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Patricia McRae Biography, Career, Net Worth And Personal Life

Patricia McRae is an African-American actress who has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Shy's Way, Bad Girl, Being Mary Jane, Saints & Sinners, Dynasty, and The Haves and the Have Nots, among others.

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Patricia McRae is an African-American actress who has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Shy's Way, Bad Girl, Being Mary Jane, Saints & Sinners, Dynasty, and The Haves and the Have Nots, among others.
She is noted for her work on these projects. Her second claim to fame is the fact that she is Adia Barnes' biological mother, in addition to the fact that she is a successful actress in her own right.
Adia Barnes is the current head coach of the University of Arizona Wildcats Women's Basketball team, and she is also the daughter that Patricia McRae had with her now-deceased ex-husband, Peter Barnes. For the sake of clarification, Adia Barnes is also the name of Patricia McRae's daughter.

Quick Facts About Patricia Mcrae

NamePatricia McRae
Height5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Place of BirthLong Island, New York, United States of America
EducationWashington State University
Marital StatusDivorced
SpousePeter Barnes, Bruce McRae

The Early Life Of Patricia Mcrae

The precise particulars of Patricia McRae's date of birth are unknown, and every attempt that has been made to discover them has been fruitless up to this point. The only individuals who seem to know that particular piece of information about the actress are those who are close to her.
Given that she is the biological mother of Adia Barnes, who is now 46 years old, it is reasonable to infer that the brilliant actress was born in the 1950s and that she is now in her 60s or early 70s. This assumption is supported by the fact that she is Adia Barnes' birth mother.
There is no way to tell for certain, but one item about Patricia McRae's birth situation that is known for certain is that she was born on Long Island, New York, in the United States of America.
This is the only thing about her birth that can be confirmed with absolute certainty. It follows that Patricia McRae is a citizen of the United States as a direct consequence of this fact. Although it is known that she is of African-American ethnicity, there is no information known about her biological parents or whether or not she has any siblings who are still alive.
It would seem that Patricia McRae spent most of her childhood on Long Island, in the vicinity of New York City. Information on her official educational history is limited to the fact that she is a graduate of Washington State University; however, the specific field of study that she majored in is currently unclear.
This information does not contain specifics about her years spent in preschool, middle school, or high school. Instead, it just mentions that she attended Washington State University.
Patricia Mcrae Wearing Eye Glasses
Patricia Mcrae Wearing Eye Glasses

The Career Of Patricia Mcrae

Patricia McRae is a well-known and skilled actress who has appeared in a number of films and television series. She has shown her adaptability and talent in a variety of roles throughout the course of her career, which has left viewers with an impression that will not easily be forgotten.
McRae made her debut in the world of television series in 2013, when she appeared in "Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor" as a churchgoer in the episode "Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor." She continues to make guest appearances on episodes such as "Advocates & Solicitors," "Fatal Attraction," and "Love Chemistry," proving her ability to adapt to a variety of narrative structures and roles.
Some of the more famous parts that she has played include Carla Neely and Jacqueline Goodall in "Fatal Attraction," Ms. Gertrude in "Men & Kings," and Liz in "D.A.T. Life Decisions After Temptation."
McRae has also appeared on television in fascinating roles in crime dramas such as "Swamp Murders" and "Murder Calls," in which she played characters such as Lena Jackson and a DFCS Agent. In addition, she has shown her skill in well-known television dramas such as "Being Mary Jane," "Dynasty," and "The Haves and the Have Nots," in which she has portrayed noteworthy characters such as Mildred and Diane.
McRae has established a name for herself in the film industry in addition to the work she has done for television. She debuted in the role of Momma on the big screen in the 2013 film "Shy's Way," which served as a showcase for her acting abilities. She proceeded to demonstrate her versatility as an actor in films such as "Switching Lanes" and "Before I Go," all of which were successful for her.
McRae's resume also includes supporting appearances in films such as "Bad Girl" and "Things My Daddy Should've Told Me," in both of which she made significant contributions to the narratives while having a lesser screen presence.
She further displayed her ability in television movies such as "Merry Ex-Mas" and "Down For Whatever," in which she played the roles of Diane and Anita's Mother, respectively. Both of these movies were shown on television.
In addition to her work in cinema and television, McRae has also appeared in a number of short films. Her performances in "All I Want Is You," "Ripple Effect," "Missed Fortune," and "The Invention of Mathias Walden" all gained critical praise, showing her ability to convey depth and passion to her parts, regardless of the medium. "Ripple Effect," "Missed Fortune," and "The Invention of Mathias Walden" are all available on Netflix.
The adaptability and passion with which Patricia McRae approaches her work have made her career stand out. She has established herself as a skilled actress who is capable of tackling a variety of complex and difficult parts thanks to the vast range of roles she has played in movies, TV series, and TV movies, as well as short films.
She has established herself as a significant figure in the entertainment sector thanks to the crowds that she has enthralled with her performances. Fans and viewers may look forward to seeing her acting abilities in upcoming productions as she continues to seek a career in the acting industry.

Personal Life Of Patricia Mcrae

Patricia McRae has been married twice in her life, the first time to the late NFL great Pete Barnes and the second time to a guy called Bruce McRae. Both of her husbands have passed away. Adia Barnes was Patricia's kid from her previous relationship with Pete Barnes, who passed away. They gave her the name Barnes after Pete.
Patricia Mcrae Smiling
Patricia Mcrae Smiling

Biography Of Patricia Mcrae's Daughter Adia Barnes

In 1976, Adia Barnes was brought into the world. Adia Oshun Barnes is the whole form of her given name. Her zodiac sign, Aquarius, is associated with her. Her hometown is San Diego, which is located in California in the United States. She received her secondary education in San Diego at Mission Bay Senior High School.
She is also the daughter of former National Football League stars Pete Barnes and Patricia McRae. Adia was just three years old when her parents finalized their divorce. Alzheimer's disease was ultimately the cause of death for her father, who sadly died on May 3, 2018, at the age of 72.
Adia was awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Arizona after she completed her high school studies there. At the moment, Adia is serving in her role as the head coach of the women's basketball team for the University of Arizona Wildcats. This personality competed in the WNBA for a variety of teams during a period of twelve years.
As a result of this, she participated in basketball at the undergraduate level for the University of Arizona and played for seven seasons in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) for the Houston Comets, Minnesota Lynx, Seattle Storm, and Sacramento Monarchs.
In addition to that, she has played on the international stage with the Ukrainian club Dynamo Kyiv. In addition to that, she worked as a color commentator for the television broadcasts of Seattle Storm games. Adia was selected by the Sacramento Monarchs in the fourth round of the WNBA draft in the same year that she graduated from the University of Arizona.
There, she was a member of the squad for just one season before moving on to play for the Minnesota Lynx. This athlete was unable to make an impact on her career and ended up moving around to almost half a dozen different teams.
She was a member of the Seattle Storm squad that won the WNBA Championship in 2004, and she played that year. In addition to this, Adia was named Player of the Year for the Pac-10 Conference while she was still a student. She even competed in leagues in Europe before calling it quits in 2010 and retiring from the sport.
After that, in October 2010, she was offered a position at Seattle Academy as the Director of Player and Coach Development. In a similar vein, the University of Washington recruited her in 2011 to work as an assistant coach there. In addition, after being associated with the squad up until 2016, the University of Arizona hired her to serve as the program's new head coach.
The WNIT champion final was won by Adia's squad, which she captained, and the championship title. After earning a victory against the University of Connecticut Huskies on April 2, 2021, the Kentucky Wildcats will compete in their first-ever NCAA Tournament championship game.
Adia Barnes is a happily married lady who shares her home with her family, which consists of her husband and their two children. She tied the knot with Salvo Coppa on the 4th of July, 2012, in a small, intimate ceremony. Italy was the place where their first encounter took place. They were blessed with their first child, a boy they named Matteo, not long after their wedding. In addition, the couple had their second child, a girl named Capri, around the end of 2020.

Some Interesting Facts About Patricia Mcrae

  • She is a native of the United States of America, having been born on Long Island, New York.
  • In the 2013 film "Shy's Way," Patricia McRae made her first appearance as an actor. In that film, she played the role of Mom.
  • In addition to the parts she has played in films, she has also made guest appearances in a number of television series, including well-known programs such as "Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor," "Fatal Attraction," "The Haves and the Have Nots," and "Being Mary Jane."
  • Her versatility as an actor is shown by the fact that she has appeared in more than 30 films and television programs.
  • Throughout her acting career, Patricia McRae has portrayed a wide variety of roles, including Momma, Carla Neely, Jacqueline Goodall, Ida Martin, Liz, Lena Jackson, DFCS Agent, Mildred, Nell Winters, Marilyn Cunningham, and Diane, to name just a few of the characters she has portrayed.
  • In addition, she has made appearances in other television movies, including "Merry Ex-Mas," "Down For Whatever," "Diamond Knight Year One," and "USS Christmas."
  • In her lifetime, Patricia McRae has been married not once but twice; the first time, she wed NFL great Pete Barnes, and the second time, she wed Bruce McRae.
  • Her daughter, Adia Barnes, is the current head coach of the women's basketball team for the University of Arizona Wildcats. Barnes played women's basketball in the past and is now in that role.
  • Matteo and Capri are the names of the couple's children; Adia Barnes is married to Salvo Coppa, who is also a basketball coach, and the couple has two children together.
  • It is unclear what Patricia McRae specialized in during her time at Washington State University, where she received her degree, which is part of her impressive educational history.
  • She has a robust presence on social media sites such as Instagram, where she often publishes status updates and publishes images from both her personal and professional lives.
  • The fact that Patricia McRae is still alive and working in the entertainment industry brings joy to her legion of devoted followers.

The Net Worth Of Patricia Mcrae

Patricia McRae's net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She has earned this much by working on various acting projects.

People Also Ask

When Did Patricia Mcrae Make Her Acting Debut On Television Or Film?

In 2013, Patricia McRae made her cinematic debut.

Patricia Mcrae Portrayed Carla Neely Or Jacqueline Goodall In Which Tv Show?

Carla Neely (Jacqueline Goodall) was a character portrayed by Patricia McRae in the television series "Fatal Attraction" from 2014 to 2015.

Patricia Mcrae Was Born Where?

In the United States, on Long Island, New York, Patricia McRae was born.

What Is The Name Of Patricia Mcrae's Daughter?

Adia Barnes, a former women's basketball player, is Patricia McRae's daughter.

How Many Film And Television Roles Has Patricia Mcrae Had?

Patricia McRae has appeared in more than 30 films and TV shows.

What Was The Title Of The Television Show In Which She Played Diane?

Seven episodes of the television show "The Haves and the Have Nots" featured Patricia McRae as Diane.

Is Patricia Mcrae Active On Social Media?

It is true that Patricia McRae is active on social media sites like Instagram, where she posts updates and pictures.


Patricia McRae is a talented actress who has had a great effect on the field of entertainment thanks to the work that she has done. She has shown her adaptability and brilliance over the course of her career, which has spanned more than a decade, by appearing in movies, television shows, television movies, and short films.
Patricia McRae has garnered an incredible number of credits since making her debut in 2013. She has portrayed a wide variety of characters with depth and sincerity throughout her career, which began in 2013 and continues today with her current projects.
Her unwavering commitment to her art and her natural talent to enthrall audiences have helped establish her standing in the business. Fans are excitedly anticipating her future projects, anxious to see her transformational performances and the unique storylines she brings to life on screen. As she continues to pursue an acting career, fans are eagerly anticipating her future projects.
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