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About $440,000 was donated in crypto to support the understanding of autism

About $440,000 was donated in crypto to support the understanding of autism

05/04/2021 08:48
Karan Emery

On April 30, a virtual event featuring Jimmy Kimmel and NASA engineer Mark Rober raised $3M in contributions to support the NEXT Foundation for autism and its communities in the US.

A number of well-known comedians, singers, such as Jon Stewart, Adam, Chris Rock, and Charlize Theron, participated in the event.

Additionally, Nexo took the idea of virtual currency donation channels into the modern age through its platform and funding channels, allowing viewers to contribute through a diverse variety of cryptocurrencies. The Graph, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ether (ETH), received donations in Dai (DAI).

Now that the live stream has finished, fans will donate to Nexo's charity via the non-crypto portal. The corporation is yet to have a full and final tally of crypto donations.

Despite the popular acclaim, the Color The Spectrum Campaign has been harshly criticized by a sizable portion of the autism population. They signed an open letter to a foundation to draw attention to their frustration over NEXT for AUTISM's inability to speak to autistic organizations directly. The controversy over NEXT's contributions to the CAB has remained at a high degree. For the above, the autistic culture condemns eugenics, arguing that it is unethical and should not be tried.

Instead of ignoring or dismissing the open letter's comments on his treatment of personal matters, he has shown willingness to participate in a conversation with the writers of the letter and their concerns, contributing to a discussion that has been termed by the authors as constructive. This group feels their needs have not been addressed by anyone of late. Similarly, autistic advocates have now posted a new hashtag called #FinanceTheSpectrum to bring attention to NEXT's silence on the pervasive low and jobless aspects of the autism spectrum.

The giving block has in the past collaborated with numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. Crypto organizations recently unveiled a campaign dubbed the “1% Pledge,” which asks for investors to make charitable donations for at least once a certain percentage of their assets each month.

Based on the capitalization of digital assets in late April, The Giving Block believes that the crypto industry will raise $20 billion for charity if everybody donated 1% of their holdings.

Karan Emery | I'm a research scientist interested in learning more about how neural activity influences and shapes human behavior. Project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, and the creation and implementation of testing tools are among my specialties. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and coming up with practical solutions to issues that are widely applicable. My colleagues would describe me as a driven, resourceful individual who maintains a positive, proactive attitude when faced with adversity. Currently, I’m seeking opportunities that will allow me to develop and promote technologies that benefit human health. Specific fields of interest include data analytics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.


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