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All About Maureen Blumhardt - Charles Barkley's Wife

See how the universe transpired to help lovers of different races push through amidst the criticisms. And how the love of Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley conquered all!

Adaline Fritz
Jan 20, 2021888 Shares177587 Views
"Love conquers all."
This statement has been widely used for decades. Although this may seem a cliché, it proves to be true in some cases. As love knows no boundaries, it conquers everything that might be an obstacle in a relationship. Love, for Maureen Blumhardt, is not to be taken lightly.
You might be wondering who Maureen Blumhardt is and what love has to do with her. The answer is simple, and you'll find that out as you read along.

Who Is Maureen Blumhardt?

Maureen Blumhardt was a model and is now the wife of a former NBA player, Charles Barkley. Her husband is a renowned basketball player of Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and the Houston Rockets. That is the main reason why Maureen became a cup of tea for the media and the public.
She was born on January 15 of 1960, in Scottsdale, Arizona. She grew up in a good family where her parents did not repress her ideas and life choices. It can be seen how her parents have been supportive in her endeavors and decisions, especially about her marriage choices.
She attended Villanova University, a Catholic School in Pennsylvania. After finishing her pursuit of education in the said university, she went on another journey to pursue her dream. She took the entrance exam at the Columbia Journalism School. Although nothing much has been said about her journalistic pursuit, it is evident that she has been aspiring to be a journalist and a media star.
Maureen has kept most of her background information away from the public. That is why there are only a few details gathered about her upbringing.

Career And Achievements

Maureen blumhardt with president barak obama
Maureen blumhardt with president barak obama
Maureen was fond of acting and wanted to pursue a career in film. However, their current situation at that time did not permit her to. In the end, she pursued journalism, but the circumstances did not lead her to that path either. She then began working as a model. She appeared in commercials for body machines such as Noblerex K1, a body vibration machine. After that, she worked as legal aid.
A lot happened while she was working as legal aid. That was the time when she met her husband. She also continued pursuing her acting dream but to no avail, as all her efforts seem fruitless. But she isn't the one to give up. Instead of continuing on that career path, Maureen redirected her path and energy to a humanitarian cause.
Maureen became an honorary member of the Fresh Start Women's Foundation. The organization aims to provide young women an opportunity to change their lives and positively change how they see themselves.
Although Maureen could not pursue her lifelong dream, she became a means for other young women to pursue their dreams of having a better life. Her philanthropic nature is a blessing for many.

Net Worth

With Maureen's career as a model and a businesswoman, it is apparent that she has accumulated a significant sum of net worth. Although there is no definite statement about how much her net worth is equivalent to, it is expected to be over $30 million. That amount depends not only on her career but also on her husband, who gained a massive fortune over the years.
On the other hand, her husband has a notable net worth of $40 million. That amount did not solely come from his NBA career but also because of his current job as a Turner Network Television(TNT) Analyst, which pays him $1.5 million yearly.

Relationship And Marriage

Charles barkley and maureen blumhardt
Charles barkley and maureen blumhardt
Some of you might think that their relationship is perfect because of how long they've been together. The couple experienced a lot of hardships along the way, just like other people. Despite that, they chose to hold onto each other and face such problems with love.
Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley first met at a Pennsylvanian restaurant called City Avenue. Maureen worked as a legal aid while Charles was a Philadelphia 76ers player. Some say it was love at first sight, although we don't know for sure. But after a while, the two started dating.
It was in the late '80s, so they dated in secret. Although there is nothing wrong with dating at that time, their race proved to be a difficult obstacle to their relationship. Society has been adamant about how different blacks and whites were and how blacks should be treated. Interracial relationships were not a thing before and caused a media uproar, especially for high-status people.
Upon knowing about their relationship, people threw harsh criticism on their choices. But despite all that, their love prevailed. They chose to make their fate and not let society dictate the course they need to take. Amid the stereotypical culture, the couple bloomed together, leaving behind the criticisms and remarks. It was their life, and they took control over it.
After some time, the two decided to start a new journey together. With both their parents' approval and blessing, the two finally got married in 1989. Only a few of their family, relatives, and friends were present in the ceremony because they have also kept it away from the public's knowledge. They have been together for three decades now, and their relationship is still as strong as ever.
Indeed, they have built a foundation so strong that no storm could ever uproot it.

The Barkley Offspring

Christiana barkley
Christiana barkley
The Barkleys were blessed with a beautiful and strong daughter in the same year they got married. They named her Christiana. Until now, Christianna was an only child.
Christianna is so much like her mother, Maureen. She is strong and beautiful. Aside from that, she shares one of her mother's dreams. She also went to Villanova University, just like her mother. Moreover, she also acquired admission at Columbia Journalism School to pursue a Journalism career. She now holds a degree in Journalism, a career her mother had once dreamed of.
Christianna also got her humanitarian nature from her mother. She is also a member of the Fresh Start Women's Foundation. Their relationship is an epitome of "like mother, like daughter" aphorism.

The Mansion

Typically, people of such affluence would be living in a highly-priced property. The Barkleys are no exception. They currently reside in a mansion located in Scottsdale, Arizona. That property is three acres large and is worth $2.8 million in today's market value. In the late '90s, they bought it for $2 million.
The mansion has a tennis court, a guest house, a pool, and even a golf lawn. With just the three of them in a family, the mansion seems spacious. And it calls for high maintenance and cleaning.
In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Charles disclosed that Maureen is a neat freak. And that he spends more time cleaning than playing golf. In the Barkleys, being rich doesn't exempt you from doing chores, especially that Maureen grew up in a different setting.

Social Media Activity

Maureen is active in her Twitter account. She has been tweeting conversations she had with her husband, which are quite hilarious. Her fans love her sense of humor. And Maureen loves conversing with her fans.
Although the couple doesn't talk much about their life and marriage, Maureen's tweets show how they have been faring as husband and wife.
Last May 15, she tweeted, "This quarantine! C told me that if I try to take control of the TV remote again… that he'll bury me alive. I told him that would be a grave mistake ;)".
Her tweets brought joy into her fans' lives, even amid the pandemic, because of her sense of humor.
Maureen Blumhardt is an embodiment of a strong-willed woman. Her love for her family pushed her to surpass her limits. With all her experiences, failures, and successes, she chose to move forward and be the person she wanted and is supposed to be.
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