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Noel Fisher Movies And TV Shows - A Journey Through The Versatile Career Of A Modern Renaissance Artist.

With his unique flair and versatility, Fisher has graced the screen in various memorable roles, captivating audiences with his exceptional acting skills in Movies and TV shows.

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Noel Fisher is a talented actor whose performances have left an indelible mark in both movies and TV shows. With his unique flair and versatility, Fisher has graced the screen in various memorable roles, captivating audiences with his exceptional acting skills. This article gives a good exploration to Noel Fisher Movies And TV Shows.


Noel Fisher, born on March 13, 1984, is a highly acclaimed Canadian actor known for his versatile performances across various television series and films. He gained widespread recognition for his compelling portrayal of Mickey Milkovich in the popular Showtime series "Shameless." Fisher's ability to bring depth and authenticity to the complex character earned him accolades from both critics and audiences.
Noel Has a net worth of $3 million. His diverse and impressive performances have made him a well-loved figure in the entertainment world.

Best Of Noel Fisher Movies And TV Shows

(2001) Valentine - As Tulga Gang Member # 1

At the school dance, geeky Jeremy Melton bravely faces one rejection after the other when asking four popular girls to dance with him. A fifth girl, plump and insecure, agrees, but they end up making out under the bleachers. When a group of school bullies catches them, the girl claims that Jeremy attacked her.
This causes them to strip off his clothes and beat him up in front of the entire school. Flash forward to 2001. We meet the five girls who were in that school gym: Kate, Paige, Shelly, Lily and the formerly plump Dorothy. They are all in their 20's now and trying to sort out their love lives, which is appropriate, since Valentine's Day is coming up.
After a disastrous date with a loser, one of the girls, a pre-med student, is murdered by a Cherub-mask wearing killer who sent her a death threat in the form of a Valentine card prior to the attack. After the four remaining girls are reunited at her funeral, they all start receiving threatening cards and messages.

(2001) Freddy Got Fingered - As Pimply Manager

Aspiring animator Gord, 28, leaves his Oregon home to sell his ideas to Hollywood. After being told, correctly, that they're possibly the stupidest ideas ever and he needs to rethink them, he moves back home. But his unpleasant father escalates his mean treatment of his unconventional son.
Meanwhile, Gord falls for Betty, an attractive doctor at the hospital where a friend is staying. She's in a wheelchair and happens to delight in having her paralyzed legs beaten with a bamboo cane; her sexual aggression intimidates him. Gord's family goes to a psychiatrist, and he lies to her that his father molests Gord's brother Freddy; Gord neglects to mention that Freddy is 25.

(2001) Max Keeble's Big Move - As Troy McGinty

Max Keeble is a nice, quiet teenager, whose idea of "superhero-requiring" danger is braving the Evil Ice Cream Man who blames him for a health complaint from his mother, Lily. She spent six years on just the right interior and now hears from her husband, Don, a wimp whose "career" in commercial publicity still only has him wearing sly costumes, about a promotion requires the family to move to Chicago.
Initially, Max just hates giving up his two best friends, a fatso and a music-maniac, but when their former friend, Troy McGinty, picks on them with his new image as bully. Max realizes that leaving means he can't be punished after Friday and plans an orgy of revenge. His targets include the arrogant new principal, Elliot T. Jindrake, who spends the school budget on a new sports stadium to flatter the inspector.

(2003) Agent Cody Banks - As Fenster

Cody Banks is just a regular high school student, but he has a secret-he is an undercover teenage CIA agent. His mission is to befriend and get close to Natalie Connors, played by Hilary Duff, the daughter of a scientist who unintentionally developed a dangerous nanobot technology. These nanobots have the potential for mass destruction, and it's up to Cody to thwart the evil plans of a villainous organization.
To navigate the challenges of being a spy and a high school student, Cody receives training from his handler, Ronica Miles, played by Angie Harmon. As Cody tries to balance his double life, he faces various comedic and action-packed situations.

(2003) A Guy Thing - As Acne - Faced Teen

The story revolves around Paul Morse, played by Jason Lee, who is about to get married. However, things take an unexpected turn when Paul wakes up the morning after his bachelor party with a mysterious woman, Becky, portrayed by Selma Blair. As Paul tries to navigate the awkward aftermath and conceal the encounter from his soon-to-be wife, Karen, played by Selma Blair, he finds himself caught in a web of comedic misunderstandings.
The film explores the humorous and chaotic situations that arise as Paul attempts to keep his secret while dealing with various unexpected twists. "A Guy Thing" is a lighthearted comedy that delves into the complexities of relationships and the challenges of honesty and communication in the face of unexpected events

(2003) Final Destination 2 - As Brian Gibbons

The movie follows a group of people who narrowly escape a fatal accident due to one character's premonition. Kimberly Corman, played by A. J. Cook, envisions a massive car pile-up on the highway and manages to prevent several people from getting on the ill-fated route. However, as the survivors start to die in bizarre and gruesome accidents, it becomes evident that they cannot cheat death.
Kimberly joins forces with a man named Clear Rivers, reprised by Ali Larter from the first film, who survived a similar ordeal in the past. Together, they try to unravel the mystery behind the pattern of death that seems to be hunting down the survivors one by one.

(2006) Pope Dreams - As Pete

The story revolves around a teenage boy named Andy, played by Kris Lemche, who is studying at a Catholic high school. Andy's life takes an unexpected turn when he is chosen to serve as a Eucharistic minister during the Pope's visit to Los Angeles. This opportunity brings about a series of challenges and conflicts, both within Andy's family and within himself.
Andy's father, played by Stephen Tobolowsky, is an atheist and is skeptical about the church's influence on his son. As Andy grapples with his newfound responsibilities and expectations, he also forms an unlikely friendship with a homeless man, portrayed by M. C. Gainey, who offers him valuable life lessons

(2007) After Sex - As Jay

The film delves into the aftermath of sexual encounters, capturing moments of humor, awkwardness, and genuine connection between couples. Through a diverse ensemble cast, including Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, and Taryn Manning, the stories touch on various stages of relationships, from the initial sparks to more profound emotional connections.
"After Sex" provides a candid and honest portrayal of modern romance, addressing the complexities and challenges that couples navigate. While the film may not have achieved widespread commercial success, it has been recognized for its unique approach to storytelling and its exploration of the diverse landscape of human intimacy.

(2009) A Dog Named Christmas - As Todd McCray

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Greg Kincaid. It is a heartwarming story about a young man with special needs who convinces his community to participate in a "Christmas for Pets" program, encouraging families to adopt dogs from the local animal shelter during the holiday season.
The plot revolves around Todd McCray, portrayed by Noel Fisher, who lives with his parents on a farm. Todd decides to take on the responsibility of caring for a dog from the local animal shelter during the Christmas holiday. Despite facing skepticism and challenges, Todd's determination to give a dog a home inspires his community to join in the effort to provide a loving environment for shelter dogs.
Noel Fisher wearing a suit
Noel Fisher wearing a suit

Other Movies And Movies And TV Shows

  • (2011) Battle Los Angeles As Pfc . Shaun Lenihan
  • (2011) Commerce - As Pete
  • (2011) Thule - As Ann . Jim Parker
  • (2012) The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - As Vladimir
  • (2014) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - As Michelangelo
  • (2015) Batman Unlimited : Monster Mayhem - As Gogo Shoto
  • (2016) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out of the Shadows - As Michelangelo
  • (2018) Racetime - As Zac
  • (2018) A Yeti Adventure As Simon Picard
  • (2019) Justice League vs. the Fatal Five - As Brainiac 5
  • (2020) Capone - As Junior

Best Of Noel Fisher TV Shows

  • (1999) Abuse of Trust As Young Sheldon Kennedy
  • (2002) Gether As Skate Park # 1
  • (2000) Ratz As James
  • (2000) High Noon As Billy
  • (2000) Gether : The Series As Gary Long
  • (2000) Just Deal As Short Kid
  • (2000-2001) You , Me and the Kids As Aaron
  • (2000-2003) X - Men : Evolution As Toad
  • (2001) The Outer Limits As Brae
  • (2001) Andromeda As Breyon
  • (2001) Sk8 As Alex
  • (2002) Glory Days As Robbie McNiel
  • (2002) I Was a Teenage Faust As Tom
  • (2002) Killer Bees As Dylan Harris
  • (2004) Hamtaro As Stan
  • (2003) Lightning : Bolts of Destruction As Jeremy Landis
  • (2004) Two and a Half Men As Freddie
  • (2004) Cold Case As Jerry Kasher
  • (2004) Huff As Sam Johnson
  • (2004) As Vince
  • (2004) Fillmore! As Bri - Dog
  • (2005) Godiva's As TJ
  • (2006) Medium As Jessie Andrews
  • (2006) Standoff As Owen Johnson
  • (2007) The Riches As Cael Malloy
  • (2008) Life As John Armstrong
  • (2008) Law & Order : Criminal Intent As Milo
  • (2008) The Mentalist As Travis Tennant
  • (2009) Bones As Teddy Parker
  • (2009) A Dog Named Christmas As Todd McCray
  • (2010) The Pacific As Pvt. Hamm
  • (2010) Terriers As Adam Fisher
Noel Fisher wearing a nice black suit
Noel Fisher wearing a nice black suit

Noel Fisher Movies And TV Shows - FAQ

What Is Noel Fisher's Most Iconic Role?

Many fans consider Fisher's portrayal of Mickey Milkovich in "Shameless" to be one of his most iconic roles due to the depth and complexity he brought to the character over multiple seasons.

Is Noel Fisher's Portrayal Of Vladimir In "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2" Notable?

Yes, Fisher's portrayal of Vladimir, a 1,500-year-old vampire, in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" was notable for its distinct characterization within the Twilight franchise.

What Is Noel Fisher Net Worth?

Noel Fisher Has a net worth of $3 million.


In the world of entertainment, Noel Fisher's contributions to movies and TV shows stand out prominently. His diverse range of characters and compelling performances have established him as a noteworthy presence in the industry, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future projects. Noel Fisher's journey in movies and TV shows is a testament to his skill and passion for the craft, making him a celebrated figure in the realm of on-screen storytelling.
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