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Promising Actor, Jason Genao's Acting Career, Movies, And Shows, That Are Worth Knowing


'On My Block' star Jason Genao is from the United States, and he's best known for playing Ruby Martinez in the show. Another thing that people know about him for is when he played Napoleon in Netflix's original show "The Get Down." He always wanted to be an actor when he was a little boy, and this drive led him to Hollywood in the long run.

Genao is now one of the most sought-after young actors in the business. His family is Dominican-American, and he grew up in New Jersey. He went to William L. Dickinson High School. He went to Hollywood to try to get a job as an actor because he wanted to be a great actor.

Jason Genao wants to win an Academy Award for the rest of his life. He was inspired to become an actor after watching the 1947 French film "La Vie En Rose." Jason Genao is a multitalented and clever person who is now working on a lot of different projects.

Jason Genao — Acting Career

Jason Genao's scene in a movie
Jason Genao's scene in a movie

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Jason Genao got his television debut in 2016 when he played William Reeves in an episode of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.' He was also cast as Napoleon in the Netflix Original Series "The Get Down" the same year. In 2017, he starred as Rictor in the critically praised superhero drama film "Logan."

In 2018, Genao landed the role of Ruby Martinez on Netflix's 'On My Block.' This series is extremely popular, and industry professionals named it No. 1 among 65 Netflix Original programs in 2018.

Did Jason Genao Go To Acting School?

Jason Genao was born in the Dominican Republic. He enrolled to the New Jersey high school before transferring to William L. Dickinson High School. There is no information on his higher schooling on the online platform.

During his school years, Jason Genao took part in a number of plays, which established in him a strong desire to act. He would have been a chef or a medical examiner if he hadn't been an actor. "Actor... for the time being," his Instagram bio reads. Genao like the Black Panther films. The actor is rumored to be single right now. He takes his acting profession seriously and is focused on his next ventures.

Jason Genao — Movies And Shows

Jason Genao in a Netflix movie premiere and wearing grey tuxedo
Jason Genao in a Netflix movie premiere and wearing grey tuxedo

Jason Genao has prominent appearances in Netflix's "The Get Down" (2016-17) and "On My Block" (2018-), but he is most recognized for portraying adolescent mutant leader Rictor in the gritty superhero film "Logan" (2017). Genao, who was born in Jersey City in 1997, began acting in different school plays before making his cinematic debut as an FBI Agent in the Latin-American action comedy "Ladrones" after developing his skills at a local acting school (2015). A year later, he appeared in an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" (NBC, 1999-) as a young delinquent and auditioned for the part of Zeke in Baz Luhrmann's love letter to the 1970s New York hip-hop and disco scenes, "The Get Down" (Netflix, 2016-17).

Instead of Genao, Napoleon, the street gang boss who becomes The Get Down Brothers' record boy, was cast in his place. The role of Rictor, the leader of the youthful mutant gang, in the shockingly subversive X-Men spin-off "Logan" brought Genao into the superhero realm (2017). In the inner-city coming-of-age drama "On My Block," he reprised his role as Rudi, one of four adolescent characters (Netflix, 2018-).

Where Is Jason Genao Now?

Jason Genao wearing yellow shirt and leaning on the balcony
Jason Genao wearing yellow shirt and leaning on the balcony

Throughout 2019, Jason is the ambassador of DoSomething.org and Chevrolet's Ride & Seek campaign, that is mobilizing huge numbers of people to keep their friends and family safe from harm!

Jason Genao being interviewed in a movie premiere by a girl interviewer
Jason Genao being interviewed in a movie premiere by a girl interviewer

When Jason was nine years old, he discovered he wanted to be an actor. He remembers repeating lines in a movie and feels as though he can't watch a film without uttering the lines since since. Jason frequently acknowledges his appreciation to his brother and father, who contributed immensely to help him achieve his acting school goals.

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