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Take Control Of Your Health: Reconnecting With Your Body

Health can sometimes seem like an elusive thing, a thing that you’re not directly in control of. After all, if humans could control their bodies to such an extent, nobody would ever become ill. And while that’s partially true, taking a more proactive approach to your health can only come with benefits.

Rian Mcconnell
Aug 03, 202323979 Shares461132 Views
Health can sometimes seem like an elusive thing, a thing that you’re not directly in control of. After all, if humans could control their bodies to such an extent, nobody would ever become ill. And while that’s partially true, taking a more proactive approach to your health can only come with benefits. It can help you make healthier choices that result in better health and help you get in touch with your body. This will help you realise if anything is amiss, meaning that you’ll most likely go to the doctor before things spiral out of control.
So, with that in mind, here are some things you should consider to ensure you’re doing everything you can to remain healthy.


You already know that getting in plenty of movement is one of the fundamentals of a healthy life. It’s not just about working out at the gym but also about activities you do on a daily basis and your general schedule. For example, if that’s feasible, you might want to walk or pedal to work in the morning. You should leave your car at home anytime, such as when grabbing groceries or meeting friends. Anytime you can go for a walk, ideally somewhere in nature, and consider hiking for your next trip.
Although it might not seem like much overall, just thirty to sixty minutes of moving your body daily can considerably reduce your likelihood of developing heart disease or diabetes. You can get a fitness tracker to measure your activity levels. Creating a lively playlist to give you a boost of energy might also help, mainly if you’re not used to long walks.


Although it has long been assumed that emotional stress has no bearing on physical well-being, science has proven otherwise. Now, chronic stress is associated with increased levels of inflammation, particularly in the circulatory system, which in turn increases the incidence of heart attack and hypertension. Digestive issues, sleep troubles and muscle aches also have stress as a likely culprit. The increased cortisol levels during anxiety episodes harm the immune system, leaving you susceptible to acute and chronic illnesses.
But completely eliminating stress from your life might seem like an insurmountable task. After all, there are so many things you can’t predict or be prepared for, and when they arrive, they serve only to stress you out. However, the situation isn’t hopeless, and there are several things you could do to minimise the stress in your life.
For instance, if it is legal in your country, you can sample the cannabis white widows strain, delivering a thoroughly relaxing sensation that will have you unwinding completely. You can try it when you’re really looking to do something calming, such as listen to slow music or watch a film, for a more enjoyable experience. You should also consider reducing the amount of time you spend on your phone and social media, as they’re proven to decrease psychological well-being, often contributing to low self-esteem.
There are also several types of supplements that have been proven to help. Sometimes, chronic stress can indicate low magnesium levels. This critical mineral has been shown to improve the symptoms of chronically stressed individuals. Cannabis feminised seedscan also deliver an almost instantaneous feeling of relaxation, making it one of the ideal options if you’ve had a tough day. And, of course, don’t forget to practise self-care by making time for your hobbies, practising meditation, stretching, reading, taking a warm bath, and simply taking it easy.

Change Your Mindset

Reconnecting with your body can seem like the simplest thing in the world, but that’s only in theory. It can be a struggle to remain connected to yourself in the modern, hectic world, where many people feel like they have too many responsibilities to truly focus on themselves. This can lead to pushing yourself to the limits, becoming exhausted and developing burnout, during which you’ll most likely ignore any messages your body sends you.
Your inner life and anxiety aren’t the only problems here, as external pressure also plays a prominent role. Societal expectations and judgement lead many people to stray away from living the lives they wished they would due to the fear of being rejected or ostracised by the community. The first step in reconnecting with your body is deciphering its messages and learning to honour its needs.
For example, if you feel tired, you should rest without any guilt that relaxation makes you lazy. While it can take some time to unlearn all the negative messages you internalised over the years, it’s well worth the effort for your future well-being.

Personality Check

One of the main symptoms of being disconnected from your body is that you can’t seem to get out of your head and enjoy the present moment. Letting go of unhelpful thoughts will take some practice, but once achieved, you’ll notice you’re happier than before. Overthinkingmight seem like a harmless or even positive thing, as you’re less likely to be caught unprepared by a possibly damaging situation, but a chronic tendency towards overthinking and becoming fixated on possible scenarios that are usually negative leads to emotional turmoil, chronic fatigue and disrupted sleep.
Some people are more prone to it than others, and if you believe you’re one of them, you need to find a way to keep yourself in check. You should accept that you can’t control the future, so ruminating over it and coming up with all the possible ways things could go wrong won’t help you. Taking a step back from your negative thoughts can also help.
Anytime you feel it’s becoming too much, make a conscious decision to temporarily remove yourself from a situation or environment, causing you to slip into overthinking. Remember that the past cannot be changed and that you must make peace with anything that happened. It’s also essential to realise that by focusing too much on the hypothetical, you miss out on living in and experiencing the present.
Relaxing and getting in touch with your inner self can be difficult, but caring for yourself is the key to having a good life.
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