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Style Staples | 5 Timeless Shoes That Never Go Out Of Fashion


If you are an avid fashion enthusiast or can appreciate a well-made item then you will know that fashion certainly comes and goes with the generation and the times, but style is forever. Classic aesthetics have stood the test of time through all fads and viral sensations, and when it comes to shoes it is no different.

Too often people think that the men or women we see dressed from head-to-toe in simple attire gracing magazine covers or center folds look somewhat bland or mundane, and wearing something we have seen before but can’t quite place our finger on what it is. To an extent you are right, you may well have seen the timeless Oxford shoe or the everlasting Penny loafer that shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, and that’s because a classic style can always be worn to compliment any outfit.

In this blog post, we delve deeper into the top 5 curated forever classic styles and designs for men’s shoes that have shaped the way for the fashion industry, but which confidently hold their own. As the holiday season approaches with events and celebrations to attend, this guide will help you decide which shoe to fit for the occasion.

Forever Stylish Styles

We all have our own sense of style, and ensembles we feel look best when curated a specific way but to bring it all together you need a shoe that speaks to your personality and is appropriate for the occasion while complimenting and not distracting from the outfit. Yes, sure, it is a lot to ask from a humble pair of shoes, but if time has taught us anything, these styles are always up for the task.

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The top 5 timeless shoes that are a must-have in your wardrobe and which will always be your best go-to option when you aren’t sure are as follows;

The Oxford

Just hearing the name evokes a sense of “put-togetherness”. Oxford has for centuries been the top tier of social hierarchy place to be, and now fitting your dress code with a bespoke Oxford shoe will certainly keep you in good stead. The clean lines, tapered toe, and handcrafted finish will never let you down. Worn for formal occasions, this Italian leather footwear is the ultimate item of luxury, and even more so if you opt for a classic black or brown lowlight palette.

The Penny Loafer

We love this loafer because it can be worn both dressed up or down, it looks great in all colors and adds a touch of sophistication to a simple pair of chinos to a suit trouser. Classic, thick stitching is featured yet is not the star of the show, rather the sculpted aesthetic offers comfort and chic, all while letting you feel your best when you wear them. Pair them with a dark or light suit for a more dressed-up event, or roll up a chino cuff, opt for secret socks, and top the look off with a shirt and summer blazer.

Chelsea Boots

A popular, sought-after style across the globe, the Chelsea Boot is here to stay and is worn by men, women, and anyone who loves them as much as we do. Simple and elegant, it can be worn to the office to show you pride yourself in how you look, or even with a tailored suit for a wedding offering a formal, yet modern look. If there is one shoe you invest in, make it a great pair of handmade chelsea boots to elevate your look without the need to try.

Work Boots

We all know the iconic honeycomb work boot that took the world by storm and has stayed, which goes to show that even if you are at work on a construction site or doing physical work you can pull a manicured look together. This doesn’t go to say you should wear them for ‘every’ occasion although they are versatile. Their waterproof feature makes them highly popular, but they are the perfect option for staying safe while looking good.


I don’t think there is a person in the world who has not owned a pair of sneakers in their lifetime. And they will never let you down. These days there are thousands of brands and options to choose from and sneakers can be worn to every occasion from business meetings, to birthdays, to weddings. While we love a pop of color with a well-fitted suit, you can’t beat a classic, pure white sneaker with minimal branding and clean lines.

Find Your Style

There is no right or wrong way to wear a pair of shoes if it makes you feel good, and if they look great or are a particularly classic that others will appreciate you can never go wrong. It may take some trial and error to find your groove and shoe style, but if that means more shoes, then we’re all in.

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