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Michaiah Hanks

Michaiah Hanks is a famous daughter who has benefited greatly from her illustrious family. Her father, rapper and actor Chester Marlon Hanks is well known. She is also most well-known for being the granddaughter of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, two well-known actresses.

Under the stage name Chet Hanks, her father Hanks pursues a career in music and acting. He is well-known for his television roles in Empire and Shameless. Hanks is a well-known youngster who is also a current media sensation.

She garnered media attention when she was born due to the fact that she is Tom Hanks' granddaughter. That's why the media began to go in every direction just as she did. However, due to a lack of knowledge about her and her way of life, Everyone is having trouble learning more about the well-known star child.

She is not old enough, which is one of the reasons her parents forbid her from using the Internet. due to the significant influence her father and grandfather have had on the American film industry. Chet Hanks doesn't have to keep in suspense about her daughter for long.

How Old Is Michaiah Hanks?

She will be approximately seven years old in 2022. Michaiah Hanks was born on April 16, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. She is an American citizen and belongs to the African American ethnic group because she was born there. She celebrates her birthday on April 16 each year.

Michaiah Hanks In Park
Michaiah Hanks In Park

Who Is Michaiah's Mother?

Michaiah is the daughter of well-known media personality Chet Hanks, and Tiffany Miles is her mother. She is also the granddaughter of Rita Wilson, her grandmother, and Tom Hanks.

As we've already discussed on this blog, Samantha Lewes was the name of Tom Hanks' first wife. The father of four children is Tom Hanks. Unfortunately, at this time, these are the only facts known about her family.

Are Michaiah Hanks’s Parents Married?

No, Michaiah Hanks's parents have never been married to one another and have never tied the knot. On the other hand, prior to the delivery of Michaiah, Chester Marlon and Tiffany Miles were romantically involved for a brief time.

In addition, there is speculation going around that the pair is still in the wooing stage of their personal relationship. Because Chester and Tiffany have not made any statements regarding their relationship.

Does Chet Hanks's Daughter Michaiah Have An Active Social Media Presence?

As of the month of May 2022, she does not have a presence on any social media platforms. It would appear that the seven-year-old girl's parents do not want her to have a social media account because they are concerned about her mental well-being.

The majority of the time, parents are the ones who oversee their children's social media accounts; yet, they are not willing to reveal additional information about trending topics.

Michaiah Hanks With His Friends
Michaiah Hanks With His Friends

How Tall Is Michaiah Hanks?

Nothing that could potentially reveal her body proportions or height has been made public. This action is taken to put an end to speculations regarding her skin tone as well as other issues.

On the other hand, judging by the way she stands, it appears that she has a height of around 47 inches and a body weight of 29 kilograms. In addition to that, she possesses facial traits of mixed ethnicity, including a light brown complexion, darker eyes, and brown hair.

As of the year 2022, she does not have any significant health issues at this time. She is in excellent physical condition. Lastly, the sign of Aries is her astrological birthdate.

Facts About Michaiah Hanks

Full NameMichaiah Hanks
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity Brown
Mother Tiffany Miles
Grandfather Tom Hanks
Father Chet Hanks
Grandmother Rita Wilson
Uncle Colin Hanks
Active Year 2016-Present
Aunt Elizabeth Ann Hanks
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Net Worth Not Available
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Profession Celebrity kid

Insights Into The Professional Life Of Michaiah Hanks

Because Michaiah is still a child, she has not yet begun her career. Well! Her father is an American actor who rose to prominence thanks to his roles in films such as Fantastic Four, Greyhound, and Lawrence Crowne.

And because she is Chester's daughter and Tom Hanks' granddaughter, Michaiah is gaining a great amount of celebrity.

Some Fascinating Information Regarding Michaiah Hanks

Michaiah Hanks, who is just six years old, does not have any social media profiles of his own. On the other hand, she had a habit of popping up on her father's social media accounts regularly.

Michaiah Hanks, who is Tom Hanks' granddaughter, is spending quality time with her mother and making the most of this stage of her life.

Chester Marlon and Tiffany Miles, Michaiah Hanks's parents, dated for a short period before they were married and had their son. In addition, the former couple welcomed a daughter together in 2016 and named her Michaiah Hanks.

The drug scandals and controversies that Michaiah Hanks's father was involved in helped propel him to stardom and brought him to the attention of the media.

Michaiah Hanks With His Family
Michaiah Hanks With His Family

Michaiah Hanks Net Worth

Michaiah Hanks is not even close to being old enough to perform a role in a professional production. Her father, Chet Hanks, has amassed a considerable fortune throughout his career. It is anticipated that he brings in a significant income. In addition to that, he brings in a respectable income from his rap gigs.

It is anticipated that by the year 2022, he will have a net worth of more than $10 million. In addition to that, he serves as a judge for several different rap contests, which has garnered him a great deal of success. Similarly, Tom Hanks has made a lot of money. He is thought to be worth more than $350 million right now.

People Also Ask

Where Is Michaiah Hanks Currently Residing?

Due to security concerns, Michaiah Hanks's father, Chester Marlon, has kept any information regarding her present address secret.

What Does Michaiah Hanks Look Like Physically?

She is of African-American descent, has dark skin, and has curly black hair. Dark brown eyes like those of Michaiah are captivating.

Are The Parents Of Michaiah Hanks Wed?

The parents of Michaiah Hanks never got married.


Michaiah Hanks is one of those youngsters who has already achieved a tremendous amount of popularity without having to work hard for many years. People were drawn in by the cute photographs that she posts on the internet, which are currently all the rage.

Well! Because Michaiah Hanks' parents have not provided any information on her social media profiles. You may find out how Michaiah is using her time by following the Instagram account that Chester Marlon maintains.

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