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The Most Common Things People Forget When Planning A Wedding

Wedding planning isn’t for everyone. That’s why a lot of people choose to hire a wedding planner to take care of things. It’s a sizeable investment, but at least you’ve got someone else running around trying to put the pieces of a gigantic puzzle together.

Jaya Mckeown
Dec 27, 2023200 Shares18145 Views
Wedding planning isn’t for everyone. That’s why a lot of people choose to hire a wedding planner to take care of things. It’s a sizeable investment, but at least you’ve got someone else running around trying to put the pieces of a gigantic puzzle together.
But what about those of you who are getting married on a budget? You don’t want to hire a wedding planner as this goes against the whole “saving money” idea. You’re on your own, meaning things are bound to slip through the cracks.
Look, nobody will blame you! It’s an exciting time but wedding planning is so stressful and most people don’t understand how many separate elements go into a wedding until they plan one. You’re going to forget things - and here are some of the most common aspects that slip people's minds as they plan a wedding:

Bad Weather Contingency Plans

Who plans for something bad to happen on their wedding day? It’s meant to be the most wonderful day ever and you want things to go well. As such, you almost block out the idea that things don’t go according to plan. This can come back to bite you when there’s bad weather.
You need a bad weather contingency planto figure out what to do if there’s a storm or loads of rain. Especially if you planned an outdoor wedding - you need somewhere else to go so the whole day isn’t ruined. Never forget to plan for bad weather as one simple contingency can halt a disaster in its tracks.

The All Important Marriage License

The wedding itself is not a legally binding way of saying that two people are married. You need an official marriage licensewith both signatures confirming that you are now a married couple. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your wedding is or who’s performing the ceremony; you’re not married without a license.
Two things to remember here: getting your marriage license before the wedding, and ensuring you bring it with you on the big day. It’s the most important part of a wedding yet one of the easiest to forget. Why? Because who has the time to think about boring legal stuff when there’s a wedding going on?!

The Groom’s Wedding Ring

Believe it or not, but the groom’s wedding ring often slips under the radar. The bride will traditionally have all the attention on her, and you can bet she’ll ensure there’s a lovely wedding band selected for her finger. While all of this is happening, it’s easy to completely forget the other ring!
This can happen in one of two ways; either you forget to select a ring that the groom actually likes, or you forget the ring entirely. The latter is less likely, but the former happens all the time. It’s easy to think that a groom will be happy with any ring, but they like some effort to be put in as well. There are loads of great men’s wedding ringsout there in all sorts of styles that the groom may love to wear. So, don’t forget to let them go ring shopping too!
When a ring has been decided, be sure you keep it with the bride’s wedding band. The two must be kept safe or entrusted to a family member who won’t forget them. You do not want to turn up to your wedding without either of the rings.
Transportation Between Venues
Transportation Between Venues

Taking Care Of The Vendors

You’ll rely on various wedding vendors throughout your big day. This includes caterers, waiting staff, a photographer, and many others. One of the biggest mistakes is forgetting that these people are part of your wedding too! They’re not on the official guest list, but they’ll be with you the entire day.
So, they need to be fed and looked after! Ensure there’s a meal for the photographer or other vendors who are working all day to make this a special event. It’s common decency - imagine if you worked on someone’s wedding and they didn’t plan for you to have anything to eat or drink during the whole day?!

Transportation Between Venues

Does your wedding span two venues? Even when you’re planning a budget wedding, it’s common to move from a ceremony location to the reception area. Sometimes, this can involve a little bit of travel. When this is the case, you must arrange transportation between venues way ahead of time.
The nightmare scenario is seeing people standing around after the ceremony not sure of what’s going on or where they have to go. Nobody knows the next venue’s location so they don’t know how to drive there. Not to mention many people may have got taxis or lifts to your wedding as they plan on drinking. You’re stuck with loads of guests and no way of getting everyone to the next venue on time.
Rather than wait around for taxis or Uber, you should plan in advance. Arrange for transportation between venues and make your guests aware of where you’re going in the wedding invites. This could mean a coach is waiting to take everyone to the next place and the schedule isn’t messed with.
If people want to drive, then they can. But that’s why you tell them the location in the invitations. It gives them time to plan ahead - you could go the extra mile and provide a set of directions as well.

Backup Chargers or Power Banks

We started this list with a contingency plan, and we’ll end it with another one. Think about how many electronic items will be used during your wedding. You might have a camera, loads of people will have phones, and people will want to document your special day.
Therefore, it makes sense to bring a few backup chargers or power banks - especially if you plan on dealing with the wedding photos yourself. If there isn’t a professional photographer, you’ll need chargers to charge any cameras or devices so there’s enough battery power to take snaps throughout the day.
As you can imagine, lots of other things are forgettable on your wedding day. You’re buzzing with excitement and it’s easy for things to slip your mind - especially when they’re not glaringly obvious. Nobody forgets the massive parts of a wedding - like booking a venue or sending invitations to guests - but it’s the smaller things that make a difference. Hopefully, you won’t forget any of the items or ideas on this list when planning your special day.
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