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Senate Confirms Top Military Nominees, Ending Tuberville's 11-Month Hold

In a late-night session on Tuesday, the Senate confirms top military nominees, ending Tuberville's 11-month hold over senior promotions.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Dec 20, 202338 Shares19182 Views
In a late-night session on Tuesday, the Senate confirms top military nominees, ending Tuberville's 11-month holdover senior promotions.
Majority Leader Chuck Schumer secured a deal to confirm all 11 nominees for four-star positions by a voice vote, resolving a standoff that lasted for 11 months.
No changes to the Pentagon's policy on abortion travel have been made by the administration; hence, the blockage remains in place.

Tuberville's Unprecedented Blockade

Tuberville, an Alabama Republican, initiated the blockade in February, objecting to the Pentagon's policy of reimbursing travel costs for troops seeking abortions.
This uncommon tactic drew criticism from both parties, with fellow Republicans expressing concerns about its impact on military readiness and families.
At its peak, the impasse affected over 400 general and flag officers, causing disruptions in routine confirmations.
After pressure from within his party, Tuberville dropped his hold on most promotions earlier this month, allowing hundreds of confirmations.
However, he persisted in stalling the confirmation of four-star officers, making it a crucial piece of unfinished business.

Schumer's Pledge And A Smooth Confirmation

On Tuesday, Schumer assured that all officers would be confirmed before the Senate adjourns for the year.
These 11 flag officers have now been approved, joining the rest of their colleagues who we approved a few weeks ago. That’s good news.- Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
The deal struck on Tuesday evening bypassed the need for multiple votes on each nominee, concluding Tuberville's attempt to force individual votes.
Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), a prominent figure in the Republican pressure campaign against Tuberville, claimed he flew back from Alaska to vote for his confirmation.
Everybody recognizes that you don’t want to hold those guys over the holidays. Everybody knows it’s really important in terms of national security. Look at those four stars. They are really important positions.- Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska)
Tuberville's failure to secure any clear victory after employing this unprecedented tactic was deemed by many to be an unsuccessful strategy.
I think it’s not a winning tactic. I think it’s put quite a lot of men and women in uniform in a very difficult situation and made their lives difficult for many months. It should not have happened.- Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.)
Critics argued that it had put military personnel in a difficult situation for months and disrupted the normal functioning of the confirmation process.

Key Positions Filled

The 11 generals and admirals confirmed include appointments to lead top military commands and occupy senior posts in their respective services.
Key appointments include combatant commanders, service second-ranking officers, and leaders for major four-star posts.
While Tuberville retains his hold on civilian Pentagon nominees, including Ronald Keohane, nominated for assistant secretary for manpower and reserve affairs, the conclusion of the military nomination standoff leaves him with fewer opportunities to continue the blockade.
The Senate's confirmation of top military nominees brings an end to Tuberville's 11-month hold, resolving a significant point of contention in the confirmation process.

Final Words

The Senate has successfully concluded the confirmation of nearly a dozen top military nominees, ending Senator Tommy Tuberville's 11-month blockade over senior promotions.
Majority Leader Chuck Schumer secured a deal for their confirmation, putting an end to Tuberville's controversial tactic.
Despite criticisms, the move brings closure to a prolonged standoff and ensures key military positions are filled, while Tuberville retains his hold on civilian Pentagon nominees.
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