

In 1973, Jungle Pam Hardy and Jim Lieberman appeared on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine, and she later married Funny Car owner Fred Frew. However, after marrying for many years, they broke up and divorced.

Hardy continued to appear in automotive magazines, usually wearing archaeology shoes, shorts, or shorts. After their divorce, Bill Hodgson installed George Rednoors' ridiculous Excalibur Corvette Nostalgia car. In 1977, at the age of 31, his precious corvette was caught on a bus (unrelated to racing). After this tragic disaster, Jungle Palm returned to Palm Hardy and did traditional 9-5 work.

Jungle pam hardy  in yellow top with Smilling Face
Jungle pam hardy in yellow top with Smilling Face

Jungle Pam Hardy Now

Pamela and Jim Liberman met when he stopped to talk to her on the street almost 40 years ago. Sadly, things were cut short in 1977 when Jim was involved in a car accident and tragically lost his life, aged just 31.

Pam was very shaken by his leaving, and she was unsure what she should do with the rest of her life. She felt bewildered and alone without Liberman, and she began to wonder whether this was the end of her journey.

It wasn't, fortunately. She continued to share her love of racing with the rest of the world when Jim went away. Her passion for racing is as great as it has ever been, even after all these years.

What Happened To Jungle Pam Hardy

Since exiting the spotlight of drag racing, Hardy has led a peaceful and "regular" existence. Throughout it all, she has done her best to preserve Jungle Jim Liberman's and that era's funky memories.

She continues to sign autographs for the media and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). Currently, Hardy maintains a Facebook page and a website devoted to the sport of drag racing in its peak days in the mid '70s.

How Did Jungle Jim Pass Away?

On Sept. 9, 1977, he died at the age of 31 after being killed in a head-on accident with a bus. His untimely death created a hole in the sport that wasn't filled until the late 1980s when Force's explosive personality emerged.

Who Was Jungle Jim Liberman?

Russell James Liberman (September 12, 1945 – September 9, 1977), sometimes known as "Jungle Jim," was an American funny car drag racer. In 2001, he was ranked 17th among the top 50 NHRA drivers of all time. After executing his burnout, Liberman was noted for driving backward at 100 mph (160 km/h).

When Did Jungle Jim And Jungle Pam Split?

Unfortunately, what seemed to be the start of a long and distinguished journey together was cut short in 1977. Jim was involved in an automobile accident at the age of 31 and unfortunately lost his life. Pam was deeply shaken by his death, and she was left unsure of what she should do with her life.


I'm sure jungle pam hardy's life and career are going very well right now. The only hope we can have is that she'll be able to do even more in the future and continue to be an inspiration to everyone her age and to the younger generation who looks up to her.

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