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Tazman James - Rick James' Son

The late funk legend James Ambrose Johnson Jr., better known by his stage name Rick James, and Tanya Anne Hijazi, a 53-year-old costume designer and actress, had a son named Tazman James.

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The late funk legend James Ambrose Johnson Jr., better known by his stage name Rick James, and Tanya Anne Hijazi, a 53-year-old costume designer, and actress, had a son named Tazman James.
Despite being the sole child of his parents, Tyenza "Ty" James has three half-siblings, including Tazman. Trey Hardesty James and Rick James Jr. from his father's previous marriage. Tyenza and Rick are also children of his marriage with the late Syville Morgan, a singer-songwriter.

Quick Facts About Tazman James

Full NameTazman James
Date of BirthMay 1992
Popular asRick James youngest son

Early Life Of Tazman James

In May 1992, James Tazman was born in the US to Tanya Anne Hijazi, an actor and costume designer, and the late American singer-songwriter Rick James. He is 31 years old right now.
Famous child Tazman James had a unique upbringing that was firmly anchored in a musical and artistic household. Tazman had a tremendous creative inheritance from his parents, Tanha Hijazi and Rick James, when he was born.
His father was a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and record producer who was better known by his stage name, Rick James. With his iconic successes and the invention of his own blend of funk and soul, Rick James had an enduring impression on the music business.
Tanya Hijazi, Tazman's mother, is an outstanding performer and costume designer, which adds to the creative impact on his childhood. It's hardly surprising that Tazman has shown a penchant for creativity and expression from a young age when he has such gifted parents.
Tazman James, who is now unmarried, continues to embrace his creative heritage and forge his own path in life. While Tazman's parents have had significant success, fans are more interested in Tazman's personal path and achievements.
Ty James, Rick James Jr., and Trey Hardesty James, Tazman's brothers, all had the same upbringing. They are a close-knit family that surely creates a supportive and inspiring atmosphere for artists.
Tazman James' distinctive history and artistic pedigree provide a strong foundation for him to pursue his creative pursuits and establish himself as a successful personality as he continues to mature and develop as a person.

Biography Of His Famous Father

James Ambrose Johnson Jr. was his given name at birth, which occurred on February 1st, 1948 in Buffalo, New York. His mother, Mabel, was a dancer who later worked as a numbers runner, while his father, James, was an autoworker. The father left the family when James was only 10 years old, leaving behind a total of eight children.
Because of his mother's career, James was exposed to music and the arts at an early age and started playing music. James enrolled at Bennett High School and Orchard Park High School but ultimately left. He was exposed to narcotics in middle school and was arrested for burglary as a young adolescent, two vices from which he suffered from a young age.
James joined the US Navy at the age of 15, pretending to be older to escape being recruited after spending some time in and out of prison. He participated in neighborhood jazz ensembles in New York City during this period. He was told to deploy to Vietnam because he failed to attend his necessary Navy Reserves training sessions. Then, in 1964, James escaped to Toronto.
Tazman James At Funeral
Tazman James At Funeral

Career Of Tazman James

Tazman James has started a successful career that highlights his creativity and uniqueness. He has carved out his own route for himself in the realm of creativity, drawing inspiration from his famous parents. Tazman has a solid background in music and has developed his abilities as a singer-songwriter and musician by focusing his energy on creating catchy melodies and moving lyrics.
Tazman has explored his abilities as an actor and a visual artist in addition to his musical activities. He has been able to express himself in a variety of ways because to his flexibility and openness to trying new media, enthralling audiences with his originality and honesty.
Tazman has made a career out of his dedication to being loyal to his own creative vision and to not letting expectations or comparisons to his well-known parents limit him. He has established himself as a major power in his own right via his own achievements and creative activities.
Tazman James' career promises to be an enthralling adventure full of invention, self-expression, and a dedication to pushing limits as he continues to develop as an artist. He is in a position to have a significant effect on the creative scene thanks to his skill, enthusiasm, and distinctive artistic voice.

The Career Of His Father Rick James

James Ambrose Johnson Jr.'s son, Rick James, had a lengthy career that had a lasting impact on the music business. His odyssey started in the middle of the 1960s when he fled to Toronto in search of a new beginning.
He started The Mynah Birds there, a group that played soul, folk, and rock music. The band had talent, but they struggled to be successful because of legal concerns and disagreements with Motown.
James joined A&M Records and issued "My Mama," his first song under the name Rick James, in 1973. His solo career officially began with the release of his first album, "Come Get It!" in 1978. With the album's big songs "You and I" and "Mary Jane," James became a rising celebrity in the music industry. He attracted a devoted following because of his synthesis of several genres, such as funk, rock, and new wave, as well as his dynamic stage persona.
"Street Songs" (1981), one of James's most famous albums, propelled him to even greater popularity. Top-charting singles from the album, including "Super Freak" and "Give It to Me Baby," demonstrated his distinctive fusion of funk and rock with a punk edge. James's songs became known for both his outspoken persona and his spectacular live performances.
James has worked with many different musicians over his career and has created songs for groups like The Temptations and Eddie Murphy. Additionally, he started the Mary Jane Girls, a band that became successful thanks to singles like "In My House" and "Candy Man."
James, however, had professional setbacks due to his personal and legal issues. He fell out of favor in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but after making an appearance on Chappelle's Show in 2004, he recovered. His catchphrases, such as "I'm Rick James, bitch!" and "Cocaine is a hell of a drug," went viral and brought him back to the attention of old admirers.
Rick James tragically died in 2004 at the age of 56. His influence on music hasn't diminished despite the difficulties he had. Together with his colorful style and distinctive fusion of funk, rock, and soul, he established himself as a major character in popular music. Through his timeless classics and enthralling performances, Rick James continues to inspire and amuse audiences, and his legacy endures.
Tazman James Face Closeup
Tazman James Face Closeup

Personal Life Of Tazman James

Tazman James likes to keep his intimate affairs secret in order to put his artistic talent front and center. Little is known about his private life or regular activities in the public eye.
But it's clear that Tazman has a strong creative legacy thanks to his famous parents, Tanha Hijazi and Rick James. He probably had a big influence on his own artistic goals and aspirations growing up in such a creative atmosphere.
Tazman may have had a distinctive childhood surrounded by music, performance, and creative expression as a young child with famous parents. Despite the fame and success of his parents, Tazman seems to be more concerned with carving out a place for himself in the creative industry. His passion for his trade and drive to experiment with various creative media show his dedication to his own artistic path.

Married Life And Death Of His Father

Over the course of his life, James was involved in many committed partnerships. Tyenza and Rick Jr., two children he had with musician Syville Morgan, were born. From 1982 until 1984, he was romantically involved with actress Linda Blair. The two got pregnant, but Blair decided to undergo an abortion, which James detailed in his autobiography.
Tanya Hijazi was 17 years old when James first met her in 1989. They began dating in 1990, and in 1993, they gave birth to Tazman as a couple. Then, in 1996, they were hitched, and they split up in 2002. James had also continued to work closely with Teena Marie, with whom he had started a relationship in 1979, both professionally and sometimes romantically.
James had a lot of prominent pals as well, including Charlie Murphy and Eddie. Additionally, he was good friends with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Debbie Allen. James's reputation for drinking and leading a rough life worried many of his pals. His drug usage lasted into adulthood after starting in his adolescence.
His drug addiction resulted in both physical health issues and legal issues. For taking Frances Alley captive and abusing her for six days in 1991, James and his then-girlfriend Tanya were both charged with crimes.
He then came under fire for allegedly holding Mary Sauger captive for 20 hours while abusing her. James was found guilty of the two abduction offenses even though the allegation of torture was later dismissed. He was given a five-year jail term but was freed after serving only two.
At the age of 56, James' caregiver discovered him dead on August 6, 2004, at his Los Angeles residence. Although there were narcotics in his system, the autopsy revealed that none of them were at levels that would be fatal on their own. He reportedly passed away from pulmonary heart failure as a result of complications from several of his underlying illnesses.
Before James was laid to rest in Buffalo, New York, public viewing for admirers was conducted, followed by a private ceremony in Hollywood. The autobiography of James, "The Confessions of Rick James: Memoirs of a Super Freak," came out in 2007.

Some Interesting Facts About Tazman James

  • Tazman James is a well-known and talented youngster in the creative industry.
  • He is the child of Tanha Hijazi and Rick James, two notable figures in the music and performance world.
  • Tazman's father, Rick James, was a renowned multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and record producer.
  • His mother, Tanha Hijazi, is a fantastic performer and costume designer.
  • Tazman has siblings named Ty James, Rick James Jr., and Trey Hardesty James.
  • He has shown a passion for music, acting, and visual arts from a young age.
  • Tazman has worked as a singer-songwriter and musician, crafting captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics.
  • He has also ventured into acting and visual arts, showcasing his versatility and creative expression.
  • Tazman values his own artistic journey and strives to make a name for himself independently.
  • He keeps his personal life private, focusing on his artistic endeavors instead.
  • Tazman James is admired for his dedication, authenticity, and willingness to explore different creative mediums.
  • He is part of a close-knit family that fosters an environment of artistic inspiration and support.
  • Tazman's unique background and artistic lineage provide a solid foundation for his continued growth and success in the creative world.

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Net Worth Of Tazman James

The net worth of Tazman James is not available, but his father had a huge net worth of 20 million Us dollars.

People Also Ask

When Was Tazman James Born?

Tazman James was born in May 1992.

Who Are Tazman James' Parents?

Tazman James' parents are Tanya Anne Hijazi and Rick James.

What Was Rick James Known For?

Rick James was known as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.

What Was Tanya Hijazi's Profession?

Tanya Hijazi is an actor and costume designer.

Are Tazman James And His Siblings Close?

Yes, Tazman James and his siblings, Ty James, Rick James Jr., and Trey Hardesty James, share a close bond.


Tazman James is a gifted person whose exceptional childhood and creative heritage have influenced him. Tazman was raised in a musical, performing, and creative environment thanks to his famous parents Rick James and Tanya Hijazi. Tazman's creative development surely benefited from the influence careers of both his mother and father as actors and costume designers.
Despite continuing his parent's tradition, Tazman James is forging his own career in the arts by experimenting with several artistic forms and exhibiting his skills as a singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and visual artist. He emphasizes personal development and uniqueness and works hard to establish himself on his own.
Tazman has the basis and motivation to keep developing as an artist thanks to a close-knit family and a welcoming environment. Tazman James's particular background and artistic lineage will definitely play a big role in influencing his artistic endeavors and establishing his own legacy in the creative world as he grows and develops.
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