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Melise - An American Actor, Director, And Composer

Melise is an American actor, director, and composer, and she is perhaps best known for her roles in the television series NCIS: Los Angeles (2015–2019), Escape Plan 3 (2019), and I Wrote This for You (2018). In 1997, she made her debut in the acting industry as a professional performer.

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Meliseis an American actor, director, and composer, and she is perhaps best known for her roles in the television series NCIS: Los Angeles (2015–2019), Escape Plan 3 (2019), and I Wrote This for You (2018). In 1997, she made her debut in the acting industry as a professional performer.
Melise's acting career continued to thrive as she took on a variety of parts in movies and television series, demonstrating the range of her abilities as a performer.
She has shown that she is capable of playing comedic and more dramatic parts, as seen by her work on "The Vampire Diaries" and in films such as "The Social Network," in which she appeared. In 2019, she took up the award for Best Supporting Actress at the Hoboken International Film Festival for her work in the film I Wrote This for You (2018).

Quick Facts About Melise

NameElizabeth Melise Jow
Nickname Melise
ProfessionActress, Singer
Net worth$2 million
BirthplaceTulsa County, Oklahoma, United States
Date of birth18th February 1991
Educational qualificationsGraduate
DebutTV: Barney and Friends (1997), Film: Bratz-The Movie (2007)
Height5’4″ or 1.64m or 164 cm
Weight50 kg or 110.23 lbs
Body measurements32-26-32

Childhood And Early Life Of Melise

Elizabeth Melise Jow was born on February 18, 1991, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to a Chinese-American father and a Caucasian mother of Cherokee ancestry. Melise's full name at birth was Elizabeth Melise Jow.
Makenna Jow, the baby of the family, is Jow's younger sister, and she has two brothers named Jensen and Braden Jow. Jow is the eldest of the four children in the family. When she was just nine years old, her mother, Lanae Tillery Jow, relocated all of her children to California. Jow was one of those children.
Melise started her professional career as a singer, performing in her hometown at various community events. At the age of 6, she began performing in benefit concerts, neighborhood baseball games, and in talent shows.
When she was just seven years old, she was picked to accompany vocalist Rodney Lay and the country music group 'The Wild West.' Her selection came after she competed against a large number of adult singers. In addition, she served as an opening act for artists like Brenda Lee, George Jones, Ty Herndon, and Ray Price.
After seeing her perform in 1999, the head of advertising at 'McDonald's' signed her to perform in a number of television commercials and radio jingles. In 2002, Jow competed in Ed McMahon's 'Next Big Star,' which was shown on 'PAX-TV.' He was a contestant in the kid's singer category. During the program, she had four victories. Following her victory, Mr. McMahon included her in his variety show tour that was taking place in Branson.
Melise In Black Dress
Melise In Black Dress

Career Of Melise

At the age of six, Melise debuted in the role of a child actress in the television shows "Barney & Friends" and "Dellaventura." 2004 was the year she launched her professional acting career. In the Nickelodeon show "Unfabulous," she had the role of "Geena Fabiano," who was a close friend of "Addie Singer," who was portrayed by Emma Roberts.
Her role was that of a young woman who enjoyed the world of fashion and enjoyed creating her own clothing. Her performance in the adolescent comedy that aired from 2004 to 2007 garnered her multiple nominations for the "Young Artist Award," and the show lasted for a total of three seasons.
Melise performed the part of 'Quinn' in the musical comedy film 'Bratz: The Movie' (2007), which was based on the 'Bratz' series of cartoon characters as well as dolls. She appeared opposite Selena Gomez in the fantasy comedy 'Wizards of Waverly Place' (2007). Her appearance was as a guest star under the name 'Ruby Donahue.'
She appeared as a guest star in the soap opera 'The Young and the Restless in 2008, playing the part of Hannah. 1973 was the year the series first aired. Jow appeared in another hit Nickelodeon series, iCarly (2009), in which she played a character that resembled the main character, Carly. In the same year, she had a role in the drama about adolescents titled "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," playing the character of Gail.
She plays the role of Hannah's best friend, Rachel, in the 2009 Disney Channel original movie "Hannah Montana." She played the cameo character of 'Julie' in the science-fiction comedy film 'Aliens in the Attic' (2009), in which she appeared.
In the supernatural drama 'The Vampire Diaries," which aired on 'The CW in 2010, Jow played the role of 'Anna,' a vampire who was older than 500 years. The persona gave the impression of having evil intentions, but in reality, he was only attempting to release her mother.
Her role in the series was concurrent with that of Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder. She was able to win over a large number of teenage admirers with this portrayal. The conclusion of the first season "killed" her character, but she made a brief appearance in the third season.
In 2010, Jow performed in a number of different productions, playing a variety of characters. In the movie "You're So Cupid" that aired on ABC, she played the role of "Megan." In the movie "The Social Network," she portrayed the role of "Alice Cantwel," who was Christy Lee's closest friend. Brenda Song played the role of Christy Lee.
She also appeared as a guest star in an episode of the crime-comedy-drama series "Leverage," which airs on TNT. In 2011, she made an appearance in the Nickelodeon sitcom 'The Troop," playing the role of a naughty girl named Cadence Nash.
In 2011, Jow made his debut on the Nickelodeon musical comedy series "Big Time Rush," which was then in its second season. Her recurring role in the series was that of an aspiring rock singer given the moniker 'Lucy Stone.' In 2013, she reprised her role as the protagonist for the show's fourth and final season. In the mystery-comedy television series 'Desperate Housewives' (2011), she appeared as the recurring character "Violet'.
Jow has been seen in a number of music videos, including 'When You're Around' (2009) by C&C, 'The In Crowd' (2009) by Mitchel Musso, and 'Famous' (2011) by Lissa Lauria. The American band 'All Time Low' released the music video for their track 'Time Bomb' in 2011. She appeared in the video.
In 2018, Jow released a song under the title 'Trying to Sleep.' Melise was the presenter of the 2013 spin-off program of "The Vampire Diaries," which was called "TVD Rehash."
She portrayed the role of 'Julia Yeung,' a young lady who had a kind of leukemia that could only be healed by extraterrestrials, in The CW's 2014 science-fiction romance series 'Star-Crossed' (which was initially named 'Oxygen'). The television show only lasted for one season. Her role as "Beth" in the 2014 criminal comedy film "Plastic" featured her in the film.
The superhero television show 'The Flash' (2015), which was broadcast on 'The CW,' included Jow in the recurring role of 'Linda Park.' It was revealed that 'Linda' had a short romantic involvement with the main character, 'Barry Allen.' She returned to the role in the second season, during which it was extended to include a new antagonist known as "Dr. Light," who served as a parallel version of her character on "Earth 2."
Jow played the role of 'Mareth Ravenlock' in the 2017 season of the fantasy television series 'The Shannara Chronicles' on MTV. After that, she played the role of 'Ariana' in the movie 'I Wrote This for You' (2018) and the role of 'Daya' in the 2019 thriller 'Escape Plan: The Extractors.' One of her next projects is the television series "Invincible" for Amazon, which is scheduled to premiere in the year 2020.
Melise With Smiling Face
Melise With Smiling Face

Personal Life Of Melise

Melise has at least four previous partnerships under her belt. She was dating Kevin Jonas in 2006, but regrettably, their relationship terminated before they were married. She was on the verge of being married when her relationship with Carter Jenkins, which had seemed promising to their followers, ended in the same manner. She dated Steven R. McQueen in 2010.
They began dating after working together on The Vampire Diaries and spent most of the year together. Moving forward to 2013, Malese dated her co-star from The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder. They had a lovely time together but broke up after two or three months.

Physical Characteristics Of Melise

Melise Jow has a cute and small physical build, measuring 5'4" (1.64m) in height and weighing around 50 kg (110.23 lbs). Her slim frame is complemented by her body dimensions of 32-26-32, which highlight her delicate and feminine shape.
One of Melise's distinguishing characteristics is her gorgeous brown eyes, which often give her on-screen performances more nuance and expression. They operate as windows into her feelings and aid in engrossing the reader in the experiences of her characters. Melise's eyes provide a pleasing contrast to her natural brown hair and add to her overall warm and appealing appearance.
Melise often wears a dress size 2 according to the US sizing system, indicating her taste for sophisticated and form-fitting attire that accentuates her small frame. Melise has confidence and style, whether she chooses to dress casually or glamorously for the red carpet, which furthers her attractiveness.
Melise Jow's physical attributes radiate a carefree charm and unforced attractiveness. Her attractive demeanor is complemented by her acting and musical skills, her small size, beautiful brown eyes, and flowing brown hair.
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Interesting Facts About Melise

  • The American city of Tulsa is where Melise was born, as Elizabeth Melise Jow.
  • Aquarius is Melise's astrological sign.
  • Malese Jow is the woman's other name.
  • She is Lanae Tillery Jow's child.
  • She is an actor, director, and composer best known for her roles in I Wrote This for You (2018), Escape Plan 3 (2019), and NCIS: Los Angeles (2015–2019).
  • In 1997, she started a professional acting career.
  • She has been playing the part of Dupli-Kate/KKate Cha in "Invincible" since 2021.
  • I Wrote This for You (2018) earned her the Best Supporting Actress Hoboken International Film Festival Award in 2019.
  • Makenna Jow, Jensen Jow, and Braden Jow are her three siblings.
  • She uses the Instagram handle @melise and is active there.
  • The actor's go-to Halloween costume idea is a Dolly Parton getup.
  • At charitable events and regional talent shows, Jow improved her performing abilities and voice range.
  • She made her acting debut when she was just six years old in Barney and Della Ventura.
  • Malese supports 'Kids Against Animal Cruelty, an organization in the US led by an adolescent.

Net Worth Of Melise

A $2 million estimate has been made for Melise's net worth. She has worked on several well-known construction projects to acquire this level of wealth. She has also made a significant sum of money via investments and brand sponsorships.

People Also Ask.

For What Is Melise Jow Most Well-Known?

The roles that Melise Jow is most well-known for are those of Geena Fabiano in the Nickelodeon comedy "Unfabulous" and Anna, an adolescent vampire, in "The Vampire Diaries."

When And Where Did Melisa Jow Make Her Debut?

The birthplace of Melise Jow is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When Did Melise Jow Make Her Debut On The Big Screen?

Geena Fabiano was her first on-screen character in Nickelodeon's "Unfabulous."

What Are Some Of Melise Jow's Other Notable Film And Television Roles?

Melise Jow has had appearances in films including "The Social Network," "Plastic," and "I Wrote This for You," as well as television programs like "The Vampire Diaries," "Big Time Rush," "Star-Crossed," and "The Flash."

What Is Melise Jow's Nationality?

Melise Jow has Cherokee ancestry and is of Chinese-American and Caucasian descent.

Does Melise Jow Have Any Other Family Members?

Yes, Melise Jow has three siblings: two brothers, Jensen and Braden Jow, and a younger sister, Makenna Jow.

Has Melise Jow Put Out Any Songs?

Malese Jow has indeed released a solo song and made appearances in music videos.


Melise Jow has had a varied and fruitful career in music and acting. At an early age, she began a singing career by appearing at community events and opening for well-known artists. Her appearance as Geena Fabiano in Nickelodeon's "Unfabulous," which garnered her fame and nominations for awards, marked the beginning of her journey into acting.
Melise has received praise for her performances throughout her career and has become well-known in the field. Her performances in well-known TV shows like "Big Time Rush," "Star-Crossed," and "The Flash" have further shown her skill and range as an actor.
Melise Jow has effectively transitioned from her early adolescent parts to more mature and sophisticated characters, demonstrating her abilities as a gifted and adaptable actor. Her successes in both acting and music demonstrate her commitment to and love of her profession.
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