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Moblin Club BOTW - Breath Of The Wild Two-Handed Weapons


Both Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity contain the Moblin Club BOTW, a two-handed weapon. In the games of the Legend of Zelda series BOTW, Moblin Clubs appear more frequently.

It is described as:

A crudely fashioned club favored by Moblins. It's carved from a sturdy tree but is sloppily made, so it breaks easily.

This is stated in the Breath of the Wild in-game description section.

They are typically used as weapons by Moblins and Stalmoblins, although Link can get one of these weapons from Blue Bokoblins that live on the Great Plateau.

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They are significantly more durable than Boko Clubs due to the fact that they are created from solid trees. Nonetheless, the durability is still poor due to the haphazard construction of the clubs themselves.

Use Of Moblin Clubs

The Moblin Clubs weapons can be used:

  • As an enemy weapon.
  • To cause harm to enemies.
  • For breaking pots.
Main wallpaper of Legend of Zelda series game in which a boy is standing on a rock
Main wallpaper of Legend of Zelda series game in which a boy is standing on a rock

Moblin Club BOTW Locations

Gerudo Highlands and Faron Grasslands are the Moblin Club BOTW locations.

Where Can You Find Moblin Club?

A Reddit user revans67 asked the question on Reddit.

Question: I never completed the weapons conossieur quest and went ahead and completed most of the rest of the missions and bought the dlc. Now I can't find a moblin club anywhere as all the monsters have upgraded weapons. Where/if can I find a basic moblin club in an advanced game?

Ellisander answered, "Check around the Forest of Time and the northern side of Digdogg Suspension Bridge (both locations near the Great Plateau)."

Unique_Elephant_8118 shared another technique, "Can you put it on the sensor? It might help you locate one that way."

Base Power9
Base Durability12
Best Possible Bonus+17 Attack power; +6 durability

If you are concerned about Moblins and what they look like. The answer is here.


Moblins were first depicted as having the appearance of anthropomorphic bulldogs early on in the series, but, as a result of the events of A Link to the Past, they have gradually taken on the appearance of pigs and goblins.

Moblins always carry spears or javelins as their main weapon, no matter where they are seen.

BOTW - Breath Of The Wild Game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure video game that was released in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U consoles by Nintendo, who also developed and published the game.

BOTW Breath of the Wild is an installment in The Legend of Zelda series, and it takes place after the events of the previous games.

A google user shared his review about this game, "From the 120 shrines being too much as well as the 900 korok seeds, and how there are only 4 main dungeons (The Divine Beasts), and how the story is small compared to the actual game and all there is to do, and that there's less plot than most of The Legend of Zelda games before it, are some of the things I've seen people upset about in the years since botw came out.

The things that are good about this game is almost everything, The Story may not have been expansive but that's what gives you more options, your own way to do stuff and progress in the game, that's also why the DLC was good, Master Mode providing a Harder difficulty for those wanting a challenge, The Master Trials as a way to Upgrade the Strength and the Durability of The Master Sword, and The Champions Ballad for those wanting more story and stuff to do."

Screenshot of the Legend of Zelda BOTW game collage
Screenshot of the Legend of Zelda BOTW game collage

The Spiked Moblin Club, Dragonbone Moblin Club, and The Weapon Connoisseur are all related.

Spiked Moblin Club

A two-handed weapon called the Spiked Moblin Club may be discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

In the Breath of the Wild in-game description section:

Animal bone has been affixed to this Moblin club to greatly improve its damage.

They are most frequently encountered in the regions of Akkala Highlands and Hyrule Field.

Link can get several of these from the blue Moblins that are located near the Zonai Ruins.

On rare occasions, Link runs into Bokoblins and Lizalfos that are armed with them.

It is a Moblin Club that has had animal bone fastened to it, which increases the amount of damage it can deal, giving it a base attack strength of 27. It is a weapon that Link can equip and employ in his arsenal.

The Dragonbone Moblin Club

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features a number of unique items, one of which is the Dragonbone Moblin Club.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Breath of the Wild both feature the two-handed Dragonbone Moblin Club.

It is described as:

The bone of an ancient beast has been affixed to this Moblin club, further increasing its damage. Moblins carrying these in battle are particularly dangerous.

Moblins of all varieties, including Black Moblins, Silver Moblins, Golden Moblins, and Stalmoblins, are armed with Dragonbone Moblin Clubs.

It is a Moblin Club that has a dragon bone attached to it in order to further boost its damage, and it is the most powerful club that can be produced by Moblins.

It has a base attack of 45. However, depending on the weapon bonuses you have, this could potentially go higher.

But because it is made of wood, it will catch fire if it is heated to the point where it starts to erupt.

The Weapon Connoisseur BOTW

In Breath of the Wild, there is a side quest called The Weapon Connoisseur.

Nebb, a youngster in Hateno Village, must be shown eight unique weapons (including one bow) in order to accomplish the mission.

Screenshot of Moblin Club weapon on a dark brown surface
Screenshot of Moblin Club weapon on a dark brown surface


Breath Of The Wild

Moblin Clubs have a base power of 9 and are typically used as weapons by moblins that may be found all across the Great Plateau.

They have a relatively slow use time due to the fact that they are heavy weapons.

They are constructed out of wood that has a purple-gray appearance. In order to progress further in the side quest titled "The Weapon Connoisseur," you will need to demonstrate this type of weapon to Nebb.

Nebb asks Link to show him that weapon. Nebb asserts that the only place he has ever witnessed them is on the pages of books.

Obtaining one from the Stalmoblins is a straightforward process for Link, after which he may immediately return to Hateno Village.

People Also Ask

Where Can I Find A Moblin Club In Botw?

Its location is in the Gerudo Highlands and Faron Grasslands in BOTW and the Age of Calamity game.

Where Is The Dragonbone In Moblin Club?

The Hebra Mountains and the Eldin Mountains are frequent locations for the Dragonbone Moblin Club.

Where Can I Find A Moblin Club Fast?

You can find the Moblin Club in Hateno Village.


Moblin Club BOTW, being constructed of wood, catches fire if it is subjected to a scorching climate or if a fire is started near it.

If you throw Moblin Club into the water, they will float in the water.

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