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Tom Hanks Warns Fans 'AI Version' Of Him In Dental Ad Without His Consent

Tom Hanks warns fans 'AI version' of him in dental ad without his permission. The Oscar-winning actor posted a picture of his AI-made lookalike on Instagram.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Oct 04, 2023746 Shares53280 Views
Tom Hanks warns fans 'AI version' of him in dental adwithout his permission. The Oscar-winning actor posted a picture of his AI-made lookalike on Instagram. He told his 9.5 million followers that it wasn't him in the clip and that he had nothing to do with the company or its promotional video. He stated that the picture going around is a fake that was made without his permission using AI technology.
The Oscar winner has been worried about the use of AI in movies and TV shows before, but he hasn't been afraid to say yes to digitally changed versions of himself in movies.

Tom Hanks Warns Fans 'AI Version' Of Him In Dental Ad

Tom Hanks wearing a dark gray coat
Tom Hanks wearing a dark gray coat
Hollywood star Tom Hanks said on Instagramon Sunday that he has "nothing to do with" an AI version of himself that is pushing "some dental plan."
Along with his warning, Hanks posted a picture of what looks like an AI version of his younger self. It's not clear if this was from the ad for the dental plan, though. The actor who won an Oscar wrote:
BEWARE!! There’s a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it.- Tom Hanks
Hanks has already talked about the rise of AI in the entertainment business and what it could mean for the future. Hanks talked about some of the ethical and legal problems that AI brings up on The Adam Buxton Podcastin May, especially when it comes to acts that go on after a person dies.
We saw this coming, we saw that there was going to be this ability to take zeros and ones from inside a computer and turn it into a face and a character. That has only grown a billion-fold since then and we see it everywhere,... Anybody can now recreate themselves at any age they are by way of AI or deepfake technology. I could be hit by a bus tomorrow and that's it, but performances can go on and on and on and on.- Tom Hanks
Outside the understanding of AI and deepfake, there'll be nothing to tell you that it's not me and me alone. And it's going to have some degree of lifelike quality. That's certainly an artistic challenge, but it's also a legal one.- Tom Hanks
Hanks knew that an AI version of himself would not be able to perform as well as he does now, but he wondered if people would really care.
Without a doubt people will be able to tell, but the question is, will they care? There are some people that won’t care, that won’t make that delineation.- Tom Hanks
During the two strikes in Hollywood this year, AI was a hot topic of conversation among the unions that represent writers and actors. Both groups wanted protections against AI technology using actors' likenesses without their consent or payment, as well as other rules and regulations about the practice.
The US writers' strike ended last week. One of the main worries was that AI could hurt the work of creatives if it wasn't kept in check. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television and the Writers Guild of America made a deal that limits how AI can be used in movies and TV shows.
But SAG-AFTRA, the union for Hollywood actors, is still on strike, so most shows can't start up again. The actors' strike started a few months after the writers' strike. Pay and worries about AI being used to make unapproved likenesses of actors were at the heart of the disagreement. There are hopes that the deal between the writers and the studios could help bring an end to the Hollywood performers' strike.
Tom Hanks will use a tool from Metaphysic to play younger versions of his character in Robert Zemeckis's new movie Here, which will come out next year. The AI company said that it can make "high-resolution photorealistic faceswaps and de-ageing effects on top of actors’ performances live and in real time without the need for further compositing or VFX work".

Final Words

With so much talk about the use of AI, which has been used to recreate and copy almost everything and everyone, Tom Hanks recently made a bold claim that brings up the subject of the unwarranted use of AI. Hanks says that a Dental Ad plan seen on social media is using an AI version of his face.
Hanks told his friends via his social media handle that he had "nothing to do with it." This is just one more example of how easy it is to copy people, especially stars whose voices and pictures are all over the internet and can be used for anything.
This also brings up the SAG-AFTRA strike, which is still going on. Actors are still on strike because big companies want to own their likenesses and use them however they want.
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