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Reiki's Physical Body And The Energy


Reiki's physical body and the energy refers to spiritual or universal life-force energy. It functions holistically when used in healing, impacting all of the energies that make up the human body, animals, and everything else in the natural world. To make the following sections easier to comprehend, it is first to define energy in a broader sense, particularly electromagnetic energy, because it makes up our physical body and the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates it.

Energy Everywhere

We use the term "energy" in various ways to refer to energy sources such as coal, gas, wind power, or electricity, or the caloric content of food. Still, the term has a far broader connotation. According to Einstein and later quantum scientists, physical matter and energy are just two versions of the same thing.

At an atomic level, everything that exists in the Universe is energy, vibrating and oscillating at varying rates. As a result, energy is all that exists. These energy vibrations are familiar to us, such as sound, light, radio waves, and X-rays. These are all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the only distinction between them from a scientific standpoint is that they oscillate at different frequencies or rates of vibration.

Human beings are likewise made up of electromagnetic energy, with each cell, atom, and subatomic particle vibrating at a different rate based on their biochemical makeup. ECG equipment, for example, can measure the precise electrical output of the person's heart (electrocardiogram). Electromyography may also be used to measure the electromagnetic work of the entire body, and the usual biological frequency for the body is roughly 250 cps (cycles per second).

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However, some exciting results were obtained from some research that was done on a variety of people, monitoring the output at sites on the body traditionally connected with high spots identified as chakras (from the Sanskrit word for wheel or vortex) and recording the production at locations on the body typically associated with high areas known as chakras (from the Sanskrit word for wheel or vortex).

The majority of the subjects in the study recorded frequencies in the typical range, about 250 cps. Still, when the tests were done on persons who utilized healing energies (such as Reiki) and those who actively engaged their psychic ability, their frequencies were found to be in a band between 400 and 800 cps. People who were categorized as "mystical personalities" had even higher frequencies—more than 900 cps.

These individuals were psychics and healers, but they also pursued a very spiritual path and could meditate intensely; they also felt connected to everything in nature and beyond and held holistic and metaphysical ideas. When I say Reiki "raises your vibrations," as you'll learn in later chapters, there's no scientific data to back it up.

But what's fascinating is that science has finally proved something that many cultures have known for thousands of years: that unseen energy runs through and connects all living things. Depending on the culture or spiritual tradition, this energy is known by a variety of names, the most well-known of which are Ki (Japanese) and Chi or Qi (Chinese). However, it can also be known as Prana (Indian), Light or Spirit or the Holy Ghost (Christian), or Vitality or Life Force.

The Human Energy Body

A human body which shows the flow of energy
A human body which shows the flow of energy

While the physical body is something we all know and understand, every cell is still energy or light, vibrating slowly enough to become visible physical matter. The aura, the auric field, or the human energy body is a body of energy that surrounds and penetrates our physical body.

Your physical body is just the densest inner layer of this flowing energy field. An aura can be seen by some scientific equipment and photographed using a specially developed Kirlian camera. Still, it is difficult to see with the naked eye due to the higher frequency energies that make it up. The energetic vibrational frequencies of each person's energy body are unique, just like fingerprints.

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