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The Top 3 Most Popular Round Air Hockey Table Models To Purchase


There is one significant disadvantage to a typical air hockey table, and that is that you have to wait your time to play if more than two players choose to participate in a game. This can be a significant disadvantage for large families. Round air hockey tables easily address this issue and offer many of the same benefits as regular air hockey tables, if not all of them.

If you're unsure which table to purchase, the following factors will help you restrict your options.

A Guide To Buying The Perfect Round Air Hockey Table


The primary consideration is whether you have sufficient space for the table of your choice. Always check the measurements before you buy something to make sure it will fit in your game room or at home.

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MDF is an advantageous material for air hockey tables. Some offer glow-in-the-dark pucks for nighttime play. Consider the game types available, as well as convenience features such as adjustable leg levelers that provide a precise, error-free game.


While some air hockey tables are battery operated, the majority require an electrical wire to operate. Corded air hockey tables provide a higher level of puck adhesion to their surface, providing a more realistic gaming experience. Choose a corded model unless you intend to play air hockey in an area without electricity.


Air hockey tables are typically relatively expensive, with some being quite costly. If you are on a budget, check the price tag first!


Previous customers frequently provide feedback and reviews that can provide insight into their experience. Check things out before making a purchase, and make a secure purchase that your future self will appreciate.

The Best Round Air Hockey Tables

Let’s discuss the top leading models of round air hockey tables on the market.

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table that looks like an old fashioned poker table
MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table that looks like an old fashioned poker table

The MD Sports four-player air hockey table resembles an antique poker table, which it is, as it also functions as an eight-person poker table. The table is equipped with a cover that allows it to be converted from an air hockey table to a poker table. It features a non-slip bottom, which is required for the casino-style card game that adults will enjoy during downtime.

More crucially, the air hockey table includes a high-powered blower system that makes it simple to propel the puck across the 3/16-inch thick playing surface.

The integrated electronic scorer is precise and includes sound effects, providing a comprehensive arcade experience for players of all ages. Another critical component of any air hockey table is its sturdiness, as it will hold the majority of the players' weight, which is even more critical when four players are playing at once rather than two. This MD Sports table features a large base and full leg panels, which contribute to its longevity and stability during intense gameplay.

Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey Game

Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey Game table in gray, white, and black color
Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey Game table in gray, white, and black color

If you dislike air hockey tables with a cluttered and loud design filled with brilliant colors and vibrant lights, you will adore the Orbit Eliminator by American Heritage Billiards. This table has an attractive modern style that will flow seamlessly into your house without standing out.

This four-player table measures 55 inches long by 55 inches wide and 31 inches tall, requiring ample floor space. Two goal blockers, four strikers, and four pucks are included. This model is top of the line due to the 120V blower system and grain laminate finish. Additionally, it includes a one-year warranty, which is uncommon for products in this price category. However, the table is not wholly depressing; it includes an LED scorer and goals that illuminate when a goal is scored.

BOWERY HILL 4 Player Air Hockey Table

BOWERY HILL 4 Player Air Hockey Table in black and white
BOWERY HILL 4 Player Air Hockey Table in black and white

Bowery Hill's approach was chosen for a number of critical reasons. To begin with, it is quite strong, with a solid MDF construction that ensures it can handle an intense game of air hockey. As a result, it is quite heavy at one hundred and twenty-three pounds. Second, the table supports two, three, and four players. Once you've lost a round, substitute one of the goal blockers to increase the difficulty for the remaining three players. Thirdly, this table features leg levelers that allow you to alter the height of the table if the surface is uneven.

This table is 31 inches tall, 55 inches wide, and 55 inches deep. The table's deep brown finish complements the majority of house decors, while the bright flashing lights and electronic scoring system replicate the feel of a classic air hockey table, creating the ideal balance.

This set includes four pucks, two goaltenders, and four strikers.

The Beauty Of Round Models

While the classic table has a goal at either end and two strikers, the circular tables employ one or more pucks, with players attempting to score on one another, just like they would in a traditional air hockey game. A circular table enables you to experiment with more intricate plays and strategies, as your buddy concentrates on one opponent while you concentrate on another. When numerous pucks are involved, the game can quickly devolve into a full-fledged war. A skilled air hockey player will be up to the task. Additionally, you can play one on one. However, you will have a greater area to defend against shots. Obviously, these tables are extremely adaptable and are ideal for air hockey players of all ability levels.


Playing air hockey on a round table can be a novel and thrilling way to experience your favorite indoor sport, as well as an air hockey adventure that truly tests your reflexes, abilities, and speed. We hope that our reviews of the top models on the market have helped you narrow down your options so that you can pick the best table for your house based on your skill level, features, style, and size.

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