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Title IX Investigations: Should Accused Students Hire A Title IX Lawyer?


If you are facing sexual assault allegations at a college or university that the federal government is funding, you will be investigated under Title IX. Thus, apart from facing a possible criminal case, you could face discipline from your school. A nationwide Title IX defense lawyer can explain what you can expect and how to protect your legal rights.

What to Expect from a Title IX Investigation?

Students from colleges or universities accused of sexual assault will face an investigation. This investigation may include an interview with the accused and the accuser, questioning of witnesses, as well as a review of the accused’s discipline records and law enforcement investigation documents. It is aimed at determining the validity of the alleged sexual assault, the actions the school will take if the incident took place, and the steps it takes to prevent it from happening again. A student found guilty of the allegation may be suspended or expelled from the school.

Title IX Investigations vs Criminal Investigations

A Title IX investigation is not a criminal proceeding. Colleges and universities do not have to abide by strict procedures followed by criminal courts. They just have to provide the accused student with due process. Thus, the school must notify the student of the accusation against them and give them the chance to respond to it. A Title IX investigation usually includes a hearing meant to determine whether the incident happened. Although the school has flexibility in the way it structures the investigation process, it should offer the accused student and the accuser the same Title IX rights.

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Often, schools can start a Title IX investigation without waiting for the outcome of a criminal investigation. Criminal and Title IX investigations are carried out independently and can happen at the same time. But, Title IX investigations by schools should not interfere with criminal investigations carried out by law enforcement.

Should the Accused Hire a Title IX Lawyer?

Those who are subject to a Title IX investigation can face serious and far-reaching consequences. Their education and future can be affected. This is the reason they must consult with a skilled Title IX lawyer right away.

A great lawyer who is handling Title IX cases for years knows how to protect the accused’s rights during a school investigation. They will help them exercise their rights and navigate the investigation process. They make sure the student won’t be taken advantage of throughout the process.

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