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Viki Virgo - Little-Known Facts About The Social Media Star

Viki Virgo is A Model, also Influencer, who hails from Ukraine. More than this, she is presently one among the fashionable and trendy Instagram models from Ukraine.

Adaline Fritz
Jul 12, 20229 Shares530 Views
Viki Virgowas born in Mariupol, which is located in Ukraine.
Similarly, she holds Ukrainian nationality.
She grew up alongside her family.
Viki may be her parents' only daughter.
She has a 15-year-old younger sibling.
Viki Virgo is both a Model and an Influencer from Ukraine.
In addition, she is currently one of the most fashionable Instagram models from Ukraine.
People from all over the world adhere to.
People are awestruck whenever she posts her stunning photographs to Instagram.
Regarding her education, she completed her elementary schooling at a neighborhood school and then earned a degree in Psychology.

20 Facts You Didn't Know About Viki Virgo

  • Viki Virgo's actual name is Victoria Makarenko.
  • She is a native of Ukraine.
  • She is 24 years old, and her date of birth is September 10, 1997.
  • Viki Virgo is a stunning, young, and well-known model and social media influencer.
  • She is well-known for posting photographs with specific poses.
  • Viki Virgo has over 729 thousand Instagram followers.
  • Her Instagram account name is viki virgo.
  • Her favorite pastimes are flying, photography, and video production.
  • Viki Virgo is a Favorite Social Media Star.
  • On Instagram, Viki Virgo has more than 730k followers.
  • Viki Virgo continues to post beautiful photos of herself to Instagram.
  • Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel where she uploads videos.
  • Sri Lanka is Viki's favorite vacation destination.
  • She has no past relationships.
  • She is a huge fan of rock music.
  • Her greatest phobia is Deep Water.
  • She has a kitten named Luna, a female cat.
  • The model is proficient in speaking Russian, Ukrainian, and English.
  • Since birth, she has been of Latin descent.
  • She holds a certificate in Psychology.

Viki Virgo Biography

Viki Virgo holding a cat
Viki Virgo holding a cat
Instagram Star Viki Virgo hails from California, United States.
She is well-known for her Instagram photo postings.
Viki Virgo was born in California, United States of America on September 10, 1997.
Her age is 23 years.
Moreover, she is currently one of the most fashionable Instagram models from Ukraine.
People from all over the world follow her.
People are astounded whenever she organizes her breathtaking Instagram photos.

Viki Virgo Real Name

Viki Virgo smiling
Viki Virgo smiling
The majority of people recognize her because of Instagram.
Regarding her name, Viki Virgo's given name is Victoria Makarenko.
Victory is the significance of her name, Victoria.
The term Victoria originates in the Latin dictionary.
As a Virgo by zodiac sign, she decided to create an Instagram account.

Boyfriend And Past Relationships

Followers have always been curious as to whether she is single or in a relationship.
People were confused about her relationship status prior to her Instagram announcement of her engagement.
She is now a newlywed.
However, she declined to provide information about her fiancé because she wishes to maintain their privacy.

Viki Virgo Age And Birth Info

Viki was born during the prosperous 1990s.
Specifically in Ukraine in 1997.
She celebrates her birthday on September 10 each year.
Viki Virgo is 23 years old in 2021.
As mentioned previously, she belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign.
Despite the fact that her wonderful personality makes you believe she is older than she actually is.
It is difficult to ignore her personality and charm.

Viki Virgo Height, Weight, Measurement

Viki Virgo wearing swim suit posing
Viki Virgo wearing swim suit posing
Anyone can be easily persuaded by her charisma and physical beauty.
It is difficult to ignore her alluring appearance and hourglass figure.
She measures 169 centimeters in height and weighs approximately 48 kilograms (106 Pounds).
In addition, her BMI is 17.6 m/kg 2.
What is the secret to her glowing allure?
Diet is the key to her success.
She favors eating healthy foods.
One day per week, she is allowed to eat pizza.
In addition, she meditates every morning, which enables her to sense the energy of her inner self.
In addition, she schedules two exercise sessions per week, which enables her to stay fit and maintain her attractive figure.
In addition, she has brown hair and a pair of enticing green eyes.
Her foot size is 37, which indicates that a shoe size 7.5 fits her feet perfectly.

Net Worth

Viki Virgo has an estimated net worth of $570,000, with the majority of her income coming from Patreon.
The majority of her income as a model comes from modeling and photoshoots.
She also earns money through her Patreon channel, where she posts exclusive photoshoots and videos for her Patreon subscribers.
There are three plans for her channel on Patreon: $7/month, $14/month, and $28/month.
Each plan has advantages.
In her early years as a professional, she worked in a Psychological Counseling Clinic.
Net Worth: $570k
Main Income Sources: Patreon

Her Travel Journey

As an inquisitive person, she enjoys traveling to discover the true beauty of life and new cultures.
She has already visited over eight countries and plans to travel to a couple more in the near future.
Viki Virgo has previously traveled to Sri Lanka, Odessa, Egypt, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, and a number of African nations.
Sri Lanka, which she has already visited twice, is her preferred travel destination.
She favors the beach over the mountains.

Social Media Appearance

Viki Virgo holding a phone posing
Viki Virgo holding a phone posing
She got a lot of attention because of how hot her Instagram photos were.
Most people only know her from her Instagram page.
She is also one of the most popular Instagram models from Ukraine.
More than 730K people follow her on Instagram right now.
Every day, the number is rising quickly.
Her Instagram account has a 3.7 percent engagement rate, which is really great.
The standard engagement rate in the business world is 2.5%.
She gets about 25,000 likes on every new post she makes these days.
She has posted more than 30 times on her Instagram in the last 30 days, which shows how much she uses Instagram.

Viki Virgo Life Style

  • Does Viki Virgo absorb alcohol? No
  • Does she smoke? No
  • Does she swim? No
  • Is she a Yoga Particepetor? Yes
  • Does Viki Virgo drive? Yes
  • Her favourite celebrity is Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • Viki Virgo’s Favourite celebrity is Emma Watson.
  • Her favorite sport is football.
  • Viki Virgo favorite food is Pizza.
  • Her favourite sports-person is Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Her favorite destination is Paris.


Model and social media influencer Viki Virgo was born and raised in the Ukraine.
On top of that, she is now considered to be one of the most fashionable and trendy Instagram models to come out of Ukraine.
People adhere to her teachings from every corner of the globe.
Every time she posts one of her breathtaking photos to Instagram, a large number of new followers are gained.
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