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Reddit App Not Working - Troubleshooting Widespread Issues

Can't scroll your Reddit feed? We've got your back! Diagnose & troubleshoot common "Reddit app not working" issues. Get back to scrolling ASAP!

Katya Ryder
Feb 09, 2024232 Shares7994 Views
Remember that perfect meme you were mid-scroll to? Gone. Just a spinning Snoo staring blankly back at you. No endless feeds, no juicy comments, just an existential void where your Reddit App Not Workingdopamine hit should be. Fear not, fellow Redditor, for you're not alone in your scrolling purgatory." (This sets the tone of frustration and commonality)
Millions of us woke up on [14-12-23] to a Reddit app as desolate as a karma-less joke. Reports of frozen feeds, unresponsive comments, and voting black holes flooded social media, proving even the most hilarious cat videos can't withstand a Reddit outage.
But fret not, brave scrollers! This isn't the end of your Reddit journey. This guide is your compass through the technical wasteland, offering troubleshooting tips and alternative solutions to get you back to your meme-filled haven. So grab your troubleshooting toolkit and let's navigate this karma-less desert together!
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Understanding The Reddit Uprising


  • Frozen Feast - The once-vibrant feed has become a desolate landscape, stuck on the loading screen like a lost meme in the void. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to perpetual Snoo staring.
  • Ghostly Comments - You craft the wittiest reply, hit enter, and... nothing. The comment section remains hauntingly silent, your words lost in the digital ether. Prepare for existential angst and a healthy dose of FOMO.
  • Voting Vacuum -Upvoting feels like throwing a pebble into a bottomless pit. Downvoting? Don't even get us started. Reddit's karma system has gone rogue, leaving users powerless and posts unjudged.
  • Search Safari Gone Wrong -The once-reliable search bar has become a portal to oblivion. Queries vanish into the digital abyss, leaving you wandering the subreddits aimlessly, lost in a sea of cat pictures and political rants.

Possible Causes

  • Server Overload -Imagine millions of users trying to access Reddit at once. The servers, like overwhelmed Reddit detectives, are struggling to keep up, leading to crashes and glitches.
  • App Hiccups -Sometimes, even the best-designed apps get buggy. A new update might have introduced some unexpected guests to the code, causing the app to malfunction like a faulty karma-counting bot.
  • Traffic Tsunami -Holidays, major news events, and viral trends can send traffic surging through Reddit like a flash flood. This sudden influx can overwhelm the system, leading to temporary outages and slowdowns.


  • Productivity Paralysis -Forget spreadsheets and emails, the Reddit outage has become the ultimate procrastination tool. Users are trapped in a digital purgatory, refreshing feeds and checking updates, their real-life tasks abandoned in the face of the meme-less void.
  • Social Disconnection -Reddit is a community, a place to connect with like-minded individuals. Without it, users feel isolated and adrift, missing the witty banter and shared experiences that make the platform so special.
  • Existential Dread -Is it the app? Is it my Wi-Fi? Or am I just doomed to scroll through the same tired memes forever? The Reddit outage becomes an existential crisis in miniature, forcing us to confront the fragility of our digital connections.
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Troubleshooting The Reddit Uprising

The symptoms are clear, the frustration palpable, but fear not, fellow Redditor! This guide is your weapon against the digital darkness, your map back to the meme-filled promised land.

Basic Checkpoints

  • Network Connection -Before diving into app mysteries, ensure your Wi-Fi isn't playing hide-and-seek. Give your router a friendly reboot, perhaps with a calming mantra of "Come back, internet, I miss your cat videos!" (Image of a frustrated person staring at Wi-Fi router with thought bubbles of cat videos)
  • App Update -Has your app gone rogue? Check for updates! Sometimes, a fresh coat of digital paint can fix those pesky glitches. (Image of a phone screen showing an "App Update Available" notification)
  • Device Reboot -Sometimes, a digital exorcism is in order. Force-close the app, give your device a good ol' restart, and see if the Snoo gods smile upon you once more. (Image of a person tapping the "Force Close" button on their phone screen)
  • Cache Clearing -Your app's cache, like a cluttered attic, can harbor digital gremlins. Clear it on Android (Settings > Apps > Reddit > Storage > Clear Cache) or iOS (Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Reddit > Offload App > Reinstall App) and see if the ghosts are banished! (Image of a person clearing their phone's cache on Android and iOS)

Advanced Manoeuvres

  • Reinstall App -The nuclear option! Uninstall and reinstall the app, wiping the slate clean and hopefully welcoming back the meme flood. Remember to back up any important data first! (Image of a person uninstalling and reinstalling the Reddit app on their phone)
  • Account Issues -Login woes? Can't comment? Check Reddit's help centre for account-specific troubleshooting tips. You're not alone in this digital identity crisis! (Image of a person browsing the Reddit Help Centre on their computer)
  • Alternative Platforms -Don't let the app outage hold you hostage! Access Reddit through the website or explore alternative apps like Apollo or Infinity for iOS, or Relay or Baconreader for Android. (Images of the Reddit website, Apollo app, Infinity app, Relay app, and Baconreader app)
These issues are temporary, and with a little troubleshooting and some alternative scrolling options, you'll be back in the Reddit rabbit hole before you know it. Now go forth, brave Redditor, and reclaim your rightful scroll!

Staying Informed

Official Sources

  • @redditstatus -This Twitter account is your frontline scout, tweeting updates on the outage like a valiant knight relaying battle reports. Follow them for the latest intel on server fixes, estimated recovery times, and any official pronouncements from the Reddit HQ.
  • Down detector - Think of this as your digital town crier, gathering reports from the Reddit masses. Head there to see the scope of the outage, track its progress, and even share your own experiences. Together, we paint a picture of the digital battlefield!

Community Support

  • r/help and r/bugs -These subreddits are your digital medics, offering first aid for all your Reddit woes. Share your symptoms, ask questions, and discover fellow comrades in arms. Remember, shared frustration is halved frustration, and shared solutions are twice the victory!
  • Relevant Subreddits -Dive into the specific communities facing the brunt of the outage. Whether it's r/memes mourning their frozen fodder or r/politics lamenting the silenced debates, these subreddits offer a space to vent, commiserate, and maybe even find some dark humor in the chaos.

Patience And Optimism

  • Remember, comrades, this is temporary!The Reddit engineers are hard at work, channelling their inner meme-lords to fix the glitches and restore our scroll. Patience is our shield, optimism our sword.
  • Focus on the bigger picture!This outage, while frustrating, is a testament to the power of Reddit. Millions of voices, united in their love of memes and musings, can even bring down the mightiest of apps. Take pride in the community, and know that the laughter and wisdom will return soon.


  • Share memes about the outage! Laughter is the best medicine, and a well-timed meme can turn frustration into a unifying force.
  • Use relevant hashtags like #RedditDown and #RedditUprising to connect with fellow comrades across the digital landscape.
  • Stay positive and supportive in your interactions. We're in this together, and our collective spirit will prevail!

People Also Ask

Why Can't I See Certain Subreddits?

Basically, only members of the community that are approved by the subreddit moderators will be able to view and participate in these channels. For everyone else, these pages will remain inaccessible. Some of them are also appearing like they've been taken down intentionally.

Why Are Not All Comments Showing On Reddit?

When a comment gets removed from a post, the comment is hidden so that people in the thread can't see it but the comment count stays the same. Comments are often removed by community moderators or Auto Mod for breaking community rules or by Reddit's spam filter, so it's not uncommon for the comment count to be higher.

How Do Restart?

Force-restart the Reddit app to fix this, you'll need to fully close the app and start it up again. To do this on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, swipe up slowly from the bottom of the screen to open the App Switcher. Once it's open, swipe up on the Reddit window to send it flying off the screen.


Comrades, we've traversed the treacherous terrain of the Reddit uprising! We've explored the basic checkpoints, delved into advanced manoeuvres, and discovered the power of staying informed. Now, armed with this digital arsenal, we stand poised to reclaim our rightful scroll!
The magic of the Basic Checkpoints-Wi-Fi rejuvenation, app updates, device restarts, and cache clearing these are the digital incantations that can banish glitches and restore the meme flow.
Never underestimate the Advanced Manoeuvres-Reinstalling the app, tackling account woes, and exploring alternative platforms these are the daring feats that can break through the digital barricades and lead us back to the promised land of endless scrolling.
This is not the end, merely a pause in the scroll.We must maintain our optimism, for the Reddit engineers toil night and day to restore the balance. Soon, the Snoo will smile upon us once more, and the upvote button will sing its sweet song of approval.
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