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Are You Interested In Knowing About Simon Guobadia's Age, Career, Qualifications, Films, And Net Worth?

Are You Interested In Knowing About Simon Guobadia's Age, Career, Qualifications, Films, And Net Worth?

Simon Guobadia is a filmmaker, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of the wholesalers' sector, SIMCOL Petroleum, a 56-year-old film maker and entrepreneur.

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Last updated: Jan 07, 2022 | Dec 26, 2021

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Simon Guobadia is a filmmaker, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of the wholesalers' sector, SIMCOL Petroleum, a 56-year-old film maker and entrepreneur. In addition to his present job with SIMCOL Group, he is the CEO of KLC Petroleum Transport, LLC and Simcol Petroleum Limited Company, LLC. However, how lucrative are all of those job titles?At the end of season 13, he was presented as Falynn's spouse on "Real Housewives of Atlanta." However, when production was over, Simon and Falynn broke up.

Simon Guobadia Qualifications

Simon Goubadia was born on June 2, 1964 in Nigeria but now he is living in Georgia, USA. He is 57 years old at this time. He completed his primary education in Nigeria. Then he went to Loyola College in Ibadan, Nigeria for further studies. Goubadia grabbed his BBA degree from The University of the District of Columbia.

simon guobadia Ex Wife

Simon Guobadia Career

Before starting his own business, Guobadia worked as a tax manager for the management consulting firm Deloitte in Atlanta, Georgia. From August 2004 until December 2006, he worked there for about two and a half years. SIMCOL Group is a family-owned company that was founded by Simon Guobadia and began operations in January 2007.

Many legal businesses are housed there, including petroleum wholesalers and logistics, multimedia enterprises, hotels, and finance. Guobadia is the company's CEO and a first-generation owner. SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, is a gasoline provider.

The company is principally engaged in ULSD (ultra low sulphur diesel) and other forms of fuel supply and distribution. According to the company's profile, Guobadia has grown SIMCOL Petroleum's customer base from primarily day deals to big fixed-price contracts. According to the company's website, Guobadia has reproduced his knowledge base and discipline into other humanitarian and commercial projects, as a business owner with over a decade of fuel industry expertise.

Simon Guobadia Films

Son Of The South (2020), Kill (2019), Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theatre (2013), and Jail Dogs (2012) are among the films Guobadia has produced.

Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Despite his secrecy regarding his assets and new business operations, Simon Guobadia net worth is expected to be about $40 million by 2022. This money comes from the shares of his three oil companies, as well as the restaurants he owns. He also enjoys the finer things in life and owns a private jet.

He also has a magnificent home, estimated to be valued over $4 million, among other things. Ferraris and Rolls-Royces, for example, are among the beauties in his garage. He also works as an investor and gets a good living from it. His filmmaking endeavours also bring in a sizable sum of money. His current net worth represents the whole of his investments and business ventures. And, because his company is growing at a rapid pace, his overall net worth will only increase in the near future.

Simon Guobadia Marriages

Simon is most known for his portrayal as Falynn's ex-husband on Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In 2019, the couple married, and on April 22, 2021, they announced their divorce. Simon began dating Falynn's friend Porsha Williams shortly after the couple announced their breakup.

Simon and Falynn had a blended family of eight children between them, since they each had children from prior relationships. Despite some contradictory information available on the web, it appears that Simon is the biological father of five of the eight children: Quentin, Nicole, Christian, Benjamin, and Ximena. Simon's youngest kid, Ximena, is eight years old, while his oldest, Quentin, is twenty-five years old. Simon and Falynn announced their divorce on April 22, 2021. However, he reportedly filed for divorce in January.

Simon reportedly had two more wives previously. He had got separated from both of them before getting married to Falynn. Porsha and Simon's engagement has sparked considerable controversy on the internet, but one thing is certain: they're in love and looking forward to starting a family.

How Is Simon Guobadia Rich?

In addition to running major corporations, he works in the entertainment industry. According to his IMDb, Guobadia produced the documentary short "Jail Dogs," the television special "Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theatre," the short film "Kill," and, most recently, the film "Son of the South."

What Does Simon Guobadia Do?

Simon is a 56-year-old film producer and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of wholesalers industry SIMCOL Petroleum. He was introduced on RHOA at the end of season 13 as Falynn's husband.

Who Is Simon Guobadia Ex Wife?

Actress and model Falynn Pina is the ex wife of Simon Guobadia.


Simon Guobadia is a filmmaker, businessman, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of SIMCOL Petroleum, a wholesaler. Simon's life and career are great right now. We can only hope he'll be able to do more in the future and continue to be an inspiration to everyone his age and also the younger generation who looks up to her.

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