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Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy

If you have ovarian cyst during pregnancy . Try not to panic once you learn that you are in this situation.

Rian Mcconnell
Oct 07, 202313209 Shares180952 Views
You have heard the good news that you will soon have a baby. The joy that you felt was truly immeasurable when you learned about this. You will just have to wait for a few months and after that. the baby that you have been dreaming of will already be in your arms.
But the happiness that you felt faded away when your doctor told you that you have an ovarian cyst during your pregnancy. You cannot explain exactly how you feel. Sadness, fear, and worry were all there.
More than yourself, you worry and you are more concerned with your baby’s condition. And the worse thing is that you don’t know what you are going to do. Maybe you are also questioning why it happened now when you are in a delicate situation.
Try not to panic once you learn that you are in this situation. Panicking and worrying will not do any good. Instead, it will just worsen the situation. Cysts are uncommon during pregnancy.
Studies show that only 1 out of 1000 pregnant women are affected by cysts. If you happen to be this person who is affected by cysts then you must not worry too much because the majority of these ovarian cysts that are found during pregnancy are benign.
Only 1 out of 25,000 births are affected by ovarian cyst cancer so you only have this very little chance to acquire this.
Your doctor will do an ovarian cyst ultrasound, a very important way to find out if your ovarian cyst during pregnancy is benign or malignant. If your cyst is just fluid-filled then you are lucky because that is a sign that it is benign.
But if you see through your ultrasound that your cyst has thick walls then it has a possibility to be malignant.

Ovarian Cyst Is What

A Cyst that is benign is capable of just resolving on its own, so you don’t have to pressure yourself and panic about it. But the situation changes if your cyst is larger than usual even if it is benign because if you are going to compare it to a much smaller cyst, a larger cyst can rupture.
For sure you don’t want this to happen because if your cyst ruptured it can surely cause danger to you and your baby. It will result in the preterm delivery of your baby or can cause miscarriage that every pregnant woman dreaded. So an ovarian cyst removal is really advisable.
Cysts that have the size of 6-8cm. are said to be large and can only be removed if you will undergo surgery.
Observing it will be ideal because by doing it you will see if there are any changes in its size. If nothing happens and its size remains to be the same then you must do something to remove it because your baby will be the one to be affected.
Some are choosing laparoscopy as a way to remove their cyst. The Open incision is suggested to be the best way for those who have a very large cyst.
You can also consider ovarian cyst surgery if you observe that your cyst is already a burden, causes too much pain, has an irregular shape, and is already solid. 14-16 weeks of pregnancy is the perfect time for a pregnant woman to undergo surgery because the baby is still small at this moment.
If you think that the pain that you are experiencing is not that severe then you can just take some milk thistle, chamomile herbal tea, or Echinacea because these things can do wonders and can give you a nice feeling.
Again, don’t panic even if you are going to undergo surgery. The Majority of those women who have tried this have delivered healthy babies in a normal way.
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