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Travis Kelce Net Worth In 2023 - Inside The NFL Star's Financial Success

As the tight end to achieve 10,000 career receiving yards the quickest, Kelce also owns a number of other NFL records. Regarding Travis Kelce net worth and assets, this article aims to ease your concerns and questions.

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Travis Kelce is an American professional football player. Tight end Travis Kelce is a professional football player who debuted in the NFL in 2013 with the Kansas City Chiefs. He assisted the Chiefs in winning Super Bowls LIV and LVII and is regarded as one of the finest tight ends in the history of the position.
As the tight end to achieve 10,000 career receiving yards the quickest, Kelce also owns a number of other NFL records. Regarding Travis Kelce net worthand assets, this article aims to ease your concerns and questions.

Profile Summary

NameTravis Kelce
Date Of BirthOct 5, 1989
Place Of BirthCleveland Heights
ProfessionAmerican football player, Athlete
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$25 Million

Early Life And High School

Donna and Ed welcomed Travis Kelce into the world on October 5, 1989 in Westlake, Ohio. Jason, his elder brother, also pursued a career in the NFL. Kelce played basketball, baseball, and football at Cleveland Heights High School when he was a student there. He excelled the most as a quarterback in football. After accumulating 2,539 total yards of offense in his senior season, Kelce was named All-Lake Erie League.

Travis Kelce Professional Career

Travis Kelce wearing sports gear
Travis Kelce wearing sports gear
His journey from college football at the University of Cincinnati to becoming one of the NFL's premier players is marked by exceptional athleticism, consistency, and a tireless work ethic.
  • College Career - Travis Kelce's football journey began at the University of Cincinnati, where he was a standout tight end. Known for his reliable hands, route-running, and blocking ability, he showed immense promise during his college years.
  • NFL Draft and Early Career -In the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs selected Kelce in the third round with the 63rd overall pick. This marked the beginning of his NFL career. From the outset, he displayed his versatility and athleticism, contributing both as a receiver and a blocker. His impact on the Chiefs' offense was immediately evident.
  • Pro Bowl and Record-Setting Performances -Kelce's star continued to rise as he earned multiple Pro Bowl selections. He consistently put up impressive numbers, setting numerous records for tight ends along the way. His ability to gain yards after the catch, combined with his excellent hands, made him a favorite target for Chiefs quarterbacks.
  • Super Bowl Victory -One of the defining moments in Travis Kelce's career came in 2020 when he played a pivotal role in helping the Kansas City Chiefs secure victory in Super Bowl LIV. In that game, they triumphed over the San Francisco 49ers, solidifying Kelce's status as one of the game's elite players.
  • Consistent Excellence -Kelce's career has been marked by remarkable consistency. Season after season, he has been a go-to target for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, often making game-changing plays. His ability to create mismatches on the field has made him a critical asset in Kansas City's offense.
  • Off-Field Presence and Philanthropy -Beyond his on-field achievements, Travis Kelce is known for his charismatic personality. He has made appearances in various television shows and media projects, expanding his presence beyond football. Additionally, he has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts. He established the "87 & Running Foundation," which focuses on supporting underserved youth and communities, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact off the field.

Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce wearing a white suit
Travis Kelce wearing a white suit
The Kansas City Chiefs selected Kelce in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. His debut season with the squad was short-lived since he had knee surgery in the middle of October and was then put on injured reserve. In 2014, Kelce made a comeback, scoring his first NFL touchdown and surpassing 100 receiving yards in a single game. With 862 total yards at the conclusion of the season, he was the Chiefs' top receiver.
In a victory against the Houston Texans to open the 2015 season, Kelce had his first multiple-touchdown game in the NFL. The Chiefs eventually had an 11-5 record at the end of the regular season. The group was defeated by the New England Patriots in the divisional round. 2016 was Kelce's second good season, during which he set career highs for yards (1,125) and catches (85).
In addition, the Chiefs ended with a 12-4 record and first place in the AFC West. They fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional Round once again, however. In 2017, Kelce concluded the regular season with eight receiving touchdowns, a career high, and was second among tight ends in receiving yards (1,038 yards). The Tennessee Titans beat the Kansas City Chiefs even though they had advanced to the Wild Card Round.
Due to a concussion he sustained in the first half, Kelce did not complete the game. He had a tremendous comeback in 2018 and assisted the Chiefs in winning the AFC West. The group advanced to the AFC Championship but lost to the Patriots. In 2019, Kelce and the Chiefs were unstoppable. Kelce amassed 500 career catches in the quickest time in NFL history during a late-season game against the Chicago Bears.
When the season was through, he made history by becoming the first tight end in NFL history to record at least 1,000 receiving yards in four straight seasons. On their way to Super Bowl LIV, when they beat the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31-20, the Chiefs proceeded to breeze through the Divisional Round and the AFC Championship.
The next year, the squad returned to the Super Bowl but lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9. With six 1,000-yard seasons, Kelce established or improved a number of records in 2021, including the most by a tight end. He reached 9,000 career yards as a tight end in the NFL's quickest time ever in the last game of the regular season.
The Chiefs then went on to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship after winning the Wild Card Round and the Divisional Round. The following year, in 2022, Kelce once again assisted in guiding his group to the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl LVII matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles. Jason Kelce was playing for the Eagles, making it the first Super Bowl with two brothers on competing teams. In the end, the Chiefs triumphed 38-35.

Travis Kelce Net Worth

Travis Kelce is an amazing individual who has achieved significant success in his profession. In American football, he is the most successful tight end. Since he was a very young child, Kelce has played football.
His adventure started while he was a senior in high school. Later, after becoming well-known due to his high school record, he played college football. He has amassed a sizable wealth via his profession. He now has a $30 million estimated net worth.

NFL Earnings

Since being selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2013 NFL Draft, Kelce has earned millions of dollars and established a reputation as one of the league's top tight ends. With an average yearly salary of $14 million and a four-year, $57.25 million contract deal with the Chiefs in 2020, Kelce became the second highest-paid tight end in the NFL, according to Spotrac.

Career Earnings & Salary 2023

Signing bonus $10,545,304
Roster bonus $6,607,622
Workout bonus $1,575,000
Restructure bonus $10,206,667
Incentive $44,294
Earnings $64,782,219

Travis Kelce's Net Worth Growth

Travis Kelce Net Worth in 2023$30 Million
Travis Kelce Net Worth in 2022$23 Million
Travis Kelce Net Worth in 2021$21 Million
Travis Kelce Net Worth in 2020$19 Million
Travis Kelce Net Worth in 2019$18 Million
Travis Kelce Net Worth in 2018$17 Million

Travis Kelce Assets

  • Car Collection- Travis Kelce has a huge number of automobiles. He adores driving and riding in automobiles. He has a Range Rover, a Chevrolet Corvette, an Audi Q7, and many more vehicles.
  • Home- American football player Travis Kelce has accomplished a lot in his career. He competes in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs and has had success. Kelce has a stunning home and resides in Kansas as well. He also has a number of more properties in America.

Businesses & Investments

Travis Kelce smiling
Travis Kelce smiling
Kelce owns a number of brands and makes wise investments. One of several celebrity sportsmen who invested in the spicy sauce company Cholula, Kelce undoubtedly made a killing when the company was acquired by the culinary juggernaut McCormick (MKC) for $800 million in 2020.
A home rowing machine business called Hydrow, which received $255 million in fundraising last year, has also received investment from Kelce. The tequila brand Casa Azul, the sports lifestyle and entertainment content provider PlayersTV, the clothing label Indochino, and the truck accessory business RealTruck are among Kelce's further ventures.
Hilo Gummies, a line of nutritional supplements that Kelce assisted in launching in 2019 and for which he works as Chief of Performance, and his apparel company Tru Kolors are among his ventures. The number one podcast on Apple Podcasts as of this writing is "New Heights," which Kelce and his brother host.

Brand Partnerships

Kelce's off-field earnings are believed to be $5 million owing to significant endorsement contracts. He may quadruple that sum, a specialist told Insider, given his rising fame. Major corporations including Nike (NKE), Bud Light, and State Farm are among Kelce's corporate supporters. In addition, Kelce and Pfizer (PFE) collaborated on a recent advertisement for Pfizer's new COVID booster and two-in-one flu vaccine.
Experian (EXPGY), a consumer credit business, also started a campaign with Kelce to advertise its new digital checking account. Along with his brother Jason Kelce, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, Kelce also appears in commercials. In August 2023, the two starred in a Campbell Soup (CPB) commercial with their mother, Donna Kelce.

Media Appearances

Kelce has made several significant media appearances outside of football. He participated in "Catching Kelce," an E! reality dating program, in 2016, and he selected Maya Benberry as the winner. In the end, they parted ways in early 2017. Later, in 2023, after winning Super Bowl LVII, Kelce presented a segment of "Saturday Night Live," in which his brother Jason made an appearance.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
2017 saw Kelce start dating Kayla Nicole, a social media influencer. Five years later, the couple separated. In September 2023 it was revealed and confirmed that Travis was dating Taylor Swift. Underserved youngsters may get mentorship, training, and other opportunities through Kelce's nonprofit, Eighty-Seven & Running. He started the business in 2015.

Travis Kelce Social Media Accounts

Less Known Facts

Travis Kelce wearing a black t-shirt
Travis Kelce wearing a black t-shirt
  • Travis Kelce's full name is Travis Michael Kelce.
  • He has a younger brother, Jason Kelce, who is also an NFL player and plays as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Travis Kelce was a multi-sport athlete in high school, excelling not only in football but also in basketball and baseball.
  • In college at the University of Cincinnati, he was initially a quarterback before transitioning to tight end.
  • Kelce was suspended for an entire college season due to a violation of team rules.
  • Despite being a talented football player, he was not a highly-touted recruit coming out of high school and played college football as a walk-on.
  • His jersey number, 87, holds special significance for him, representing his draft position in the NFL (63) and his brother's (Jason Kelce) draft position (191).
  • Travis Kelce is known for his unique and entertaining touchdown celebrations, which often include dances and creative antics.
  • Off the field, he has appeared on reality television, participating in a dating show called "Catching Kelce" in 2016.
  • Kelce is an avid fan of the TV show "Game of Thrones" and even hosted a talk show to discuss the series.
  • He started the "Walk the Walk" foundation to support underprivileged children and families.
  • In 2019, he starred in a reality TV show called "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club," where he was a guest on the show's season finale.
  • He is a skilled golfer and often participates in charity golf tournaments.
  • Kelce has a strong friendship with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, which is evident in their on-field chemistry.
  • Travis Kelce is known for his sense of fashion and has been featured in various fashion magazines and events.

Travis Kelce - FAQs

What Philanthropic Work Is Travis Kelce Involved In?

Travis Kelce is actively involved in philanthropic efforts and has established the "87 & Running Foundation," which supports underserved youth and communities.

Is Travis Kelce Known For Anything Beyond Football?

Kelce is known for his charismatic personality and has made appearances in television shows and media projects. He has also hosted a talk show and participated in reality TV programs.

What Are Some Of Travis Kelce's Off-field Interests?

Kelce is a fan of the TV show "Game of Thrones" and is known for his interest in fashion. He is also a skilled golfer and participates in charity golf tournaments.

What Jersey Number Does Travis Kelce Wear?

Travis Kelce wears jersey number 87, which he has noted holds special significance as it represents his NFL draft position (63) and his brother Jason's draft position (191).


In conclusion, Travis Kelce is a highly accomplished NFL tight end known for his remarkable on-field performance, versatility, and charismatic personality. His journey from college football at the University of Cincinnati to becoming a prominent player in the NFL is marked by numerous accolades, including Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl victory in 2020.
Beyond his football career, Kelce has made his mark on reality television, charity work, and the fashion industry. His story serves as an inspiring example of dedication, talent, and the potential for athletes to make a positive impact both on and off the field. While the details of his life and career continue to evolve, Travis Kelce's legacy in the NFL and broader entertainment sphere remains noteworthy.
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