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What Are The Best Tech For Audience Engagement In 2024?

Hosting successful events requires active audience engagement. Tech for audience engagement and interaction can enhance attendee satisfaction, foster learning, and ensure the event's success.

Tom Mohamed
Feb 09, 2024224 Shares5206 Views
Hosting successful events requires active audience engagement. Tech for audience engagementand interaction can enhance attendee satisfaction, foster learning, and ensure the event's success.
As life opens up, it's crucial to focus on audience engagement in live events and virtual and hybrid offerings. Developing ways to engage and increase participation can provide a missing connection for attendees.
Nowadays, audience participation software can be used to enable guests to interact with the event format, without the need for expensive hardware. Attendees already have the necessary technology in their phones and tablets, making it an affordable solution for event hosting.

What Is Audience Engagement Technology?

Whether it's an online event or a live one, businesses can use audience engagement technology to boost audience participation and interactions.
It simplifies event experiences like managing mobile polls and registrations and keeping tabs on social media questions and comments.
These tools can send personalized content automatically to a variety of channels, including email, the web, and push notifications.
These tools use AI and algorithms to collect data from customers in real-time, divide them into target audiences, and then provide them with content that is relevant to them in order to boost engagement.
Because it automates and enhances experiential marketing efforts, audience engagement technology is vital for increasing exposure, awareness, and income.
A woman is holding mobile phone in one hand while working on laptop with other hand.
A woman is holding mobile phone in one hand while working on laptop with other hand.

Live Streaming

Platforms like Blab and Meerkat have helped live streaming become a powerhouse in event engagement technology in recent years. This accessibility has triggered a polarized response from event experts. On the one hand, live streaming promises widespread reach, transforming every viewer into a potential future attendee.
On the flip side, the convenience of online access may deter potential ticket purchases, posing a conundrum for event organizers. Nevertheless, the current landscape suggests that the obscurity of an event live stream is highly improbable, contributing significantly to broad audience engagement. Platforms such as Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab are at the forefront of this live streaming revolution.
Enhancing live streaming experiences, Taggbox's Social Media Ticker for live stream sessions seamlessly integrates social media content, live updates, and user interactions into the video feed.
By aggregating and displaying content from diverse platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google reviews, this social media feed integration ensures a more engaging, interactive, and scalable live streaming event.

Gesture Control

The advent of gesture control technology, catapulted into prominence by Kinect, has revolutionized event engagement. Beyond its conventional applications, gesture control is now a pivotal tool for captivating audiences during presentations, sessions, trade shows, and sales pitches.
Its diverse applications make it a versatile and effective medium for fostering audience engagement at events.

Digital Swag Bags

In a bygone era, physical goodie bags were the go-to method for engaging event attendees. However, the allure of a bag filled with samples and visiting cards has waned in the digital age. Enter Digital Swag Bags—online gift tokens, virtual coupons, or goodies that recipients can redeem according to their preferences.
These widely accepted digital takeaways not only delight attendees but also give event organizers useful analytical insights. Companies like Virtual Event Bags, Event Baxx, and Zoliro are at the forefront, offering innovative digital swag bag solutions for the modern era of events.


With gamification, your event becomes more exciting and competitive. Make some themed quizzes, scavenger hunts, or challenges. Participation is open to both individuals and teams, with participants able to collect points and unlock milestones as they go.
Motivate participation and encourage healthy rivalry by offering incentives like awards, prizes, or a place on a scoreboard. Your event's attendance will be maintained through the use of gamification, which adds excitement and involvement.

Audience Interaction Tools

Presenters and panelists can engage their audiences more effectively by using audience engagement tools. Participants are able to voice their thoughts, ask questions, and offer comments in real-time with the use of these technologies.
A variety of tools are at your disposal for collecting audience feedback, including live polling applications, interactive audience response systems, and real-time feedback systems. Attendees are more invested in the event and its success as a whole when they are given opportunities to actively participate.


With Mentimeter, a voting app for mobile devices, you can display the results in real-time with charts and graphs. From wine tastings and art lessons to fitness classes and comedy nights, it's ideal for live, virtual, or hybrid events. No matter how big or small the event is, it can manage more than 30,000 votes each minute.
Questions and answers can be presented in a variety of formats inside the app, including multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scale, and word clouds. In addition, it's quite easy to brand it.


Presenters can use Glisser to share their slides with the audience's mobile devices in real time. Then, others in the audience may engage with those slides by liking, commenting, or sharing them on social media.
Participants also have the option to download the presentation slides for their own records or to share with coworkers in the workplace. Because of this, paper handouts won't be necessary, which is great for the environment and the convenience of the participants.


To set BuzzMaster apart from the competition, it includes "BuzzMasters," or actual humans, who monitor the audience's comments in real time. Expert event organizers or journalists make up the BuzzMasters, who sift through user comments and statistics to identify the most compelling tales submitted by your site's users.
They can also surprise the audience with thought-provoking questions that will keep the session on track and generate excitement. For gatherings like conferences or debates where lively discussion is desired, this might prove to be an invaluable tool.

Crowd Mics

With the Crowd Mics software, members of the audience may use their own smartphones as wireless microphones. Events with a forum format or those that often call for a roving microphone will find this feature very helpful.
The app and the ATOM box, which connects to the venue's wired network and audio system, function together. The moderator, meantime, manages the speakers with an iPad app. You may also use Crowd Mics to poll and provide comments.


Catchbox is a real microphone, not an app like the others on this list. This isn't just any microphone, though; it's the first wireless throwable microphone ever made.
You may just toss the Catchbox to the audience when you want their participation questions answered, instead of navigating the throng with a regular mic. Playing catch is a great way to get people moving and loose, and it also helps set a relaxed mood.


With QuickMobile, an audience may use their phones to vote, rate, or complete multiple-choice questions. In addition to pre-planning questions, presenters may also launch polls on the go, making for a more dynamic and engaging session and letting them adjust their delivery based on audience feedback. And because it's mobile-friendly, participants in person and online may join in with ease.


To simplify the choosing process for participants who may not be as tech-savvy, Angage provides them with individual voting keypads instead of asking them to use their phones for voting or multiple-choice questions.
People might answer questions with simple letter or number selections on the user-friendly keypads. It becomes much easier to collect opinions when the replies are shown in real time.


With Engagenow, you can make visually appealing surveys and quizzes that the audience can use to engage with the big screen while the show is going on.
In order to encourage discussion and bring people together, it may also be used to ask questions from the crowd or start a talk about the event. Panel discussions and other gatherings with debates might benefit from this.


Among the many features of the eventScribe mobile app is a private social networking site where attendees may communicate privately, express questions and comments, and more. The option for guests to access and annotate presentation slides is another intriguing feature.
After that, they may collaborate with others by sharing their notes. A wonderful approach to cultivate relationships between a live and virtual audience is through the app's social networking features, which allow players to interact and converse.


LoQuiz's integrated question library makes it easy to create a wide range of games and quizzes, which is a terrific way to captivate an audience. Custom treasure hunts with visual or textual clues may also be easily organized with its aid.
This program is perfect for events of any size since it employs GPS for outside placement and a particular hint system for inside question mapping. The assigned team leader manages it on a tablet.

FAQs - Tech For Audience Engagement

Innovations in technology have significantly impacted audience engagement strategies at events. Emerging trends include augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive displays, and AI-driven chatbots.

How Can Augmented Reality Be Leveraged For Audience Engagement In Events?

Augmented reality (AR) is revolutionizing audience experiences by overlaying digital content onto the real world. Event organizers can use AR to provide interactive maps, virtual product experiences, and engaging scavenger hunts for attendees.

What Role Does Virtual Reality Play In Creating Immersive Event Engagement?

Virtual reality (VR) offers a fully immersive experience for event attendees. From virtual event tours to interactive VR presentations, this technology opens up new possibilities for creating engaging and memorable experiences.

How Can Interactive Displays Enhance Audience Participation At Conferences?

Interactive displays, such as touchscreens and gesture-controlled screens, empower attendees to actively participate in presentations and discussions. These displays foster real-time engagement, making conferences more dynamic and interactive.

What Are The Benefits Of Incorporating AI-driven Chatbots For Audience Interaction?

AI-driven chatbots provide personalized and instant interactions with event attendees. From answering queries to guiding participants through the event schedule, these intelligent bots enhance engagement and contribute to a seamless event experience.

Final Words

Tech for audience engagement offers immersive experiences through augmented and virtual reality, interactive possibilities through gesture control and touchscreen displays, and AI-driven chatbots and digital swag bags.
These advancements demonstrate a shift towards personalized and analytical engagement, allowing event organizers to create dynamic and memorable experiences for diverse audiences. As technology integrates with human experiences, this future is promising.
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