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What Is 10 Key Experience And How To Increase Your Speed?


It's not uncommon to find "10-key experience" in a job ad, which indicates that the position requires a lot of data entry and that the employer is concerned about how quickly you can enter numbers using the ten-key.

You can find numeric keypads in many places besides your laptop's keyboard; they are sometimes known as number pads or num pads. Today's life is full of brief and sophisticated data entry operations dependent on numbers.

Data entry professions, for example, necessitate a high level of ten-key accuracy. Despite the fact that many jobs may be completed without the assistance of people, learning the ten-key pad is still an essential step in improving your typing speed and accuracy.

What Is 10 Key Experience?

The term "ten-key experience" refers to a person's proficiency with the 10-key pad on a computer keyboard. Using numbers instead of letters on a keyboard is a common practice in data-entry tasks. You can focus on numbers instead of the letters and number line at the top of your keyboard when you use a 10-key pad on a computer.

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As a general rule of thumb, "kpm" (keystrokes per minute) is used to measure 10-key experience. "wpm," or words per minute, is used as a typing statistic in this way. The use of a ten-key keyboard is typically required in a wide range of professions, including customer service representatives, transcriptionists, and medical billing and coding professionals.

A community college course, online tutorials, training at a public library, or training at a temp agency are all options for gaining 10-key experience. In order to get people hired, temp agencies generally offer training in a wide range of skills, including word processing, data entry, and spreadsheets. As of May 2012, the median national wage for data entry keyers was $13.47 per hour, with the top ten percent making $20.00 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How To Boost Your 10-Key Speed

What Is The Best Way To Learn And Practice Number Pad Keys?

Learn how to use a 10-key Keypad

If you've already learned the home, top, and bottom row keys, learning the number pad keys isn't that difficult. The most important thing to remember while writing numerals quickly is which finger presses each one.

Make it a habit - Avoid using the numerical keys on the top row of the keyboard if you need to write numbers. As a result, using the number pad instead of moving your hands to the numerical keys is more efficient.

Positioning - Even better, you only have to move your right hand without troubling your left. In addition, the '5' positioning aid on the keyboard is available to assist you in getting your hand in the proper position. As a result, before you begin typing with your right hand on the numeric keypad, seek this help.

A 10-Key Test And Playing Games For Practice

Playful 10-key speed training and games can be found in many typing tutorials, such as Typesy or Ultrakey. It's also possible to practice zip codes, random digits, and even social security numbers for free on a variety of websites.


Sample of an unfinished Soduko game
Sample of an unfinished Soduko game

Simply playing number games like Sudoku is all that is required. It's a win-win situation: You get to challenge your brain while also speeding up your statistics.


Math Battle logo to test your mathematical skill
Math Battle logo to test your mathematical skill

In order to learn the numeric keypad in a fun way, TypingGamesZone offers a number pad game that can be played by adults and children alike. Numeric key games such as Brain Racer Integers, Battle Math, and Number Cruncher are also available through RapidTyping.

10-Key Test

Improve your ten-key speed and accuracy with Learn10Key. Doing a data entry exam is a good way to see where you stand, and you may aim to improve your keystrokes per hour. An achievable speed of 10,000 KPH with an average accuracy of 98% is an achievable target.


Over the past few decades, the way humans enter, process, and store data have dramatically altered. Still, there are some gadgets that require us to manually enter a number or symbol (such as a telephone) or call a number (traditional letterpress). We're more likely to use a touch screen interface or a physical numpad to enter a large number of numbers or complete complicated calculations.

As a result of learning to type with your fingers, you'll have an advantage in your professional or academic career. The ability to type swiftly allows us to assemble documents without having to look at the keyboard. The numeric keypad and being proficient in 10 key experience, even if you don't use it in your employment, will help you become more accurate, so don't neglect it.

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