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Pentagon’s Unmanned Mysterious X-37B Set To Launch Again, Mission Unknown

The Pentagon’s mysterious X-37B set to launch again, this time to greater altitudes; some hypothesize that it may be utilized to detect threats from the satellites of hostile nations.

Hajra Shannon
Dec 12, 2023677 Shares56383 Views
The Pentagon’s mysterious X-37B set to launch again, this time to greater altitudes; some hypothesize that it may be utilized to detect threats from the satellites of hostile nations.
It was initially scheduled for Sunday night that the peculiarly shaped spacecraft with stubby wings and a bulldog-like nose would depart from Cape Canaveral, Florida. However, its launch has been postponed due to the approach of intense storms along the East Coast.
Sunday night, due to "vigorous" showers, high gusts, and cloud cover, the 45th Weather Squadron of the Space Force estimated that the likelihood of a successful launch was only forty percent.

Pentagon’s Mysterious X-37B Set To Launch Again

Pentagon’s Mysterious X-37B aircraft with astronauts around it
Pentagon’s Mysterious X-37B aircraft with astronauts around it
On Monday, the X-37B spacecraft is scheduled to recommence one of the most enigmatic space missions conducted by the United States military, despite setbacks that delayed its launch over the weekend. Powered by a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, the X-37B will make its seventh mission on Monday at 8:14 p.m. ET, according to a statement from SpaceX.
The USSF-52 mission will enter orbit following the launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. SpaceXfurther stated that an alternative launch window is available at the same time on Tuesday, in the event that any additional complications arise prior to the launch on Monday. As with previous missions, the organization intends to live-stream the launch via social media.
The X-37B will be launched for the first time atop SpaceX's formidable Falcon Heavy rocket. The transition to a more powerful launcher implies the possibility of an elevated orbit, a notion that is substantiated by recent documentation. Nonetheless, the precise characteristics and objectives of its operations in higher orbits remain unknown. The $130 million contract for this launch was awarded to SpaceX in 2018.
An unseen mission of one of the Pentagon's most classified spacecraft, however, is situated at the center of the event that observers will be able to observe from their smartphones around the globe.
The additional duration could be advantageous in light of speculation that the aircraft will be in a higher orbit than in previous missions, given that the Falcon Heavy is a more potent rocket than those that have previously propelled the drones into flight.
Lt. Col. Joseph Fritschen, the director of the X-37B program, said in a statement:
We are excited to expand the envelope of the reusable X-37B’s capabilities, using the flight-proven service module and Falcon Heavy rocket to fly multiple cutting-edge experiments for the Department of the Air Force and its partners.- Lt. Col. Joseph Fritschen
General Chance Saltzman, chief of space operations, elaborated that the forthcoming OTV-7 mission will conduct "groundbreaking" experiments that “equip the United States with the knowledge to enhance current and future space operations.”
The unmanned drone is anticipated to perform experiments "with future space domain awareness technologies," as stated by the military, among the tests it undertakes in space.
The Debriefpublished an article last month detailing various aspects of the spacecraft's prior missions. These aspects encompassed the utilization of solar energy power transmission systems, which were developed by the Naval Research Lab. Additionally, NASA conducted tests to determine the impact of extended space travel on organic materials.
For the time being, the precise mission of the Pentagon's most captivating spacecraft remains unknown. However, one thing is certain: given the amount of attention it has garnered throughout the years, if everything goes as planned on Monday and the X-37B commences the subsequent phase of its intriguing mission, the entire world will be watching.

Final Words

Frequently compared to a miniature space shuttle, the Pentagon's enigmatic X-37B spacecraft is preparing to launch today at 8:14 p.m. Eastern time on another covert mission. As per Earth, the unmanned drone's unique characteristics—its bulldog-like muzzle and small wings—have generated conjecture and debate concerning its actual function and capabilities.
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