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Understanding Online European Roulette Odds

If you want to learn the rules of online European roulette, you've come to the right place.

Tyrese Griffin
Feb 08, 202398 Shares1530 Views
A traditional table game called European Roulette is one of the most popular games to play at today's best online casinos. The good news is that the rules of this game are really easy to learn, and you can often play from as little as $/€/£0.10 or $/€/£0.20 per round.
If you're new to roulette and want to learn how to play, you've come to the right place. Here is a quick beginner's guide to playing European Roulette.

What's the aim of roulette?

The objective of roulette is to put a cash stake on which number you think the ball will come to rest after it has finished spinning around the roulette wheel. Most rounds last for up to around 30 seconds at most. If you guess correctly, you will be paid instantly.
The European Roulette wheel has 36 different numbered slots and just one green zero, whereas American roulette has two green zeros. If you are playing regular online roulette, where the outcomes are determined by RNGs (random number generators), you must hit the spin button after you have finished placing your bets.
If you're playing live dealer roulette, where RNGs do NOT determine the outcomes, you must place your bets before the countdown timer reaches zero. If you don't place your bets in time, you will have to watch as the action unfolds and then wait for the next round before placing your bet(s).
If you're looking to play online roulette, or place a sports bet using a lucky 63 calculator, go to the official Unibet website today and register your free account. This fully licensed website is controlled by a reputable operator with a superb reputation and it accepts most major online payment methods.
What are the odds in European Roulette?
Let's take a quick look at the odds you are likely to find when launching any online European Roulette game. In ascending order of value, starting with the lowest odds, they are as follows:
  • A Red/Black, Odd/Even, or Numbers 1-18/19-36 bet pays 1:1 (even money). Therefore, if you place a $/€/£1.00 bet on the Red outcome, and this occurs, your total payout would bet $/€/£2.00 (which includes your initial $/€/£1.00 stake + $/€/£1.00 winnings)
  • A Column/Dozen bet pays 2:1
  • A Line bet pays 5:1
  • A Corner/Four bet pays 8:1
  • A Street bet pays 11:1
  • A Split bet pays 17:1
  • A Straight Up bet pays 35:1. Therefore, if you place a $/€/£1.00 Straight Up bet on the number 17, for example, and win, you would receive a total of $/€/£36.00 (including your $/€/£1.00 stake returned + $/€/£35.00 winnings)
As mentioned, the minimum bet usually starts from just $/€/£0.10, and the maximum 'individual' bet might be capped at $/€/£100.00. However, the 'table' maximum bet (don't forget that you can put multiple bets on per round) might be capped at $/€/£25,000.00. The exact table limits (min/max) will vary from one online European Roulette game to the next.

What are the best online roulette games in 2023?

When you next play at trusted sites like Unibet, remember to keep an eye out for some of the following popular European Roulette variants from various leading online casino game development studios and software providers.
You can play these games on desktop and mobile, and the good news is that they all take seconds to launch in most web browsers, so there's never any waiting around. Some of the hottest titles to check out before trying any others are the following:
  • Roulette from Relax Gaming
  • Roulette from NetEnt
  • Live XXXtreme Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming
  • European Roulette Pro from Play'n GO
  • European Roulette from Realistic Games
  • Live Immersive Roulette from Evolution Gaming

Honourable mentions

Suppose that's not enough to keep you going. In that case, you may also like to try Live Power Up Roulette from Pragmatic Play, European Roulette Gold Series from Microgaming, and Live Super Stake Roulette from Stakelogic. You also have Live Double Ball Roulette from Evolution Gaming, Live Power Up Roulette from Pragmatic Play, and Live Double Ball Roulette from Felt Gaming, to name just a few.
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