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Tammie McFarland - Standing Strong As The Wife Of Football Pro Booger McFarland

Tammie McFarland is the wife of Buger McFarland, who played football professionally in the past. Tammie McFarland has not yet made an appearance in any industry, but, as can be seen, she has been highly active in the past, supporting her husband in his many endeavors.

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Tammie McFarlandis the wife of Buger McFarland, who played football professionally in the past. Tammie McFarland has not yet made an appearance in any industry, but, as can be seen, she has been highly active in the past, supporting her husband in his many endeavors.
If you are a die-hard fan of football, then you probably remember that Booger played college football at Louisiana State University, was picked by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then went on to play for the Indianapolis Colts. If you are not a die-hard lover of football, then you probably don't remember any of that.
Additionally, the defensive lineman owns two rings from the Super Bowl, which he earned before suffering an injury that ended his career in 2007. As Tammie McFarland is the wife of a well-known personality, many people are interested in learning more about her; thus, in this article, we will examine her life story. This is because many people are curious to know more about her.

Quick Facts About Tammie Mcfarland

Real NameTammie McFarland
Nickname Tammie 
Birth29th of July, 1975
Net worth$1 million
SpouseBooger McFarland

Biography Of Tammie Mcfarland

The 29th of July, 1975, was the day that Tammie McFarland was born. This made her 45 years old in the year 2021, making her older than Booger by two years. Tammie McFarland accomplished a successful completion of their secondary schooling with Good Grades. After that, Tammie McFarland completed her graduation requirements and received a bachelor's degree from a state institution in the United States.
Tammie McFarland's maiden name is "Tammie Pickett". Her parents, Jimmy and Cherry Pickett gave birth to her. As of the year 2021, her father, Jimmy, was residing in DeSoto, Texas, but he was originally from Union Springs, Alabama. Tammie's mother, Cherry Pickett, was born and raised in Rayne, Louisiana, and attended Rayne High School until she graduated.
According to reports, both Jimmy and Cherry were thriving at the age of 70 when the story was told. The 29th of July was Tammie's and her father's birthday; therefore, they were born on the same day. Regarding her mother, she was born in November.
Anthony Mcfarland, Verdell Ellison, and Nancy Mcfarland are some of the other members of Tammie's family. Prior to the year 2021, Tammie called cities such as Odessa, Florida, Grand Prairie, Texas, and Dallas, Texas, home.

Personal Life Of Tammie Mcfarland

Tammie initially came into contact with Booger McFarland in 1999, when they were both guests at the wedding of Anthony Skinner, a former player for Louisiana State University.
It would seem that Booger participated in the party that his fellow athlete was having, and as fate would have it, Anthony's bride was Tammie's cousin. The rest, as they say, is history. Tammie and Booger were first acquainted with one another in 2008, and they did not get married until the following year.
Reportedly, several of Anthony's old teammates were present during their wedding, and the wedding speech was delivered by Reverend Phillips (of St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church). The reception took place later on at the Belo Mansion, which is located in Dallas, Texas. The couple has two children together; their daughter's name is Alexis, and their son's name is Jacob.
Booger McFarland Posing For CLick
Booger McFarland Posing For CLick

The Physical Appearance Of Tammie Mcfarland

Tammie McFarland, the doting wife of Buger McFarland, a former football player, is known for her unmistakable physical beauty, which is a direct result of the active lifestyle she leads and the commitment she makes to keep a healthy physique.
She projects an authoritative air despite her little stature, which only measures 5 feet and 8 inches in height. The measures of her physique, which are perfectly proportioned, match her height, which draws attention to her poise and grace.
Tammie's attractive figure, which she keeps in good shape by keeping her weight at 68 kg, contributes to her overall allure. Her toned body is a clear indication of her dedication to health and fitness, and it suggests that she follows a regimented approach to both her workouts and her diet.
Tammie's outward demeanor emanates self-assurance and vigor, which is a direct result of her active role in supporting and cheering on her husband in his many sporting activities. Tammie has not yet made her debut in any specific field; nevertheless, based on her physical qualities, it is clear that she has the ability to pursue a broad variety of career paths.
Her height, physical dimensions, and normal weight all add to her unique appearance and help her stand out regardless of the environment she's in. Tammie McFarland is an energetic and motivational person, and her outward appearance demonstrates that she is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out often.

Tammie Mcfarland's Husband's Early Life

Anthony Darelle "Booger" McFarland was the name given to Booger McFarland, husband of Tammie McFarland at his birth on December 18, 1977, in Winnsboro, Louisiana. At the time of his birth, he was known as Booger McFarland.
In addition to this, Nancey referred to him as such as a result of his inappropriate behavior. According to Booger, when his mother passed away in 2005, he was responsible for taking care of both of his younger siblings.
Both of them, in his opinion, had signs of mental illness. In addition, there is a paucity of information about the early years of Booger's existence. The former defensive lineman from Louisiana State University earned a degree in business management in 1999 and went on to have a successful career.
It was at the same institution that he started his career as a professional football player. College football was his sport, and he played for the LSU Tigers as a defensive lineman. During his time at LSU, he and his colleagues won a number of awards and titles, which contributed to his overall success.
In addition, with Booger's assistance, the Tigers were victorious in the Independence Bowl in 1995, the Peach Bowl in 1996, and the Independence Bowl in 1997. In addition to this, McFarland was recognized as the most valuable player on defense for the SEC in the 1996 Peach Bowl. Despite this, they did not always emerge triumphant. In 1998, the Tigers had a fantastic autumn season.
In spite of this, McFarland was selected to serve as co-captain of the team during the last year of his undergraduate career. In addition, in 1999, he participated in the Senior Bowl before graduating from high school.
Tammie Mcfarland And Family Taking Selfie
Tammie Mcfarland And Family Taking Selfie

The Career Of Tammie Mcfarland Husband

Darelle was a star performer at the 1999 Senior Bowl, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him in the first round of the draft. After spending the previous eight seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Booger was taken by the Indianapolis Colts in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft on October 17, 2006.
The Colts had a terrible record when it came to defending against the run. As a direct consequence of this, the Colts' defensive performance improved when McFarland joined the team. On November 10, when the Colts played the Buffalo Bills, he earned his first career sack for the team.
Booger was presented with his second championship ring when the Indianapolis Colts came out on top in the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears. McFarland played in 109 games throughout his NFL career, recording a total of 170 tackles and 22.5 sacks. Despite his lack of notoriety, McFarland was a productive player.
He participated in 80 games and ended up winning Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002 after recording 305 tackles. The exceptional defensive lineman was forced to call it quits as a professional defensive tackle after suffering a knee injury during the off-season training camp. The injury occurred during the previous season.

Tammie Mcfarland's Husband's Broadcasting Career

The news that Booger would no longer be playing football was very upsetting. On the other hand, he did not seem to be willing to give up football. After hanging up his defensive cleats, the former defensive champion started a new chapter in his life by becoming a co-host on the CBS Radio Network with Marc Ryan.
Following the conclusion of his run on the CBS broadcast in 2014, he began working as a football commentator for the SEC Network. In addition to that, he appeared on ESPN's "Mike and Mike" every morning as a guest commentator.
In addition, ESPN tried out broadcasting from McFarland's portable commentary booth, which they dubbed the "Booger Mobile." Commentators for the program included, without a doubt, Jason Witten, Joe Tessitore, and Booger.
On the other hand, Booger Mobile was only able to endure for one season before the criticism began to grow. It was impossible for spectators sitting in the front row of a field to see the game.
Nevertheless, Booger continued to transmit even after Booger Mobile was no longer in operation. During his time as an employee of ESPN's "Monday Night Football," he spent a year providing analysis from the sidelines and acting as a consultant. Booger and Joe Tessitore were recently replaced on "Monday Night Football" with two new players as a result of a decision made by ESPN.
In addition, a significant number of Booger's followers admired him due to the fact that he was responsible for establishing the vibe of the program. He made a comedy out of the situation by asserting what was already clear.
During the broadcast, he made a couple of embarrassing mistakes in which he confused one squad with the other. Some individuals held a grudge against him for the same reason that others did, and they made fun of him because of it. There are literally hundreds of memes related to Booger's broadcasts that can be discovered on the internet.
It is anticipated that Tessitore will return to the sport of college football, while it is anticipated that Booger will play a significant part in the studio production of the NFL Network. To set the record straight, Booger McFarland is an up-and-coming professional football player.

Interesting Facts About Tammie Mcfarland

  • Tammie McFarland's birthday is July 29, 1975, which means that she will be 45 years old in the year 2021.
  • She received a bachelor's degree from a public university in the United States and completed her education there.
  • Tammie's maiden name is Tammie Pickett.
  • Jimmy Pickett and Cherry Pickett are her biological parents.
  • Her mother, Cherry, is from Rayne, Louisiana, while her father, Jimmy, is from Union Springs, Alabama. Both of their grandparents were born in the United States.
  • Anthony McFarland, Verdell Ellison, and Nancy McFarland are the names of her other three family members in addition to herself.
  • Before the year 2021, Tammie called places like Odessa, Florida; Grand Prairie, Texas; and Dallas, Texas, home.
  • The first time Tammie and Booger McFarland crossed paths was in 1999 at a wedding, when they were both in attendance as guests.
  • Booger was there as a fellow athlete, and the bride-to-be was Tammie's cousin. Booger was invited to the wedding.

The Net Worth Of Tammie Mcfarland

Tammie McFarland had a net worth of more than one million dollars. Tammie wanted to make an honest living, despite the fact that being the wife of the man who won two Super Bowl rings would have been plenty for her financial needs. As a consequence of this, she started working at Ani Hone Health Agency as the office manager.

People Also Ask

When Did Tammie Mcfarland First Make Her Appearance?

The 29th of July, 1975, was the day that Tammie McFarland was born.

What Is Her Maiden Name?

Her maiden name is Tammie Pickett.

Who Are Her Mother And Father?

Jimmy Pickett and Cherry Pickett are her biological parents.

How Many Kids Does She Have?

She is the mother of two, and her children's names are Alexis and Jacob.

When Did Tammie And Booger Mcfarland Get Married?

They exchanged wedding vows in 2009.

Where Exactly Did They Have The Reception For Their Wedding?

The Belo Mansion in Dallas, Texas, played host to the wedding celebration for the happy couple.


Tammie McFarland, the wife of Booger McFarland, a former football player, is a person who is supportive and active, and she has played a key role in boosting her husband's career. Booger McFarland played football. Her parents, Jimmy and Cherry Pickett have been key figures in her life throughout her whole existence.
Tammie and Booger first met at a wedding in 1999, and they ultimately tied the knot in 2009 with all of their family and friends present. Alexis and Jacob are the couple's two offspring from their union.
The biography of Tammie McFarland shows her successes in school as well as her commitment to her family and the supporting role she plays as a wife. We wish Tammie McFarland the best of luck in her personal life and as well as professional life.
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