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Morton Grove Police Warn Of Pink Stanley Tumbler Scam

Morton Grove Police warn of pink Stanley tumbler scam, alerting consumers to the risks of shopping counterfeit products amid the latest viral trend.

Henry Hamer
Jan 08, 2024728 Shares34675 Views
In a recent surge of popularity, Stanley tumblers, particularly a pink variant, have become the latest sensation, causing massive crowds at Target stores nationwide. These limited-edition tumblers, part of a collaboration between Target and Starbucks, quickly sold out.
However, the Morton Grove Police warn of pink Stanley Tumbler scamas scammers are capitalizing on this frenzy. "Scammers are trying to take advantage of the brand's popularity," the police stated, urging the public to be vigilant.

The Rise Of A Trend And An Emerging Scam

As videos of customers eagerly lining up at Target stores, including locations in Ohio, flood social media platforms, the demand for these tumblers seems insatiable. The must-have item? A pink cup priced at $50, now reaching up to $100 on secondary markets like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. "The tumblers are already out of stock at every store around Columbus," reports indicate, pointing to the item's scarcity and high demand.
This frenzy isn't just about any tumbler. Stanley, known for its rugged, insulated mugs, launched its “quench” line in 2016, featuring sleek straw cups in various sizes and colors. The most sought-after model is the $45 40-ounce Stanley Adventure Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler. "The tumblers come in a variety of colors and range from small to large to giant," a statement from the brand reads, highlighting the range's diversity.

The Tumbler Trend

The Stanley tumbler's rise to fame is a story of gradual acclaim. In 2016, the S’well bottle was the reigning champion in the insulated tumbler market, followed by the Hydro Flask in 2019, known for its wide mouth and ice cube-friendly design. However, the Stanley tumbler has eclipsed these trends, thanks to its unique features.
According to The Columbus Dispatch, one of the key features that make the Stanley tumblers stand out to users is their design, which caters to both right and left-handed users.
Additionally, the size of these bottles is conveniently suitable for car cupholders, a notable advantage over the wider Hydro Flask models.
The "TikTok effect" has played a significant role in propelling the Stanley Tumbler into the spotlight. One notable incident involved a woman whose car caught fire; her Stanley tumbler in the cup holder still had ice in it.
"The president of the company was so impressed, that he offered to buy the woman a new car," a viral TikTok video revealed. Moreover, the tumbler became a centerpiece in the summer's viral "WaterTok" trend, involving mixing syrups and fancy ice with water.
Despite its popularity, the Stanley tumbler has not been without controversy. Accusations of overconsumption have surfaced as videos show fans with collections of various colors. "How many water bottles does one need?" a critic questions, pointing to the issue of consumerism.
As the trend continues, some are already looking for alternatives. The Owala 40-ounce straw tumbler, priced at $38, is emerging as a popular, more affordable option.
Users point out that the Owala tumbler is leakproof.


In conclusion, while the Stanley tumbler's popularity has skyrocketed, leading to unexpected scenarios like the scam warning from Morton Grove police, it remains to be seen whether it will sustain its popularity or follow the path of its predecessors. As the market evolves, with consumers constantly seeking the next best thing, only time will tell if the Stanley tumbler will maintain its coveted status or become another fleeting trend in the dynamic world of consumer products.
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