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Smart Clutter-Busting Solutions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Many homes have too much clutter. Families collect things over time and just keep them in closets, dresser drawers, garages, basements, and too often in rooms that are being used.

Jaya Mckeown
Dec 08, 20227 Shares486 Views
Many homes have too much clutter. Families collect things over time and just keep them in closets, dresser drawers, garages, basements, and too often in rooms that are being used. This clutter piles up to the point it interferes with living a calm, relaxed life. That clutter makes it hard to clean and organize the home. But, what can people do to eliminate the clutter but still keep what is important to them?

Renting Storage Units

Some families go through all their belongings and throw some of them away, donate some, and then rent storage unitsto deal with the rest of the things that are not being used but the family is not ready to part with. If the homeowner has the money available, renting a storage unit is a good solution on a temporary basis. There are storage facilities with units to rent and mobile storage units that can be delivered to the home. The Pink storage company then stores the unit until the customer needs it delivered to empty.
In Cardif, UK, and surrounding areas, people can rent storage units in several sizes and pay by the week with no long-term commitments or contracts. The mobile storage units are 8-foot by 8-foot. The on-site storage units come in several sizes. It is important to rent the correct size for the items to be stored. Choose a site that is convenient to get to and is secured using CCTV monitoring and locks with pin code access that make sure the belongings are safe.
There are good times to rent storage units rather than getting rid of all extra belongings in one fell swoop.
  • The home is undergoing a big renovation, and furniture and belongings need to be stored during the project.
  • A college student with a dorm room is coming home for the summer and needs to store dorm furniture until the next term.
  • The family home is sold and closing before the new home closing will take place. Everything needs to be stored during the gap time.
  • A relative dies and their belongings need to be stored while being sorted so the home can be vacated.
  • A family needs to declutter but does not have time to go through everything at once. A storage unit frees up the house and gives family members time to sort out the extra belongings.
  • A family is going overseas for work or an extended trip and is vacating their current home. A new home will be purchased or rented when they return. Belongings need to be stored safely.
  • A family is downsizing to a smaller home and needs to store excess furniture and belongings until they decide what can be used in the new, smaller home.
  • A person has started an online business or other business and needs storage for products until the business makes enough money to rent a warehouse or office space.
Once the storage unit is rented and in use, it will alsoneed to be organized and declutteredto make the best use of the unit.

Decluttering the Home

The home needs to be decluttered every so often, but it can be a demoralizing, boring job. It can seem overwhelming too. Decluttering a home can be broken down into manageable steps starting with one cluttered spot at a time, walking around one or more rooms with a garbage bag in hand getting rid of obvious junk, and going through paper clutter in desks and file cabinets. Take an afternoon to go through the closet getting rid of all clothing that no longer fits or isn't worn. Each small decluttering step will feel good and inspire more decluttering.
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