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SafeOpt’s Guide To One-to-One Marketing

Did you know that increasing personalization in your marketing can increase overall consumer spending by up to 500%? Let’s go over how you better personalize your channels with one-to-one marketing.

Alberto Thompson
Dec 09, 20221 Shares549 Views
Did you know that increasing personalization in your marketing can increase overall consumer spending by up to 500%? Let’s go over how you better personalize your channels with one-to-one marketing.

What is one-to-one marketing?

One-to-one marketing is a personalized approach to marketing that focuses on building individual relationships with customers. This is sometimes also called “relationship marketing” and this method of marketing uses technology and data to deliver targeted messages to customers based on their unique preferences, interests, and behaviors.
One-to-one marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it is more targeted and personalized. Instead of sending the same message to a large group of people, one-to-one digital marketing allows businesses to tailor their messages to the specific needs and interests of each individual customer.
You can see one-to-one marketing through digital channels like:
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Social media marketing
  • Website personalization
  • And other digital channels.

What are the benefits of one-to-one marketing?

One of the key benefits of one-to-one digital marketing is it allows businesses to reach customers where they are with personalized messages. By utilizing digital channels such as email, social media, and mobile apps, businesses can reach customers directly and deliver personalized messages that are relevant and timely.
Just think about the ads you’ve seen in your own life: the ones that feel like they’re made just for you resonate more than the mass-market ones. People want to feel special and one-to-one marketing can help with that — 91% of people are more likely to shopwith brands that provide relevant recommendations and offers.
While we mostly talk about one-to-one marketing with digital channels, you can see this all over the place. Coca-Cola has had a viral hit by putting popular first names on its soda bottles (and you can even order your own personalized version). It’s just another example of how personalized marketing can pay off.
Another advantage of one-to-one digital marketing is that it is highly measurable. Unlike traditional marketing methods, which can be difficult to track, digital marketing allows businesses to collect data on customer interactions and behaviors. This data can be used to improve marketing strategies and target messages more effectively.
One-to-one digital marketing can also be cost-effective. Because it is targeted and personalized, your ecommerce business can reach the right customers with the right message at the right time, resulting in a higher return on investment.

How to get ready with one-to-one marketing

In order to do one-to-one marketing, you need to know about your individual customers. Ideally, this includes as much data as possible like:
  • Their name
  • Their email address
  • Purchasing history
  • Browsing history
  • Other shopping preferences like device usage.
A lot of this data should be relatively simple to pull from existing sources like Google Analytics or your ecommerce platform. You should try to augment this though with additional data. A one-time survey of your customers can add valuable information that can be incorporated into your some of your one-to-one marketing efforts:

Social media

Use this data to tailor your social media advertising in a one-to-one manner. Facebook in particular has great segmentation capabilities where you can target customers based on granular data like location, age, interests, gender and more.

Your website

Depending on which ecommerce platform you’re using, you can personalize the website experience for repeat visitors. This can include things like showcasing products similar to what they’ve previously purchased or offering individualized discounts based on their browsing history.

Email marketing

At the bare minimum, you should be segmenting your email marketing lists to deliver different messages that align to what you know about those shoppers. This segmentation could be as granular as product categories or as high-level as whether or not these shoppers are likely to use discount codes. All major email marketing platforms provide this segmentation capability but be aware of innovative services like SafeOptwhich let you expand your one-to-one email capabilities.

Using SafeOpt for one-to-one marketing

SafeOptis a powerful one-to-one marketing tool that has helped ecommerce businesses recover more than $100 million in lost revenue. It empowers brands of all sizes to send personalized and compliant email messages to shoppers who abandon their carts, even if their email isn’t in your database.
Shoppers sign up directly with SafeOpt (or its publishing partners) to receive verified offers from their favorite brands. When they shop on a website like yours and abandon their carts, SafeOpt lets the brand send them a personalized promotional email. It’s a win-win: the shopper often gets a discount on an item they were interested in and the brand wins back a sale it would have lost.
Some additional benefits of adding SafeOpt to your one-to-one marketing efforts:
  • It doesn’t replace any of your internal marketing systems. It’s supplemental to all your current digital marketing efforts.
  • It works on a Cost Per Acquisition model, which guarantees a strong ROI because you’re only paying for transactions generated from SafeOpt emails.
  • SafeOpt has proven to be successful for virtually every industry.

Boosting sales with one-to-one marketing

Your ecommerce sales will rise when you stop sending generic messages to your shoppers and start sending personalized, one-to-one marketing messages. To get there, you need to make sure you’re capturing the right data and open to using tools like SafeOpt.
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