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Top 8 Tips For Your First Trip To Singapore

Discover essential Singapore travel tips for a memorable trip. From local cuisine to getting your Singapore visa for Indians, make your journey unforgettable.

Candice Burns
Sep 08, 20235815 Shares223650 Views
Are you an Indian planning a trip to the magical country of Singapore? If so, then you made the right choice. Singapore is an amazing country to visit, with plenty of exploring opportunities.
But before you embark on your journey to Singapore, there are some essential tips to remember. In this blog, we will provide you with helpful tips, such as knowing the local rules, the best views, Tourist attraction in Singapore, and how to get a Singapore visa for Indians.
Let's dive in!

8 Tips for Your First Trip to Singapore

As an Indian citizen, you must first obtain a Singapore visa for Indiansto visit the country. With your visa in hand, you are ready to embark on your trip and here are some other tips to remember.

Use Public Transportation Systems

One of the best ways to explore Singapore is by using its efficient public transportation system. The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and public buses are clean, safe, and well-connected.
Alternatively, you can use the Grab app for hassle-free rides around the city. The Grab app is Southeast Asia's Uber.

Know The Laws Of The Land

Singapore is known for being very clean and neat, but with this comes strict local rules. Learn the local rules before travelling.
These laws can sometimes include some uncommon rules, like the fact that you are not allowed to use chewing gum unless it is for dental purposes or reasons to stop smoking.
You can expect a hefty fine if you do not apply the rules and are caught. So ensure you know what Singapore's rules are before travelling.

Pack Comfortable Clothes

Having a Singapore tourist visa for Indians before you travel is important, but packing the correct clothing for your trip is just as important.
Singapore has a high humidity, and the weather can be warm most days. So when packing, ensure you have clothes that are easy to wear and comfortable.
Singapore also experiences lots of rain, so packing a raincoat or umbrella can help you explore on rainy days.

Eat Like the Locals

Always look at where the locals eat. This will save you money without sacrificing quality. The locals know these special spots; sometimes, these local cuisines can pack some powerful flavours.
The street markets are some areas where you can find great quality food without emptying your pockets.
Some amazing cuisines you can try in Singapore include:
  • Nasi Padang: This is a popular rice dish from Indonesia that is also popular in Singapore. It consists of steamed rice served with a selection of savoury and affordable side dishes, including fried chicken, rendang (a spicy beef stew), and sambal goreng.
  • Char Kway Teow: Prawns, Chinese sausage, eggs, bean sprouts and flat rice noodles are the main ingredients in this well-known stir-fried noodle meal. In savoury soy sauce and chilli paste, it is stir-fried. This tasty meal is affordable to consume in local restaurants and street booths.
  • Laksa: This is slightly more expensive but is a flavorful, aromatic noodle soup that is a great treat for the palate. The two most well-known types are curry laksa and assam laksa, each featuring a special combination of flavours and ingredients. It frequently has prawns, poultry, tofu puffs, and fresh herbs as garnishes.

Getting A Singapore Visa For Indians

When you want to visit the amazing country of Singapore, you must first obtain a Singapore visa for Indians. As an Indian, you can apply for a Singapore visa online. The online application is not entirely a Singapore e-visa, but you can obtain a Singapore visa at certain online portals without leaving your house.
The easiest and quickest way of obtaining a visa is through an online portal such as Atlys. To apply online, you must complete the online application, provide the necessary documents, and pay the visa fees.
With Atlys, your Singapore visa application becomes as convenient as a Singapore evisa.

Happy Hour Savings

Singapore's reputation for being an expensive city can be managed by hitting happy hour deals. During certain hours, many bars and restaurants offer cheap drinks and appetisers. It's a fantastic way to enjoy the nightlife without breaking the bank.

Best View in Singapore

Singapore's urban skyline is a sight to behold, and it transforms into something truly magical after the sun sets. If you're in search of the best views that this remarkable city has to offer, you're in for a treat.
Visit the SkyPark, the famous Singapore Flyer, or Marina Bay Sands rooftop bar for the greatest views. The panoramic views of the city from these locations are absolutely breathtaking.

Stay Connected

Staying connected is crucial while exploring Singapore. Consider getting a local SIM card at the airport or in one of the city's many shops. This will allow you to stay connected for communication, navigation, and sharing your incredible experiences with loved ones back home.
Singapore also offers free Wi-Fi at various places. It is as easy as downloading the Wireless@SGx app and registering your phone number. There, you will be able to see where the free Wi-Fi areas are that you can use and these are the factors to consider while travelling Singapore.

Final Words

As we saw, there are some great tips for making travelling easier and getting your Singapore visa for Indians quickly and easily. Remember to use public transportation and to eat like the locals!
You now have all the information about why Singapore is such an amazing country and what you can do to make your travelling experience unforgettable.
Enjoy your magical journey to Singapore!
Government Resource:
To get some more information on the Singapore visa for Indians, you can visit the Singapore government website.
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