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Messi Skips Hong Kong Match Due To Thigh Discomfort, Hopes To Play In Tokyo

Discover why Messi skips Hong Kong match due to thigh discomfort and his hope for a return in upcoming Tokyo match.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Feb 07, 20242 Shares1691 Views
Argentinian football star Lionel Messi has spoken out regarding his absence. It was found that Messi skips Hong Kong match due to thigh discomfortfrom a groin injury.
Messi cited "bad luck" as the reason behind his inability to participate due to thigh muscle discomfort. This discomfort reportedly arose following a match in Saudi Arabia the previous week.
The Hong Kong friendly, which drew nearly 40,000 spectators, concluded amidst dissatisfaction from the audience, resulting in boos and demands for refunds.
Reflecting on the incident, Messi expressed his disappointment, stating, "It was a shame that thigh muscle discomfort prevented me from playing."

Messi's Hope For Tokyo Return

Currently training in Tokyo for the next leg of Inter Miami's tour, Messi conveyed his desire to return to action "whenever he can." Despite the setback in Hong Kong, Messi remains optimistic about featuring in the upcoming friendly match against Japanese club Vissel Kobe.
In a press conference held at a Tokyo hotel, Messi addressed the situation with humility, acknowledging the frustration of fans while emphasizing his improved physical condition.
Messi stated:
The truth is that I feel very good compared to a few days ago. And depending on how that [training] goes... I really want to be able to do it.- Lionel Messi
Explaining his absence in Hong Kong, Messi clarified:
It was impossible for me to play with a groin injury... the discomfort continued, and it was very difficult for me to play.- Lionel Messi
He expressed regret for not being able to participate, particularly in matches where fans display immense enthusiasm.

Mark Conrad On Messi's Absence

While fans expressed disappointment at Messi's absence, Mark Conrad, an expert in law, ethics, and sports business, provided perspective on the situation. Conrad highlighted that the purchase of a ticket guarantees access to the match rather than the participation of specific players.
Conrad stated:
The ticket is to watch the match, not a specific player unless there is a condition that says otherwise.- Mark Conrad
Despite the setback in Hong Kong, Messi expressed his hope to revisit the city and make amends by participating in a future match.
Messi remarked:
I hope we can return and we can play another game and I can be present. But the truth is that it is a shame that I was not able to participate.- Lionel Messi
As Inter Miami's global tour continues, Messi's absence in Hong Kong serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of sports and the challenges faced by athletes. With his sights set on recovery and return, Messi remains determined to make a meaningful contribution to his team's endeavors on the field.


Lionel Messi's absence from the Hong Kong friendly due to thigh discomfort stirred disappointment among fans. While his inability to play was met with frustration, Messi remains hopeful for a return, emphasizing his strong desire to contribute to future matches.
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