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12 Tik Tok Fashion Trends to Inspire Your Next Look


There has always been a fashion influence from social media. Remember when Instagram was the go-to app for sharing style and daily outfits? So much that it impacted fashion, makeup, and brands.

However, TikTok has become an increasingly popular platform over Instagram for fashionistas and consumers alike as a source of inspiration. TikTok's ease of use has made it an excellent tool for marketing fashion brands and generating business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Do you want to look good and bolder in 2022 while slaying the trends but may not have the time to check or scroll through the latest fashion trends summed up from fashion magazines and runways? Do you want a stylish fashion look that is affordable and fashionable?

Thanks to platforms like TikTok, it is still possible to stay on top of fashion trends even if you're busy. Fashion enthusiasts and influencers flood our timelines with different outfits (suitable, best, worst), styles, and brands likely to trend.

Below is a collection of the best TikTok fashion trends that'll inspire your new next look. So, you won't run out of ideas.

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Crop Top

Crop top
Crop top

The trend is to show off the midsection and, of course, the belly button. You can radiate different styles with a crop top; or pair with shorts, sweats, jeans; what of mini skirts? It's just about fashionable. The crop top trend is still as strong as two years ago with influencers such as Arianna Billorsi's and Daisy Keech.



Well, Taylor Swift got a lot of her fans drooling when she rocked a lace version of a catsuit at the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Though almost the same as a jumpsuit, a catsuit is tighter in the skin. Catsuits are gaining popularity due to their versatility and the ease of pairing with any clothing or jewelry. In addition, influencers such as Drew Joiner and Hannah Grace Miller have showcased it in their TikTok fashion prediction video.



Welcome to a world where everyone owns a pair of sneakers. You can rock your sneakers any day, anytime. Sneakers add some classy and elegant appeal to almost anything you're wearing. Influencers are doing a good job maintaining this trend by rocking their stylish footwear. Consider getting a pair of Air Force 1 sneakers if you haven't yet.

Oversized Hoodies


There's always that badass; I don't care about aura with oversized sweatshirts and shorts. The more oversize your hoodie is, the better the statement. It could be a range of styles or just one. Keep the fashion statement aside; they're super comfy.

Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants
Wide leg pants

Well, who'd think baggy wide-leg pants would ever make a fashion statement? However, more than anything, fashion keeps evolving. Thus, we ditched the skinny tight jeans to embrace freer jeans. Also known as puddle pants, it gives a more laid-back comfy look. These pants go with just about any style. However, it's more prevalent in London, New York streets, and Paris.

Tiger print

Tiger print
Tiger print

Unsurprisingly, tiger prints are popping up on almost anything. Do you need a break from your waist-stretchy dresses or sweatshirts? Think tiger stripes prints. It goes well with anything, including overcoats, blouses, artsy corsets, denim, and so on.

Tiger print is undoubtedly a sustainable fashion trend that has been here for generations.

Knee-high Boots

Knee high boots
Knee high boots

Do you want to look elegant in boots? These knee-high boots are perfect for giving you that vintage yet a stylish look.

Do you know what's also great about this footwear? Not only can it match anything, but it also looks great on any occasion. You could make a bold statement at work, rocking your knee-high boots.

Mesh Tops

Mesh tops
Mesh tops

Since last year, this revealing garment has been in style, and it's likely to grow in popularity this year as well. Mesh tops are appropriately named the second-skin trend—That's not surprising since it's easily mistaken for a second layer of skin.

Several celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, etc., were seen rocking this top. Little wonder why it took the fashion trend with force.



Are you wondering what in the world is shacket? And why the fuss over it? Well, it's worth it.

A shacket, just as the name hints, is coined from two items— a jacket and a shirt. Oh, yeah, are you surprised? It is elegant clothing that combines your two preferred articles of clothing.

Fabrics like this are unique since it's similar to a jacket. It has pockets and can be worn separately as outerwear or under other clothing. Is that plain interesting?

Varieties of shackets with distinguishing details, fabrics, and finishes are popping on the fashion trend.

Many TikTok fashion lovers are still flaunting different styles of shackets. You may want to get yourself one for this spring.



Did you wonder if you read the word right? No kidding, you did.

Although feathers are not a new trend, they're storming the fashion industry this year.

Many tiktok fashion lovers can't seem to get enough feathers as they include feather trims every chance they get into their TikTok videos. Tiktok fashion lover Olivia Yang isn't left out. If your outfit lacks spice, you might consider adding fester trims.

Puffer Outfit

Puffer outfit
Puffer outfit

Are you wondering how to spice up things a little this winter and not look odd? Well, this outfit here will do just that. Puffer jackets and coats are stylish this winter.

Tiktoker Kendell Jenner set TikTok ablaze when she rocked a brown North Face puffer. Quickly the search for puffer outfits skyrocketed.

It's interesting to note that according to @pierrahh’s prediction video, puffer coats are expected not to trend alone but with their other siblings, which are puffer boots, bags, vests, etc., even after winter is long gone.

Matching Sweat Set

Sweat set
Sweat set

You can't go wrong with a matching swear shirt. It gives you a cool, stylish look while being comfortable. Nearly every TikToker has a favorite brand.

Do you know of any other tiktok fashion trends not listed here? Kindly tell us in the comment section.

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