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Deadly Suicide Bombing Target Afghan Foreign Ministry In Kabul


Police chief Khalid Zadran in Kabul has confirmed that suicide bombing in Kabul on the road outside the Afghan foreign ministry, killed five people and injured many more on Wednesday.

The Islamic Emirate condemns such an aimless and cowardly attack on Muslims. The perpetrators will be found and punished for their evil deeds.

- Khalid Zadran, Kabul Police Chief

More than forty patients were treated at Emergency NGO's surgical clinic in Kabul. Director of Emergency operations in Afghanistan Stefano Sozza said that the number of casualties was rising as the situation deteriorated.

The death toll is still rising. This is the first mass casualty in 2023, but certainly one of those with the most patients since the beginning of 2022. So much so, that we have also set up beds in the kitchens and canteen.

- Khalid Zadran, Kabul Police Chief

How Did The Attack Occur?

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/suicide-bombing-in-kabul/ by Kenzo Norman on 2023-01-13T01:34:50.262Z

A suicide bomber allegedly attempted to infiltrate the ministry building at about 16:00 local time (11:30 GMT), according to the Taliban.

I saw the man blowing himself up.

- Jamshed Karimi, A driver who was waiting outside the ministry

Mr. Karimi said to AFP that he had seen a guy carrying a suitcase and carrying a gun over his shoulder as he passed. After he drove past his vehicle, there was a loud bang.

No major structural damage was seen on the outside of the structure. The explosion also smashed windows at the Interior Ministry, which was adjacent.

However, the Italian Emergency NGO reported they had received more than 40 injured persons and that the death toll was still rising. Police in Kabul released a statement calling the incident "cowardly" and promising justice for its perpetrators.

On Telegram, Isis-K claimed at least 20 people had been killed in the explosion. There was also an unsubstantiated accusation that "many 'diplomatic' staffers" were killed.

Afghanistan: Bomb blast near Foreign Ministry in Kabul several people

Who Is Behind The Attack?

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but the Islamic State's Khorasan Province offshoot has ramped up attacks since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021. Patrols of the Taliban and the Shiite minority in the nation have both been hit.

According to Dawn, IS terrorists have launched an insurgency against the Taliban-led government, attacking foreigners at the Russian and Pakistani embassies as well as a hotel catering to Chinese businesspeople.

Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan who now resides in close proximity to the ministry, has denounced the bombing as an "act of terrorism, a crime against humanity, and an act against all human and Islamic principles."

According to previous accounts, the foreign ministry building was where the Chinese team was supposed to meet with their Afghan counterparts. There were no foreigners present, according to a senior official in the prime minister's office, who spoke to AFP.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for China's foreign ministry, responded to questions about the incident by saying China "strongly opposes" it and expressing optimism that the Afghan government will be able to safeguard the safety of its residents.

Security Situation In Afghanistan

ISIL (ISIS) has taken credit for the fatal suicide bombing, a statement from the group's Amaq news agency announced on a related Telegram channel late Wednesday.

Despite the Taliban's assertions that security has improved since they retook control in a coup in 2021, dozens more bombings and other assaults have taken place, with the local branch of ISIL taking credit for many of them.

Last month, at least five Chinese citizens were wounded when armed men assaulted a guesthouse in Kabul frequented by Chinese businesspeople.

ISIL claimed responsibility for both this assault and the December attack on the Pakistani embassy in Kabul, which Islamabad condemned as an "assassination attempt" on the life of their ambassador.

During the month of October of last year, an assault on a mosque located on the premises of the Interior Ministry in Kabul resulted in the deaths of four individuals and the injuries of twenty-five more.

In September, the ISIL-affiliated ISKP claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing outside the Russian consulate, killing two diplomatic employees (ISIS-K).

Since the Taliban reclaimed control in Afghanistan, hundreds of individuals, including members of the country's minority populations, have been murdered or injured in a variety of horrific atrocities.

After President Ashraf Ghani left the country and his government fell apart in August 2021, the Taliban quickly gained control of Afghanistan, surprising the world with the ease with which they did it. However, the international community has not officially recognized the administration of the Taliban.

Final Words

Police in Kabul released a statement calling the incident "cowardly" and promising justice for its perpetrators. Since the Taliban took over last year, the country of Afghanistan has been shaken by dozens of explosions, most of which have been blamed on Isis-K.

The Taliban have been seeking to entice investment from neighboring nations, but in recent months a series of assaults have targeted foreigners or international businesses.

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