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Prince Harry Slams Royal Institution In A Star-studded Court Case

Taking another stand against the royal family. In another bombshell interview last night, Prince Harry slams Royal institution and said that "The Firm" is "scared" of his book.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Mar 30, 20230 Shares90 Views
Taking another stand against the royal family. In another bombshell interview last night, Prince Harry slams Royal institutionand said that "The Firm" is "scared" of his book.
On Tuesday, the Duke of Sussex went on Stephen Colbert's Late Show in the US to promote his controversial book Spare. In a witness statement, he gave as part of his legal case against Associated Newspapers Ltd, the U.K. The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday are both put out by the same company.

Prince Harry Slams Royal Institution

Prince Harry slamming Royal family in testimony is ‘no surprise’

Prince Harry won't keep quiet any longer. The Duke of Sussex, who is 38 years old, is one of several well-known people who are suing Associated Newspapers Limited for illegally gathering information, including invasion of privacy and phone-tapping.
Elton John, David Furnish, Elizabeth Hurley, Sadie Frost, and Baroness Doreen Lawrence are also plaintiffs in the case against the media giant, which also owns the Daily Mail, Mail Online, and Mail on Sunday.
Harry, on the other hand, said that the now-defunct tabloid News of the World, which was part of Rupert Murdoch's News Group Newspapers (NGN), tapped his phone in 2005, but that his family told him not to go to court.
In court documents, Prince Harry not only accused the publisher of "criminality" for getting his private information illegally and using it in news stories, but he also criticized the royal institution. He said in reference to his mom Princess Diana, who was killed in a car crash while evading the paparazzi:
Following the death of my mother in 1997 when I was 12 years old and her treatment at the hands of the press, I have always had an uneasy relationship with the press. However, as a member of the Institution the policy was to 'never complain, never explain.'- Prince Harry
There was no alternative; I was conditioned to accept it. For the most part, I accepted the interest in my performing my public functions.- Prince Harry
Prince Harry said he found out in 2017 that he could sue News Group Newspapers in 2018 for phone hacking.
The Institution was without a doubt withholding information from me for a long time about NGN's phone hacking and that has only become clear in recent years as I have pursued my own claim with different legal advice and representation.- Prince Harry
It is not an exaggeration to say that the bubble burst in terms of what I knew in 2020 when I moved out of the United Kingdom. Prince Harry and Meghan moved to her home state of California that year after stepping back as senior members of the royal family.- Prince Harry
To this day, there are members of the Royal Family and friends of mine who may have been targeted by NGN and I have no idea whether they have or have not brought claims.- Prince Harry
There was never any centralised discussion between us about who had brought claims as each office in the Institution is siloed. There is this misconception that we are all in constant communication with one another but that is not true.- Prince Harry
The Duke of Sussex surprised everyone by showing up at the High Court on Monday. On Tuesday, he came back for the second day of a legal case in which he and other well-known people are suing ANL. These people include Elton John, the singer's husband David Furnish, Elizabeth Hurley, Parliament member Doreen Lawrence, and Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost.


This week, Prince Harry is in London to deal with his ongoing lawsuit against Associated Newspapers. He has submitted a witness statement in which Prince Harry slams Royal institution for hiding information about the case from him and says that Duchess Meghan inspired him to speak out.
Harry and other famous people are suing the owner of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday for illegally gathering information (in Harry's case, by hacking his phone).
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