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Places To Retire That Are Just Like The West Coast But Cheaper - Affordable Alternatives

Discover places to retire that are just like the West Coast but cheaper. Explore coastal living, mountain retreats, and urban charm without breaking the bank. Find your perfect retirement spot with our guide to affordable alternatives reminiscent of the West Coast lifestyle.

Iram Martins
Dec 01, 20234951 Shares126954 Views
Choosing the perfect place to retire is a significant decision, and for those who have enjoyed the allure of the West Coast but are seeking more budget-friendly options, there are several enticing alternatives to explore. This guide will delve into various places to retire that are just like the West Coast but cheaper, making retirement dreams more accessible.
One of the most crucial things someone should ponder when deciding to retire is "Where?" The majority of retirees seek out areas with abundant natural beauty, a wealth of services, and most importantly, reasonably priced housing.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans retire and move every year, bidding adieu to the working world and hello to somewhere else. People frequently decide to live out their retirement years in areas with affordable living expenses, a wide range of activities, excellent health care, and nice weather in order to extend their retirement savings.
When looking for a destination to retire, many want the West Coast since it has many different and lovely weather, beaches that are accessible by car, and many other benefits. However, the West Coast also means exorbitant housing and rental costs.
Have a look at some of the places to retire that are just like the West Coast but cheaper:

Portland, Maine

Retirement dreams often involve picturesque landscapes, cultural richness, and a vibrant community, and Portland, Maine, stands out as a gem in the Northeast that fulfills these aspirations. Nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Portland offers retirees a unique blend of coastal charm, thriving arts scenes, and a cost of living that is notably more affordable than many West Coast counterparts.
Portland's allure begins with its coastal setting. The city's waterfront, adorned with historic lighthouses and bustling fishing piers, provides retirees with a serene and picturesque backdrop. The Atlantic Ocean's influence permeates the air, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the West Coast's coastal towns. Retirees can enjoy leisurely walks along the waterfront, savor fresh seafood, and bask in the tranquility of the sea.
Retirees seeking cultural engagement will find Portland's vibrant arts scene fulfilling. The city boasts numerous art galleries, theaters, and music venues, offering a diverse range of cultural experiences. From local art festivals to live performances, Portland provides retirees with opportunities to stay engaged and enriched in their retirement years.
One of Portland's most appealing features is its relatively low cost of living compared to many West Coast cities. Housing costs, in particular, are more reasonable, allowing retirees to find comfortable and affordable homes in and around the city. This affordability factor enhances the overall retirement experience, ensuring financial peace of mind without compromising on the quality of life.
Portland exudes a tight-knit community atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging among retirees. The city's friendly residents, numerous community events, and a range of social activities contribute to a fulfilling retirement experience. Whether attending local farmer's markets or joining community groups, retirees in Portland find ample opportunities to connect with others and build meaningful relationships.
Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine

Savannah, Georgia

For retirees drawn to the enchanting charm of the South and the allure of coastal living, Savannah, Georgia, emerges as one of the Southern places to retire that are just like the West Coast but cheaper.
Savannah's streets are lined with historic architecture, charming squares, and oak trees draped in Spanish moss, creating an ambiance of timeless elegance. Retirees can explore the city's rich history through guided tours or simply stroll through the cobblestone streets, immersing themselves in the southern charm that Savannah is renowned for.
Situated on the southeastern coast, Savannah provides retirees with easy access to coastal delights. The city's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean offers retirees the chance to enjoy gentle sea breezes, sandy shores, and the serenity of coastal living. The coastal landscapes evoke a sense of tranquility, providing retirees with a retreat-like atmosphere.
Savannah's cultural richness is another highlight, offering retirees a blend of history, arts, and vibrant traditions. The city hosts various cultural events, from art festivals to jazz concerts, ensuring retirees can continue to indulge in their love for the arts. The local cuisine, influenced by Southern flavors, adds an extra layer to the cultural tapestry of Savannah.
One of Savannah's key attractions for retirees is its relatively lower cost of living compared to many West Coast counterparts. Housing costs and overall expenses are more reasonable, allowing retirees to enjoy the benefits of coastal living without the financial strain. This affordability factor enhances the overall retirement experience, making Savannah an attractive destination for those seeking a balance between charm and budget.
Savannah's Southern hospitality is legendary, and retirees find themselves welcomed into a warm and friendly community. Whether attending community events, participating in local traditions, or simply enjoying the company of neighbors, retirees in Savannah experience a strong sense of community that adds a special touch to their retirement years.
Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia

Asheville, North Carolina

Retirees seeking a harmonious blend of mountainous landscapes, vibrant cultural scenes, and a welcoming community will find Asheville, North Carolina, to be a haven that mirrors the West Coast's charm but at a more affordable cost.
Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville provides retirees with a stunning mountain retreat. The majestic peaks, lush forests, and winding trails offer outdoor enthusiasts an array of activities, from leisurely hikes to panoramic views. The natural beauty surrounding Asheville creates a tranquil and rejuvenating environment, reminiscent of the scenic landscapes found along the West Coast.
Asheville is renowned for its artistic flair, hosting a myriad of galleries, studios, and theaters. Retirees with a passion for the arts can immerse themselves in the city's creative energy, attending art festivals, live performances, and cultural events. The bohemian atmosphere of Asheville fosters a sense of inspiration and expression, providing retirees with ample opportunities to explore their artistic interests.
Beyond its natural beauty, Asheville boasts a diverse cultural scene that contributes to its West Coast-like charm. The city is a melting pot of music, cuisine, and traditions, creating a rich tapestry of experiences for retirees. From eclectic street performances to international culinary delights, Asheville offers a cultural haven that caters to a variety of tastes.
Despite its cultural and natural riches, Asheville maintains a relatively lower cost of living compared to many West Coast cities. The affordability extends to housing, allowing retirees to find comfortable homes amidst the mountains without the exorbitant price tag often associated with West Coast mountain retreats. This combination of affordability and natural splendor enhances the overall retirement experience in Asheville.
Asheville's community spirit is palpable, with residents often participating in local events, farmers' markets, and community initiatives. Retirees can easily integrate into the close-knit community, fostering connections with like-minded individuals. The welcoming atmosphere of Asheville creates a sense of belonging, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a community-oriented retirement.
Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville, North Carolina

Corpus Christi, Texas

For retirees desiring the tranquil ambiance of coastal living without the high costs typically associated with the West Coast, Corpus Christi, Texas, emerges as an attractive destination offering affordability and seaside charm.
Corpus Christi sits along the Gulf of Mexico, providing retirees with a coastal living experience that mirrors the West Coast's allure. Miles of sandy beaches, warm sea breezes, and the sound of ocean waves create a serene and relaxing environment for retirees seeking the therapeutic effects of coastal living. The Gulf Coast setting contributes to a laid-back lifestyle that distinguishes Corpus Christi as an affordable coastal retreat.
One of Corpus Christi's key attractions for retirees is its affordable housing market. Compared to many West Coast cities, the cost of living, including housing expenses, is notably lower. This affordability allows retirees to find comfortable homes with proximity to the coast, enabling them to embrace the coastal lifestyle without compromising their financial well-being.
Corpus Christi offers a plethora of waterfront activities for retirees. From fishing along the piers to sailing in the Gulf, retirees can indulge in a variety of water-based pursuits. The city's marinas, parks, and coastal trails provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, ensuring retirees can stay active and connected to the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast.
Beyond its coastal charm, Corpus Christi features a rich cultural tapestry influenced by its Texan roots and seaside location. Retirees can explore local museums, attend cultural festivals, and savor the diverse cuisine that combines southern flavors with fresh seafood. The city's cultural offerings add depth to the retirement experience, creating a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle.
Corpus Christi's community warmth is another highlight for retirees. The friendly and laid-back atmosphere fosters a sense of camaraderie among residents. Whether attending community events, joining clubs, or simply enjoying the company of neighbors, retirees in Corpus Christi experience a close-knit community that enhances the overall quality of life in this coastal haven.
Corpus Christi, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas

Boise, Idaho

As retirement beckons, many seek a perfect balance between urban amenities and outdoor pursuits, a combination that is often associated with the West Coast. Boise, Idaho, emerges as a hidden gem in the Gem State, offering retirees a unique blend of city living, surrounded by mountains and natural beauty, all at a more affordable cost compared to many West Coast counterparts.
Boise stands out for seamlessly integrating urban conveniences with the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The city is situated along the Boise River, providing residents with scenic views and easy access to outdoor activities. Retirees can enjoy the best of both worlds - from exploring downtown's vibrant cultural scene to embarking on hiking trails in the nearby foothills.
Idaho's moniker, "The Gem State," is well-earned, especially when it comes to Boise's mountainous surroundings. The city is flanked by the Boise National Forest and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, offering retirees a breathtaking landscape right at their doorstep. The proximity to nature provides ample opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor adventures, reminiscent of the recreational offerings on the West Coast.
Despite its modest size, Boise boasts a vibrant cultural scene that rivals many larger cities. The downtown area is alive with theaters, art galleries, and music venues. Retirees can attend performances by the Boise Philharmonic, explore contemporary art at the Boise Art Museum, or enjoy the annual Treefort Music Festival. Boise's cultural offerings ensure retirees can continue to engage their interests in a welcoming and stimulating environment.
One of Boise's most appealing features for retirees is its overall affordability. Housing costs are notably lower than those in many West Coast cities, allowing retirees to find comfortable homes without the exorbitant price tags. The lower cost of living extends to other expenses, providing financial relief for those seeking an enriching retirement without compromising on their budget.
Boise experiences all four seasons, providing retirees with a diverse range of activities throughout the year. From skiing in the nearby mountains during winter to enjoying outdoor festivals in the warmer months, Boise offers a dynamic environment that caters to a variety of interests. Retirees can experience the changing seasons without the extremes often associated with some West Coast regions.
Boise, Idaho
Boise, Idaho

Places To Retire That Are Just Like The West Coast But Cheaper FAQs

Which Southern City Provides A West Coast Feel At A Lower Cost?

Savannah, Georgia, with its historic charm, tree-lined streets, and coastal proximity, is a southern city that offers a West Coast vibe at a more affordable cost.

Are There Mountainous Alternatives For Retirees Similar To The West Coast?

Yes, Asheville, North Carolina, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, provides a mountain retreat with a vibrant arts scene and a lower cost of living compared to many West Coast cities.

Can Retirees Find Coastal Living At A Lower Cost Than The West Coast?

Corpus Christi, Texas, offers coastal living along the Gulf of Mexico at a more affordable cost than many West Coast cities, making it an attractive option for retirees.

Are There Affordable Alternatives For Retirees Seeking A West Coast Urban And Outdoor Blend?

Boise, Idaho, with its vibrant cultural scene and surrounded by mountains, provides an urban and outdoor blend reminiscent of the West Coast at a generally lower cost.


Retirement is an opportunity to embrace new adventures, and finding a place that aligns with your lifestyle and budget is crucial. While the West Coast has its undeniable allure, these alternative places to retire that are just like the West Coast but cheaper are a good option to consider.
Whether you're drawn to the coastal charm of Portland, the historic streets of Savannah, the mountain retreat of Asheville, the coastal living in Corpus Christi, or the urban and outdoor blend in Boise, there's a budget-friendly option for every retiree seeking the West Coast experience without the hefty price tag.
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